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The objective of this test is to monitor the development of the athlete's lower back and hamstring flexibility. The following table is for 16 to year-olds Davis et al. For an evaluation of the athlete's performance select the gender, enter the best distance and then select the 'Calculate' button. Analysis of the test result is by comparing it with the athlete's previous results for this test. It is expected that, with appropriate training between each test, the analysis would indicate an improvement in the athlete's flexibility. This test is suitable for active individuals but not for those where the test would be contraindicated.

Test reliability refers to the degree to which a test is consistent and stable in measuring what it is intended to measure. Reliability will depend upon how strict the test is conducted and the individual's level of motivation to perform the test. The following link provides a variety of factors that may influence the results and therefore the test reliability.

As she was doing the test i stood on her feet, and she recorded 29 sit ups in the one minute during the test. The final test she did was the bleep test. She recorded 3. Test Results.

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Name of Test. Best Score. My Results. Analysing and Interpreting data Comparing results to other teachers These results can tell us how Miss James results compare with other teachers results. In the Illinois agility run, the graph shows us that Miss James got the best time of all four teachers in this test, as she got the lowest time of This tells us that her agility level is higher then the other teachers and that she showed good agility levels when doing the test. She doesn't need to train on her agility as it is already very good and doesn't need to be improved on, although maintaining her agility with training could help.

In the bleep test, the graph shows us that Miss James score of 3. She doesn't really need to improve on her muscular endurance as she didn't score significantly lower then the other teachers like she did on the bleep test. In the sit and reach test, Miss James got a good score of 26 cm's.

She doesn't need to improve on her flexibility although PNF stretching would help her to get a higher score in the sit and reach test if she did the test again.

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With this graph we can see that Miss James did far better then the expected score for her age and gender. She was expected to get a time of 18 seconds, but she managed to get a time of She doesn't need to improve on her agility as from the tests we can see that this is clearly her best component of fitness as we can see it is better then the normative data and the results achieved by other teachers.

From this graph we can see that Miss James achieved a higher score then the expected data for her age and gender in the maximum abdominal curl test. Miss James achieved a score of 29 reps and her expected score was 25 reps. This shows that her muscular endurance is one of her strongest components of fitness and that she doesn't need to focus on improving on her muscular endurance to improve the score, although we can see it's not her best components of fitness as she didn't compare as well with the other teachers. She scored 26 cm's and she was expected to score 28cm's, as even though she did lower then expected she didn't score much lower then the expected score for her age and gender.

Flexibility isn't the main component of fitness that she needs to improve on, but she might want to use PNF stretching to help to improve her flexibility and score a better score in the sit and reach test the next time she does the test to get a higher or the same score as the normative data. By looking at published data, you can see that my sit and reach test score is below poor. This shows that my levels of flexibility are lower then they should be, i can improve on this by doing training methods like PNF stretching which would improve my levels of flexbility which would help me to get a better score in the test and above a poor score.

The published data shows that my result is an average score. It isn't a good score, but it is above a fair score. This shows that although my levels of muscular endurance aren't very good, it's not my weakest component of fitness and not an area of my fitness that i need to train on specifically. If i did want to improve on my muscular endurance then doing things like interval training where you are using muscles for a long period of time.

This published date shows this score was better than an average score. This shows that although my levels of cv endurance aren't very good, it isn't an area of my fitness that i need to work on specifically. This shows that my result is worse than a poor result. This shows us that i may need to work on my sprinting as it is an area of my fitness that is poorer then the other areas. To improve my speed i would use training like speed interval training which would help the speed of my running, i would also work on the technique of my sprinting which would improve my time.

Anxiety is one of the five physchological factors in sport. Can reduce a sport performer's level of confidence and concentration. Expectations of success are also reduced and the performer experienced a greater fear of failure". State anxiety is a type of anxiety that can occur when a performer is placed in a constantly changing situation. A sprinter may become anxious just before the start of a race as they are waiting for the starter's orders.

The performer can experience somatic and cognitive anxiety during this period. However, anxiety reduces when they hear the start shout 'on your marks', and the sprinter settle into their blocks. Trait anxiety relates to characteristics which a sports performer has which makes them react to certain situations in specific ways. Arousal is another of the physchological factors in sport. Arousal is the readiness for sport before you perform,. In physical sports like Rugby the level of arousal needs to be higher as the sport is more intense.

To perform well, it is important that arousal levels are maintained at an optimal level. Concentration is a physchological factor in sport. Some one's levels of concentration in sport is how focused they are on the game that they are playing. To process information, a sports performer has to make sense of the information they are presented with and decide on the cause of action to take.

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If a performer becomes overloaded with information it can negatively affect there performance. Motivation is a physchological factor in sport. A sports man or women's motivation in sport is what motivates them to do well in sport. If you have a good motivator in sport then it can improve on your performance in sport. There are are two categories of need which motivate us:. Personality is the characteristics of a person which can determine how they perform. Personality is unique to unique to an individual, and sports performers should be aware of how their own personality could affect sports training and performance.

Personality type can be determined by using a questionnaire. Sports coaches should treat performers differently according to their personality type and appropriate steps can be taken by the performer to prevent performance from being affected. If you suffer from anxiety during sport you suffer from nerves, lack of confidence and a lack of concentration when playing sport. If you do have a lack of nerves, confidence or concentration in sport you are less likely to perform like you usually would when playing your sport. If you are under a lot of pressure like if your kicking a drop goal in rugby late on, or have a penalty in football then you can suffer from anxiety and feel nervous and you may be unable to score the penalty or kick the drop goal which would normally be a pretty simple thing for you to do if you weren't suffering from anxiety.

When you are anxious you might well be less confident in your own abilities as well and you might have less trust in your own ability to play sport when under pressure. When you are anxious you may also suffer from a lack of concentration during sport. You might be thinking away from trying to win the game, and instead by thinking of what would happen if you lose the game or if you make a mistake or if you miss a penalty under pressure which doesn't help you if your thinking negatively during a situation where you are under pressure such as in a penalty shoot out.

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An example of sportsmen who suffered from anxiety is the England football team. Some of the England players were too nervous going into the shoot-outs whilst other teams tend to be able to avoid nerves and are able to beat England in penalty shoot-outs. Now whenever England are in a penalty shoot-out they feel a lot more pressure then the other team as a lot of the country are desperate to end the penalty shoot-out horror from the past with a penalty shoot-out win. Players like Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard who have great penalty records for there clubs are unable to do the same for there country and both missed penalties in England's most recent penalty shoot-out defeat to Portugal in the World Cup.

This shows that there seems to be a lot more pressure on them in penalty shoot-outs for there countries and they can't quiet seem to take penalties like they would do for there club. World Cup v Germany Semi Final. Misses from Stuart Pearce and Chris Waddle. World Cup v Argentina 2nd Round.

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  5. Misses from Paul Ince and David Batty. World Cup v Portugal Quarter Final. A sports performer who doesn't seem to suffer from nerves or anxiety is Frank Lampard. Although he missed in England's penalty shootout defeat to Portugal for England, when taking penalties at Chelsea Frank Lampard is spotless and has scored more or less every penalty he's taken whilst at Chelsea and is one of the best penalty takers in world football.

    His record of penalties just keeps on improving with everyone he takes, and he gains more and more confidence which everyone he takes so he's less likely to suffer from nerves or anxiety when taking a penalty. Even when he's taking a crucial penalty whilst playing for Chelsea, he just doesn't miss and even though Didier Drogba has scored every penalty he's taken at Chelsea he isn't able to take penalties on a regular basis as Frank Lampard is just so good at them. He went three years without missing a penalty from to before finally a penalty of his was save by Joe Hart, but he still keeps on scoring penalties and is probably the worlds best penalty taker.

    Arousal is the readiness of the performer before competition, if the arousal levels or too high then a sport performer is less likely to perform well. Performers can control there arousal levels before competition, if they are psyching themselves up before playing sport then they could be too ready and when playing they could be angry or aggressive. If somebody is too psyched up for competition they could go in for a challenge they shouldn't be going into and could be shown a red card.

    Arousal needs to be controlled in order to avoid being to aggressive early on in the match and being shown a red card by not being over-ready before competition. An example of sportsmen who are known for psyching themselves up before a game is the New Zealand rugby team. Before every game they do the haka, where they try and wind up the opposition. This means that there arousal levels are very high before a game, but in a game like rugby they do need to be high as it's a physical game and you need to be prepared to make big tackles during the game.

    By doing this though they are affecting the opposition who might be distracted and lose concentration and what they need to do to win, or they might by anxious as it will be intimidating and they will be nervous going into a game against New Zealand as they are a very good team. So often when they are doing the haka they are gaining an advantage by intimidating there opponents whilst also raising there readiness for competition, although if they are to psyched up then they might go in for a bad tackle and get shown a yellow card which is going to have a negative affect on there performance.

    Confidence is another factor that can affect a sport performer during sport. Being low on confidence and believing less in your ability can play a massive factor on your performance. When you are low on confidence you often think negatively and fear failure or fear making a mistake which can lead to you making a mistake. Also if you are low on confidence then you are less likely to try and score from range whilst somebody who is confident might try and score from range and manage to succeed and score.

    Also in pressured situations such as when taking a penalty, somebody with confidence can put themselves forward to take a penalty and have a chance at scoring, whilst somebody who doesn't have confidence is more likely to just leave somebody else to take the penalty. Lee Trundle is a player who has a lot of confidence. Lee Trundle is now at Neath in the Welsh Premier League but when he was at Swansea and at his prime he was a player that often did lots of skills and tricks during the match.

    He also had confidence in front of goal and scored at least 20 goals in all of his five seasons at Swansea and has more confidence then most players at the level he was playing at in his prime. Had he not had the confidence in front of goal or with his tricks the he wouldn't have got to the level of football he was playing at, and probably would have stayed at the level he was playing at before joining Swansea.

    Motivation can affect sport performers when playing sport. You need to be motivated in the right way to succeed in sport. If you don't particularly want to do well in sport, or if you want to do well but for the wrong reasons then it can affect your performance. If you don't want to succeed in sport then you might not give your all in matches or in training, if you don't try your best in training then you might not get picked on match days and if you don't try your best in matches and don't play well then your less likely to do well when playing.

    By having the right motivation to do well, such as wanting the team to do well can help your performance as you will try your best to help the team and want to do well in sport. Somebody who has good motivation in football is Ryan Giggs. Ryan Giggs has been playing for Manchester United since the Premier League was formed in and whilst in modern football players go through plenty of teams before retiring, Giggs has stayed at Manchester United throughout his career.

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    As Giggs has been one of the best players in the world at his peak he would have had chances to leave Manchester United for other big clubs who would have offered more money for him but he has stayed at Manchester United throughout his career. His motivation isn't with money, like a lot of modern footballers but instead it's with winning trophies at Manchester United.

    A massive trophy cabinet for someone who is still playing at Manchester United and playing regularly for Manchester United as well as being one of the main players at the club. Somebody who had bad motivation in football is Wayne Rooney. He's been at Manchester United ever since leaving Everton for them in , but in November he wanted out of Manchester United and would have got a huge pay rise had Manchester City come in for him in the January transfer window.

    He stayed at Manchester United in the end signing a new contract at the club, but only after a massive pay rise was given to him. He's been playing badly all season though and only has six goals to his name and a lot of the time when he's been playing for Manchester United he's been looking frustrated as the goals just wont come for Rooney.