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Tue Jun 28, pm quote. That've had some quality issues. I also know a couple dealers who have similarly stopped carrying them because the quality didn't compare to Corazzo and others. While I think the armor's kind of interesting, the exterior fabric on most of their jackets isn't very abrasion-resistant.

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I have an Armadillo parka - benefits are that they look good off the bike but they are hopeless in heavy rain - bleeds through after half an hour. Can't comment on the armour but I tend to use my Rukka jacket for motorway journeys.

Armadillo Scooter Wear Womens Parka at SEMA 2010 LAS VEGAS

Wed Jun 29, am quote. Fabio Dougie. Hi 20L I'm also thinking of getting some proper motorcycling gear instead of just jeans and a parka. I did hear some good reports about the Spada gear. Good quality at reasonable prices. Thanks guys brilliant as always I think we need to remember that this gear and in fact most textile fabrics are not going to hold up well in the event of a high speed slide. However, for the most part they will offer much better protection than your non-specific everyday wardrobe jacket at "town speeds" This is what Armadillo scooterwear is designed for, the person who does not intend on riding out on freeways and someone who is looking for reasonable protection with clothing that looks like "normal everyday street fashion".

So, it is what it is. They don't pretend or suggest you use it at your next round in Mugello! In fact, if you're serious about abrassive resistance at freeway speeds and not in motorcycle specific leathers then The advantage of the D30 armour is that it is thin enough to offer good impact protection without it interfering with the overall comfort and design.

I can't speak for the Parker but I do have the hoodie and I love it! Does the hood flap around? The cuffs are wind and water tight and have added thumb loops. The armour is brilliant, it fits firmly in place and has virtually zero movment in the forearms and with just a little in the elbow like most armoured jackets The shoulder armour is virtually unoticable and it contours brilliantly unlike some that look like 's power jackets.

I think the size is the crucial point. The parker next, 1 size smaller please Sir. Wed Jun 29, pm quote. Thu Jun 30, am quote. Guys some help please The parka i have bid on upon closer inspection does not look right i have compared it to this one from a retailer and the one on ebay don't have buttons and the pockets look different, Have i bid on a LEMON? Not sure what your ebay experience is but I've been using it for 10 years and winning bids normally happen in the last few seconds 'sniping' just when you think its in the bag So worth watching the auction count down to finish and being prepared to up your bid if you can afford to.

It's not the case everytime, but if there was competition and other bidders I'd never put my bid in until 30 secs before auction end Obviously we'd like to see you get it! Looks the same to me. The side pockets have the right buttons, and the front buttons are probably under the flap in the ebay sample. Plus, you'll have Paypal protection. I'd say don't worry, but i second the sniping suggestion: wait until there's seconds left, and put in your max bid.

Scarlett Mac Women’s Waterproof Jacket - Red

Sometime ebay photos aren't good quality to see things clearly. Pockets look the same to me and if the buttons on the ebay one weren't fastened, you might not be able to see the button holes in the cover flap due to the photo angle if they are stitched in a similar colour to the main fabric. Looks like the brand's is embroidered on the chest OK. You could always ask the seller the question if they're one and the same?

Scooter-Wear Blog: NEW IN - Armadillo Scooterwear Womens Black Mac Scooter Jacket

Can you two see the buttons yeah If so think maybe i need a new laptop cos it looks like Velcro at the top where the button should be to me Not the pockets the top where it zips up Last edited by 20Legend on Thu Jun 30, am; edited 1 time in total. Suppose buttons look better but velcro maybe better for practicality so all is cool Thanks slomojoe you've put my mind right to rest there mate I have read in the review scootaboy posted that there is an early one that was dog poo and the new improved one is ok i am thinking that's a new one would anyone care to concur.

Buttons, but rarely do them up unless temp v low. I find that in Canada, most of the kit is either Harley black leather or PowerRanger style stuff. I wanted something that was more of a scooter style. I almost bought a Turcano piece but liked the styling and price of the Armadillo. It is too light weight for higher speeds, in my opinion but, a great option for those that don't normally wear protective gear or want an in town garment that you can wear off the scooter too. I was trading emails with one of the Armadillo folks recently and apparently, they tried to expand into too many markets at once so they haven't gone out of business but have taken a step back to concentrate on a few key markets and plan to build their distribution from there.

I've heard the quality complaints too but so far, my garment is just fine and it doesn't feel like a protective jacket with the flexible 3DO armour. Mike M.

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I agree with HappyOne. Sooo many of the jackets out there make you look like a Harley rider, or a PowerRanger. The Armadillo, Turcano Urbano and a few of the Corazzo are the only stylish jackets out there that you can get off of your scoot and wear walking around. There are 2 versions and one has buttons, the other velcro. So far it's been a great jacket that is super warm, windproof, and great in light rain. I've received numerous compliments on the jacket. My only complaint is that that buttons on the front are not sewed on very well. Mine didn't pop off, but I did have to sew them on a little tighter.

Use this to snipe automatically on eBay. It's free, it's brilliant and you don't have to be at your PC to bid at the last minute but, for example, at the pub instead.

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Thu Jun 30, pm quote. Fri Jul 01, am quote. But if you've decided the max you want to pay for something, someone sniping you at the last minute won't stop you getting it, as long as your maximum bid is higher than theirs. As you and I both ride 50s in sunny Manchester, let me assure you it's very warm and so far I've found it to be completely waterproof I was out wearing it in the hail t'other week and no leaks anywhere.

It maybe helps that we can't go over 30mph! So is the button up the old one and the velcro the new.

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  7. Nice one Ironfoot that's what i am thinking Paley when did ya buy yours bro. Then the one with velcro is the 2nd generation, Thanks Paley have a good weekend y'all. Fri Jul 01, pm quote. Mine has Velcro down the front but buttons on the pockets. Last edited by tblzebra on Sat Feb 09, am; edited 1 time in total. I don't think you 'get' sniping - it's not the same as adding a max bid.

    When you bid normally with a maximum, you can end up in a bidding war with someone and it shows your hand, as it will keep bidding up to your max when you're outbid. Normally, you'd have to do this with a few seconds to go, sat at your computer. Sniping software means you can be offline and elsewhere at auction end. In the classic movie Roman Holiday, Audrey Hepburn shot to stardom on the back of a Vespa scooter, and her look was topped off by a stylish silk scarf. One way to do this is with a protective padding trench coat.

    They have always been an integral part of the scooter look, particularly with the ladies, and this is largely down to the fact that they can act as effective body armour, while still looking fantastic. As you can see from the examples below, they really are the perfect way of topping off your look while riding your scooter, and are great for injecting a bit of glamour into your morning commute.

    Automotive - Jackets: Products from Armadillo

    Another great thing about trench coats is the sheer variety available for sale. One thing to look out for, however, is whether or not the trench coat has protective padding. Armadillo brings the classic mac into the 21st century with contemporary styling and high performance fabrics.

    With d3o body armour, 3M reversible reflective belt and shoulder epaulets for night riding. Handmade in England Private White V.