Apple mac power adapter not working

It could be frayed, broken, or burned. A simple way to see if it's the problem is by doing a thorough inspection of the entire cable. Another possible problem could be your MacBook's power port, where the MagSafe cable gets plugged in. It's quite uncommon as Apple went to big lengths to ensure the MagSafe port is protected against accidental yanks and trips over the cable. If it's indeed the problem, could mean a replacement of your laptop - so check to see if it's still under warranty!

Look for any discolorations, burns, or dents inside of the port. If any of these symptoms appear, it could mean your port is damaged. If your port is damaged, take it into a local Apple authorized computer repair store or an Apple store to get it fixed. For MacBook's with a removable battery early and older. If non of the above tips worked, the problem could be as simple as overheating. If the top or bottom of your laptop is hot to the touch, then this could be the culprit.

Just place a fan near your MacBook to cool it down, or simply turn it off and let it be for an hour or two. Overheating can stop your MacBook Pro or Air battery from charging if the thermal sensors within the computer detect a drastic rise in temperature, and shut off access to the battery as a safety precaution.

Apple magsafe connector fail. Easy 15 second repair.

Every laptop has it's own quirks and problems, and at this point it's better for a professional to take a look into the problem as more than likely it'll have to be a unique fix. Toggle navigation Products. Uh oh! This should reveal if any app has highjacked your battery. Therefore, if your Mac battery is not charging, resetting the SMC may help. Note that the process of resetting the SMC for MacBooks with a removable battery and a non-removable battery is quite different. It may be surprising but the reason of your MacBook battery not charging may be as simple as overheating.

Clean it up

If the thermal sensors within your laptop detect a drastic rise in temperature, they block out the access to the battery as a safety measure. What can you do if your MacBook is hot to the touch? Simply turn it off and let it be for some time, or place a fan near your Mac to cool it down right away. If you work outside, move into the shade — direct sunlight can cause your Mac getting hot.

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Another issue is battery-draining apps. It has been noted that some programs are extremely taxing on battery. It has a system health monitor in the upper bar of your Mac. When you click on it, you will see the apps that drain your battery far too much. How to find the battery monitor:. You may need this tool to do further maintenance on your Mac. Download it here , from the official site. If all troubleshooting methods fail, consider taking your MacBook to the Apple Store or a certified Apple repair center.

More than likely, your MacBook will need a unique fix. How To. Blog How To News. I usually choose to leave them out or glue them to the enclosure to prevent the cable breaking again. Some people prefer to use only super glue because it looks nicer but zip ties make it safer.

MacBook battery not charging? Here's how to fix it

If you like it better without the zip ties, take them out after a few hours after the super glue has bonded completely. Cancel: I did not complete this guide. Badges: This can be frustrating but is the only way to keep the original appearance. Be sure to leave enough cable after the grommet for soldering.

Thanks for the tips! If you have pictures of the processes please feel free to modify this guide especially the opening of the enclosure!

Managing problems with Apple's MacBook power adapters - CNET

In earlier versions of the AC Adapter this can be done with not so much trouble. I didn't try that We actually ended up just heating it to soften the plastic and that worked, wouldn't advise it though. Is it possible to remove the cord entirely from the circuit board and solder new replacement?


I have ordered a replacement and I wonder if its safe to do so? Thank you for your prompt response! Help Translate iFixit. Difficulty Difficult. Steps Time Required 1 hour. Sections 1. Flags 2. Featured Guide This guide has been found to be exceptionally cool by the iFixit staff. Member-Contributed Guide An awesome member of our community made this guide.

Make sure it’s the charger that’s malfunctioning

Introduction Sometimes the cable starts peeling just at that place where it meets the AC Adapter. Tools Buy these tools.

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