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By default OS X is case-insensitive meaning it only cares about the alpha-numeric sequence of file names, and does not distinguish between case. This feature is only useful for special software considerations, and for ease of use by not being confused between files based on nuances of character capitalization, its best to leave your drive in a case-insensitive format.

This is an extension feature to the format that ensures files are fully written to the drive in a location called the Journal before they are committed as stored data, which helps guarantee file integrity if there is an interruption, such as a power outage. This feature lends to more robust data management when this format is used in OS X.

It has limitations, such as not being able to write files larger than 4GB, and no support for file permissions, and no journaling support, but in most cases its cross-compatibility is appealing for temporary storage.

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This will be your most universally compatible format, best for the following:. This format is supported as read-only in OS X, so you may read from a drive used on a Windows machine. It is as robust of an option for Windows as Mac OS X Extended is for OS X, supporting encryption and permissions features, and other nuances that give extended control to systems running Windows; however, licensing and politics has kept Apple from implementing full support of this format, so you will not be able to choose from it as an option.

If you are at all finding limitations with the use of FAT formats for moving files between Windows and OS X, mainly because the files are too large e. This is an extension to the FAT format that allows for larger file sizes to be used, access control permissions restrictions, among some additional nuance metadata handling features. Overall, the use of ExFAT is best for the following:. It was exceedingly tedious to use. ExFat is also not journaled. Refer back to this section when you get to that stage. The resulting drivers64UEFI should look something like this:. Note: You may have VboxHfs But it doesn't matter.

It will be disabled by the config. You only need the kexts that allow you to boot and operate the installer. Other kexts that you might use in the final installation can wait. I always use my own versions of these kexts: FakeSMC. The current version has been modified to do nothing on You do not need these kexts for installation, although you may wish to try them for getting sensor data to HWMonitor. It is also attached to the bottom of this post. If you want to have Ethernet note Ethernet is wired networking, and is not the same as WiFi , you can also install your Ethernet kext.

For example: RealtekRTL The Clover installer places a default config. It is almost universally wrong and most likely will not work at all for most laptops. As you can tell by looking at the listing of files, the configs vary by graphics hardware configuration. If your screen is x, pick one of those.

If your system is mixed eg. Dos Command Center 5. Dos Navigator 6. EasyUHA 1. Everything 1. Explore2fs 1.

What is a procedure to manually convert the drive back to the hybrid format?

Ext2Explore 2. File Maven 3. File Wizard 1. FastLynx 2. HashMyFiles 1. Added some USB 3. Opera Web Browser SearchMyFiles 2. Tor Browser 2. Total Commander 8. Volkov Commander 4. WinMerge 2. All Users Temp Cleaner 1. ATF Cleaner 3. CCleaner 3. CloneSpy 2. Data Shredder 1.

Delete Doctor 2.


Duplicate File Finder 3. McAfee Removal Tool 6. MyUninstaller 1. Norton Removal Tool PC Decrapifier 2. Print Flush 1. Revo Uninstaller 1. SpaceMonger 1. SpaceSniffer 1. WinDirStat 1. Device Doctor 2. Double Driver 4. PCI 32 Sniffer 1. Smart Driver Backup 2. UnknownDevices 1. USBDeview 2. Atlantis Word Processor 1. HxD 1. IrfanView 4. PhotoFiltre 6. Picture Viewer 1. QuickView Pro 2. Spread32 1. Run macros, draw objects, generate charts, calculate functions and formulas, reads and writes xls, csv, text, and pxl formats.

SumatraPDF 1. AlternateStreamView 1. EditBINI 1. Ext2fsd 0.

Filemon 7. ImDisk 1. Junction 1. NewSID 4. NTFS Access 2. NTFS Dos 3. NTFS4Dos 1. Virtual Floppy Drive 2.

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Active Kill Disk 4. CrystalDiskInfo 4. DRevitalize 1. DiskView 2. DiskWipe 1. Gateway GwScan 5. Hard Disk Sentinel 1. HDTune 2. HDAT2 4. A freeware alternative of HDD Regenerator. HDD Capacity Restore 1. HDD Erase 4. HDD Scan 3. Maxtor amset utility 4. Maxtor Low Level Formatter 1. Maxtor PowerMax 4. MHDD 4. SmartUDM 2.

Toshiba Hard Disk Diagnostic 2. Victoria 3. Victoria 4.

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ViVard 1. WDClear 1. Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools 1. BellaVista 1. Boot Partition 2. BootSect 6. BootICE DiskMan 4.

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FbInst 1. Grub4Dos installer 1. HDHacker 1.

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