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The Download Panel displays all formats and resolutions available for downloading. Among the offered items you can choose video-only and audio-only formats. To view and install it click the Conversion Tool button.

Easy YouTube Video Downloader claims to show you how to save YouTube videos to your computer with a single-click at a fast speed. This add-on has a fancy and non-invasive button that offers you only necessary stuff without unwanted details, options and configurations.

4 ways to select files on your Mac

This extension works not only with Safari, but with Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and other browsers as well. Keep in mind that the Chrome installer skips the Chrome Web Store, so you may have problems installing this add-on in Google Chrome. FastestTube places the "Download this video" menu on a YouTube page and displays all format options. It is surely aware of how to save YouTube videos on Mac, though there can be installation issues in some browsers.

YouTube Premium earlier known as YouTube Red is a premium paid membership provided by YouTube to give additional features and possibilities to its users. With YouTube Premium you get the following:. You can watch millions of YouTube videos without annoying ads.

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This refers to the advertisements at the beginning and in the middle of the video clips, as well as banners, overlays, and ads that come with the search results. Still, you will see brand or inserted ads in the content that YouTube does not control.

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You can enjoy YouTube videos without ads on all devices and platforms after you sign in to your Google Account. You can enjoy TV series and movies created by the best YouTube directors right after their releases. You are not charged additional payment. You can have a possibility to download videos as well as playlists and view them on your device without the Internet connection. You can play videos on your mobile device while working with other apps, or even when the screen is off.

Now you know that saving videos from YouTube to Mac is possible and very easy. Choose the right piece of software and enjoy your view offline. We recommend you to use Airy app as its work, efficiency and user-friendliness is beyond all praise. Top choice. Airy 4. Anna Brooks 02 Jul at Requirements: OS X Version 3.

Download Purchase. Airy app easily converts YouTube videos into proper formats and downloads the YouTube content of any length as well as size to Mac computers. It allows you to save the whole playlists and channels from YouTube and extract audio tracks from videos. If you need multiple files, you can download them all in bunch. Install it as any other app. Launch it. Click Enter. To rip audio out of the video, find MP3 in the list of available formats. Click Download.

Best Solutions to Save Videos from YouTube to Mac

To change this path go to Airy Preferences. Save youtube videos mac With Airy and receive the following: YouTube content without ads High speed downloads and high quality media Audio files out of YouTube videos The choice of format and resolution you require Integration with your web browser YouTube playlists and channels without pains and waste of time YouTube subtitle files in SRT format Auto-population of your login and password from YouTube account 60fps videos from YouTube Downloads resume Access to age-restricted and protected content.

Elmedia Player Elmedia Player has proved itself as a 3-in-1 solution working good as a great downloader, video player and media streamer. You'll need a registration code to activate PRO version, which can be purchased from the developers' website. Paste the link to a YouTube video, channel, playlist and click Enter.

Select the file to download from the list under the video and click Download.

Choose MP3 and you'll get the sound file only. All files in between will be automatically included in your selection. However, you can make your selection in the List view, for example, then switch to the Icon view knowing your files will remain selected. Alternatively, use the click-and-dragging method. You must click near the first file to drag the selection, not its icon or name.

As you may have noticed, the Finder thoughtfully indents item names a bit for your convenience. Such design consideration lets you click and hold the empty area next to the file name so that you can safely perform dragging action without accidentally moving the item to a new location. Click-and-drag to select a contiguous group of items in a Finder window like a pro.

The aforementioned file-selection methods can be combined and chained together, making complex selections effortless and allowing you to quickly exclude a single item from the selection, deselect a range of files with a few clicks and so forth. Did you mistakenly include unwanted files in your selection?

To adjust a group of contiguous files, click any highlighted item while holding the Shift key to trim your selection accordingly. Open System Preferences , click the General section, then click the menu next to Highlight Color to choose between one of the preloaded colors or define your own by choosing Other. Got stuck? Select a single file To select a single document, folder, app, disk or other item available through the Finder, click it. A single click highlights the file under the mouse pointer.