Move user folder to another drive mac


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Moving a Users Home Directory to a New Location in OS X

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Moving files from one user to another on a mac

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How to move a home folder in OS X

But mistakes happen, and a fresh backup will fix just about any of them. Many Mac users are familiar with creating aliases for folders and files, but an alias is a very different creature from a symlink. An alias is a pointer to a file or folder somewhere else. This somewhere else could be your hard drive, a removable USB drive, or even a remote server. The alias is tied to a unique ID for the file or folder, so no matter where you move the file or folder, the alias will find it again. But with a symlink you cannot move the destination file, as its exact location is stored in the symlink.

Symlinks, on the other hand, rely on hard-coded locations, so they tend to work with everything. Duplicate contacts killing your productivity? See how Scrubly can help in this second video. First, create a copy of the folder you want to move in its new location.

How To Move or Rename Your Mac Home Folder [MacRx]

Everything in this folder has the permissions set to allow only that individual user access to it. So the User Library folder in here is very similar to the Admin Library mentioned above, except that its contents are specific to only the user in question. This means preferences that are specific to your personal stuff are kept in here.

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So things like custom application preferences, email accounts, user installed screen-savers, fonts, plug-ins and codecs, and your Desktop picture, Finder and Dock settings etc. You could get away with changing the location of your home folder whenever you want probably, not just after the initial install.

I warn against it because if something goes wrong it is effortless to start again in the beginning.

How to Move the Home Folder in OS X – and Why | Chris Pirillo

But OS X will handle moving your home folder just fine if you follow the steps I gave each time. When applications and preferences try to perform user specific actions, it all flows through Directory Services — So if you keep the database up to date by following the steps I provided, OS X will always know where everything is!

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