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Any news on metric Halo thump? Best Regards Chris. That link only gets to bit Metric Halo Thump. When you start installing it says 64bit AAX so just download and have fun. I submitted a support ticket to Native Instruments and here is their response: NI products are currently not compatible with Pro Tools 11 and its new AAX 2 plug-in interface.

That's the same message any of us that's asked NI has gotten. I'm betting NI will do a phased roll out and not have everything out at once - that would fit with their past performance. Oliver - I take it this list is products already available in AAX - 64? Just being sure I understand that correctly. Apologize if this was already mentioned.

Well, after looking at the release date, I'm quite sure that it's not AAX64 ready. What's up with IKM? I wish they'd say something more "definitive" than "its coming". I really, really love 'em! Thanks Thats right Donald. Thx Simon, also for your continued support within this thread. I updated the list and added Nomad Factory according to your news. Rene told me Phalanx will be aax64 when its out as well. Thanks for the info Christopher.

Thanks for the info Christopher Is this a new sampler then? Not heard of it before. Just got this email response from Iosono, regarding their AnyMix surround panner plugin: Dear Chris, thanks for your mail and your interest in Anymix! It will be a free update to all exisiting customers. Is this a new sampler then? Phalanx is released! Wether it really is aax2, I can not say for sure.

I guess so from the general description on their site. Hey Johan Thanks for posting this as we have been watching ReFx for a release date as it has said "coming very soon" for 3 months now but after reading this post I saw it at the Vengeance webstore so Big Thank You for that :D Christopher. These developers really suck to be honest We finally get a version on pro tools that we can be creative and program in with virtual instruments yet there are not enough virtual instruments ready What have they been doing Everybody knew that aax was gonna be here and here we are waiting for them to catch up!!

Seriously this is not good enough! More information than coming soon would be helpful! At least Avid had the decency of stating end of quarter Got a quote from Waves saying Q3 is realistic. Regards, CP. What exactly do I need to do step by step? Big thanks in advance Chris. Hi Christian What exactly does one need to do with the bug? Big thanks in advance Chris Hi Chris!

There have been reports that Mac users can not innstall sample libraries including the default ones and expension in Phalanx. Sincerely, CP. Hi Chris! Sincerely, CP Wow! Good thing to have you here and Big Thank You Christian.

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We didn't have those folders in the correct place and after following your advice Phalanx works like a Charm! Awesome sampler and as we had 17 expansion packs before from Vengeance aswell as a few plugins that comes up in Phalanx we are golden now. And not to mention that it is working at 64bit AAX2 on Mac is too good to be true Also tried out our Beatport and Producerloop libraries in Phalanx and they did exactly what we wanted them to do so Big Thanks again Christian :- Best Regards Christopher.

Nice to see progress but too bad it's Mac only. Is it just me or is it a tad worrying that this is now, what - 4 companies that are Mac only? I got my info right from each product page on the PSP site. Look again at each product page - apparently the info might have changed. PSP's email notice indicated a Mac only release. Never got anything from them in an email and I know I'm on their mailing list. Nothing in my isp spam trap either.

I got my info right from each product page on the PSP site Login to your PSP user account, then click the "show details" link for each product. The products listed above are all AAX bit Mac. PSP sent an e-mail to all registered users early today July 15 Here is a screen shot Pro Tools 11 :. Regards, Christian. Login to your PSP user account, then click the "show details" link for each product.

To the mods: Please take care of this thread, its important, thank you! What does that mean? It means that I signed off as a moderator and leave it up to you guys to update the first post. I will however try do my best to update it myself, its my baby after all. It means that I signed off as a moderator Thank God some balance is finally returning to the universe!!!

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Am I behaving now!!!!! Thank God some balance is finally returning to the universe!!! Well isn't that special!!! Hahahaha Dude, really? Despite your opinion of Oliver, all he wanted to do was help people. It's a case of things getting lost in translation. While Oliver is very fluent in written English, he's less knowledgeable in the nuance and has zero grasp of Americanism. I can understand why he decided to step down, and frankly I'm sorry to see him go. His heart was in the right place. Dude, really? And the way I read the first few posts of his in this thread I think that's what he wanted - a more easily and faster updatable list of AAX 64 bit plugs than what either Avid or Pro Tools Expert without going away from just listing said plugs.

IOW - just a list and no discussion. Oliver : : : Sad to see you go. All the best. Can you not stay on?? OR someone take on the baton ,,, this list I felt was actually more definitive of what was actually released for PT Yeah, there's no way to avoid the discussion. If people keep posting here as new bit AAX plugins are released, they will get migrated into post 1. How come you judge me like that? You make this up, right? I am not that naive being on the net since the mid 90's. Given that you were one of the few going off topic within this thread is interesting though.

Please, next time contact me first and you get first hand info about what I understand and what not. And I do not have the language barrier in mind. My english is OK I guess, how is your german? BTW, my decision to give up the mod job has nothing to do with this thread.

Now can we all go back on topic with this thread, please? If anyone has something personal to add, use the private message system. Am I missing something? Oliversent you a PM. Andy B Correct, Mac only atm. Andy B No, you are right. Flux updated the AAX 64 Bit ones to 3. Chris Thank you. I actually already had added it to the list but forgot to mention it, sorry. Spectrasonics AAX2 public beta is here now. I don't see any indication of Revolver being updated to AAX in the release notes or on McDSP website which specifically says it has not been updated yet.

They do not mention Revolver but its included now. Thx guys, I added it!

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However I have not tested the Revolver AAX version myself, I only checked the installer package and can confirm its their. Just to update the 1st page list. Arturia updated Spark v1. It is now AAX2 compatible. To whomever edited the first post and added public betas, may you please add your name to the editing credit at the end of the list so that we all know? Cause I was under the impression that we just list products that are final and no betas but thats up to you guys to decide Oliver: Personally, I'm not opposed to having the betas listed, as it gives those adventurous souls who are so inclined a chance to download and use them.

The more folks who use the betas, the better the final product will be, IMHO. Sure thing, no sweat. Can someone help me out? Or is it beta? I wouldn't wonder if they retracted it cause Revolver did nothing but crashing as soon as you tried to load an IR in PT It IS in the works though from their news page. Actually Soundtoys is PT11 ready, they have released v4 beta for PT11 and I'm currently using it with great success: I am happy to be corrected. Is this version running Native or DSP? I am happy to be corrected. Sorry, Native only, no DSP. I think it is beta, and not that easy to find.

To get it, you have to go to www. Revolver is listed as version 5. I do not get this.

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I have installed Pro Tools Arturia, Fabfilter, Avid not Hybrid , and Toontrack. I have changed all plug-ins when possible to operate in 64 bit. And I have updated all of them to the latest versions. Now I have uninstalled all my plug-ins. Installed Pro Tools 11, and started and stopped it. And then I installed all my plug-ins again. But Pro Tools 10 acts like Pro Tools 11, with aax plug-ins, but in 32 bit mode??? When I start Pro Tools I get a message where it says: Absynth 5 aax is not a valid 64 bit plug-in, and so on with all of my Native Instruments plug-ins.

Oh yeah:- Of Course Not weird at all. And a lot of developers waited and dragged their feet getting into aax development and decided to do nothing until aax 64 bit was needed. Well it's needed and unfortunately NI seems to be dragging their feet on this - they're not even giving a timetable unlike fxpansion who at least have done that much even if said timetable is out to at least October. But are still horribly silent about RX2.

Their current advice is to go back to PT10 or use the standalone app. Not good enough. Sent from my C using Tapatalk 2. I think it was in this thread that other members mentioned the upcoming RX3 release. In any case, I just received an e-mail about it and you can see it on their website. It is coming in September and it will be Pro Tools 11 compatible. Check it out. Just installed this. Same thing here :p Works awesome and really swift and has a stable feel to 'em :D. I haven't tried to use revolver yet, but I'll load the demo auth on my iLok and give it try when I can in PT Sent using Tapatalk 2.

Izotope Iris now AAX Andy B Like Stutter Edit, thx, updated the list. Arturia: ARP Arturia: CS Arturia: Jup-8 V3.

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Arturia: Mini V. Arturia: Modular V. Arturia: Prophet. Arturia: V Collection 6. Arturia: Vox V. Arturia: Wurli V. Korg: Legacy Collection. Korg: Digital Edition. LinPlug: CRX4. LinPlug: Spectral. Novation: Bass Station. Novation: V-Station. Rob Papen: eXplorer 5. Spectrasonics: Omnisphere V2. Spectrasonics: Stylus RMX. Spectrasonics: Trillian. Synthogy: Ivory Pianos V2. Ueberschall: Elastik V3.

Waldorf: Attack. Waldorf: PPG Wave. Waves: Codex Wavetable. Audio FX Plug-Ins. Cableguys: Halftime.

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Cableguys: PanCake 2. Cableguys: ShaperBox. Camel Audio: Camel Phat. Camel Audio: Camel Space. Celemony: Melodyne Studio V4. Eventide: Blackhole. Eventide: Stereo Room. Eventide: H Factory. Focusrite : Plug-In Suite. LinPlug: Relectro. MainStage 3. Output: Movement.