How to reset mac mini display settings

This means you may have to take extra steps or troubleshoot issues for the external display to function as it should with your Mac. If any of these sound familiar to your current situation, follow along as we break down some potential fixes for a faulty external Mac display. Related : Messages Not Working on Mac? Try to use another video source or computer and see if the external display works with it. Check whether the brightness on your Mac is turned all the way down, and turn it back up.

You should also restart your computer, checking physical connections, reseating cables, and looking for dumb mistakes, like a USB cable plugged into a LAN port. Any tech expert knows these tips are as effective as they are ubiquitous.

macOS: Finding the Hidden Advanced Display Preferences - The Mac Observer

You should know you cannot check this stuff with your eyes alone. Remove the cable, then reinsert it carefully and properly. If you know that your graphics chip requires a driver like many after-market Nvidia cards , make sure you have it installed for full support. Those are the kinds of details that mess people up, so double-check all your assumptions.

Frustratingly, the most popular display connectors have multiple different versions, all of which look the same from the outside. You need to make sure that you have the correct display connector for your Mac and your display, with the correct version. Only the newest cables can support the newest features.

They include processors all their own to power their newest tech. If your monitor turns on and gets a signal, but the display is low-quality, the display version is a good thing to check. HDMI is on revision 2.

USB-C is the worst: the cables can look identical but have completely different capabilities. DisplayPort 1.

Adjusting screen and font sizes on the Mac

However, whenever I boot the system, the initial boot screen pale grey screen with the centred white apple logo has a very small resolution my guess is x with black vertical bars either side. Once the desktop system is loaded, the correct resolution x is then applied. This reoccurs every time I boot the system. Procedure from here :. The problem shows after using an external monitor with a different resolution.

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For example a tv. Befor disconnecting the monitor set up the parameters foryour screen and then take the HDMI cable out. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Boot screen has wrong display resolution Ask Question. How do I return my display's resolution to a "system-wide" x? Josh Josh 81 1 1 gold badge 3 3 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges.

Fixes for External Display Not Working on macOS

Mine does. Everything except Firewire. Since I never used Firewire, I can honestly say x resolution, 2 thunderbolt ports, better screen, better speakers, more connectivity options, etc. Of course, some would argue firewire is more precious than those things mentioned here. And btw, I had Apple Thunderbolt Display. After 2 years it died on me.

Using the Option Key in Display Preferences

Sometimes it would turn on, sometimes it wouldn't. Upgrading firmware, smc reset, x more things and it finally died on me. You have a long thread about this issue on apple forums. Lots of people with exact same situation I was in. Do you think Apple reacted to this? Of course not. Will I ever buy Apple monitor again? I payed premium expecting a premium product and a premium support. Got neither.

Glossy screen with large bezels that was pretty expensive couldn't last me 2 years. With so many great monitors out there that support thunderbolt 2, and so many coming out that will support thunderbolt 3, I really see no reason in waiting and finally purchasing a monitor from Apple. Not with their past record. And besides, they aren't interested anymore in monitors or pro users.

They have their iToys to play with now :. What a ridiculous article this is. It doesn't even actually include the one thing suggested by the title: resetting the display. How can these guys expect us to take them seriously? They are either engaging in blatant click-baiting or they don't understand the difference between resetting a display and resetting the computer that is connected to the display. Either way, MacRumors should be embarrassed by this post. The only thing that is sad is how many people are bashing an article designed to help users.

How very pathetic. Does it make people feel "good" about themselves to always want to bash and hate? The article explains exactly how to reset the display and I even quoted it to you in post 32 above. And that is exactly what the title says the article is about. I honestly don't see what your issue is here.

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If the article does not interest you, you could just skip it. I have owned a TBD since March and did not know how to reset, so the article was of interest to me.