Delete windows partition on mac bootcamp

And even if you see it, when you try it, it gives you an error message when you click on it.

How to Resize Bootcamp Partition

The message says your current operating system is not compatible and that you need Microsoft Windows 7 to remove boot services. Double click on it.

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It will present you with a list of programs that you can uninstall. Select Boot Camp Services and click Next so that it runs and removes Boot camp services from Windows 10 and leaves you with a cleaner machine. You can later install other versions of boot camp if you wish.

How to Remove a Windows Boot Camp Partition from your Mac

Here you will find two buttons one is to print installation and setup guide and the other one is to continue. To proceed further you need to click continue. On the next window of Boot Camp assistant, you will find three options to choose. In the next step of removing boot camp partition on Mac. In the next step you need to enter your user name and password. Enter your credentials and click OK to proceed further to uninstall boot camp partition.

How to Remove a Windows Boot Camp Partition from a Mac

Now you will see next screen on which system will partition disk here you will also see a warning message saying that Windows volume and all its contents will lost permanently. This is why earlier we advised you to take backup of all your data on Windows. Next window says that partition has been removed from your Mac and now it is restored to a single disk volume. Click on quit as the process is finished now.

Now you have more space to save photos videos, games or other files. It is a simple and fast process to remove boot camp installation from your Mac. But again, you should keep it in mind that your important data should be safe. Deepak Saxena , A Boot Camp method is one of the most popular approaches to setting up Windows on Macs.

This utility does not simply allow installing the latest operating system from Microsoft on the Apple computer.

Use Boot Camp Assistant to Partition Your Mac's Drive

It also makes it possible to dual-boot between the two partitions. From one side, it may be useful if you wish to play games compatible only with Windows. Thus, Apple realizes its users may want to install Windows OS on your hard drive for some reasons, and they make the life easier by offering such utility. But it is way easier to erase just the Windows Boot Camp partition, leaving the native operating system untouched.

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Some errors may still occur, and the next part explains the potential causes. Many reasons exist why a Mac owner may be unable to uninstall all Boot Camp-services from the very beginning. You should still try each of the recommended methods as the leftovers may lead to some issues in the future. You will be amazed how fast your machine may become without those useless files.