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It can store up to pages in its memory when the paper runs. It has a 99 number speed dial memory storage as well as a Caller ID feature. The copier section can scan and print up to a maximum of 99 copies with a single command. The maximum resolution of the copier mode is x dpi in both black and color. You can optionally scan to or print from the USB host port or the memory card slots located on the front panel of the MFD.

The control panel comprises of a large 4. The control panel is a swivel type which can be moved and locked at an upright angle, making it convenient to operate when the user is seated or standing. The control panel has a very sensitive display and makes operating or setting up the printer speedy and easy. The user interface is smooth and very intuitive too. It also features shortcut icons on the top of the screen which offer quick access to wireless networking, fax, eco mode, ink levels and the web services.

Speaking of web services, the Plus, once connected to an internet-enabled network, can open up a world of options required for small business developments. The web services can print your documents from anywhere on the globe using an e-mail address which needs to be registered once the printer is set up. You can also print from devices which have wireless network connectivity — simply link them to the printer, and print.

The web services can also be used to access apps which can print forms, calendars, books, news, and much more directly from the internet without the need for a PC. We put the printer through some standard tests and here is what we have to say about the performance: documents printed in black gave us print speeds of 24 ppm, 19 ppm and five ppm in draft, normal and best modes. A combination of colour and black documents presentation type documents prints at speeds of 21 ppm, 10 ppm and three ppm, respectively.

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Since the printer also features a duplex mechanism, we printed a page word document in normal mode, which finalised in barely 1 minute and 15 seconds. Scanning an A4 photo in dpi modes takes 27 seconds, while copying a black and colour A4 document takes around 14 seconds each. Borderless printing on a 4x6 photo paper takes just 50 seconds. The printer takes about 35 seconds to power up, and a first print from the PC can take you just 14 seconds. The print quality of black prints is very crisp and almost laser-like.

The color documents were also great. We found absolutely no flaws or issues with the speed and quality of regular documents. Surprisingly, the photo printing quality of the Plus disappointed us—the maximum print resolution was x dpi.

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The print quality was average and pretty grainy when observed closely. However, the colors were brilliant and images were sharp too. However, since the Plus is aimed to be an office all-in-one, we did not quite expect the printer to give us staggering photo results. The printer uses CMYK starter cartridges that come with the product. XL packs can be availed of and cost Rs. This evaluates the print economy to Rs. With a price tag of Rs. However, if you are also looking for good quality photo printing features, we suggest you look into other models.

Easily print from a mobile device with HP ePrint. Print documents that resist fading, water and highlighter-pen smears, using HP Officejet inks.

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Achieve ISO print speeds up to 20 ppm black and 16 ppm color. Depend on a printer with a 25,page monthly duty cycle-the perfect fit for reliable color printing. Create flawless copies with CopySmart solutions, and easily create and print a one-sided copy of a two-sided ID. Create borderless, double-sided flyers and brochures, plus print impressive business photos.

HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One Printer Review: Features and Speed Aplenty

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HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus TEST

The Pro Plus is a good-looking machine. It's sleek and black with matt finishes and does not come off as being bulky, despite its jam-packed capabilities. The all-black design gives it a somewhat elegant feel, which is enhanced by the 4. The panel can either be used flush with the machine's front surface, or it can be angled upwards. It provides instant access to the device's main functions - print, copy, scan, fax - as well as to print apps. The device has a sheet automatic document feeder at the top, which can be used to fax or scan documents.

It also facilitates two-sided printing, copying and scanning. To the bottom-left of the machine, users will find slots for one USB stick and one memory card. These offer instant photo printing, although they would have been more useful if they picked up Word and other office documents for printing, and not only photographs - but more on this in a bit. At the back of the machine, users will find built-in wireless networking, a fax port, an Ethernet networking cable and a USB 2.

The Pro Plus is very easy to set up and users have a number of options when doing this. A software CD is provided that is loaded onto a PC in minutes. Users can also connect the device to a WiFi network, search for it on the network, and download the software from the Internet. My and my husband's iPhones, which are also connected to the WiFi network, picked up the device instantly and we were able to print from our phones straight away. In fact, any device that was connected to the WiFi network was able to pick up the printer. The Pro Plus uses individual ink cartridges, so users only need to replace inks as they run dry.

These are very simple to insert - they simply pop in and the printer does the rest in terms of aligning the printheads and printing a test page. The touch panel is super responsive, intuitive and user-friendly. Aside from allowing users to choose between main functions, like copy, scan and fax, the panel also allows users to adjust settings, access printing apps, get help and check the printer's status. The 'Eco' option lets users adjust screen brightness, switch to two-sided printing, set a timer for when the machine must go to sleep eg after 10 minutes of non-use and set a schedule for specific times of the day that the machine must turn on and off - handy for office use, as users can opt to only have the machine on between 8am and 5pm, for example.

This obviously saves energy, contributing to the machine's green status. The Web services icon checks the status of the device and informs users whether an update is needed. From here, users can adjust Web services settings, turn ePrint on or off, print an information page, update the printer, set the Web proxy, turns apps on or off, or remove Web services.

The information, or status, report is quite a nifty feature. In one page, users are provided with a summary on general printer information, such as model name and number, connectivity settings, scan settings and scan usage information, fax settings and fax usage information as well as print usage information who's printing what.

This is particularly handy, as it outlines the total number of pages printed, broken down into colour and borderless pages. The status report also shows ink levels, printhead information and options for additional assistance, such as fax test set-up and wireless network test. The Discover icon offers work-smart tips, eco tips on how to save money and energy, recycling tips, a digital office, which, among other options, shows users how to manage hardcopy documents by creating and storing digital versions, and an HP product tour.

The Fax icon allows users to view the fax log, enable auto answer, adjust fax volume and toggle fax settings. Buttons on the outside of the panel include a 'home' option, navigation arrows, a help option and an indicator light that turns blue when the printer is connected to a WiFi network and flashes when data is travelling over the network. Users navigate the touch panel options by either using the left and right arrow keys or by swiping the screen.

All screen functions are easy to understand and navigate. The range of printing options offered by the Pro Plus is sure to serve any office well.

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While software has to be loaded on all PCs, smartphones are able to print instantly. Those not connected to the network can download the ePrint app onto their mobile devices, enabling them to print from any location. The device is also compatible with Apple AirPrint, enabling users to print wirelessly from their iPads, iPhones or iPod touches. There are a host of other printing options, too. One option that fascinated me for hours and which worked really well was the e-mail to print feature. Each HP OfficeJet printer has a unique e-mail address.

Sending e-mails with or without attachments to this address lets users print documents from anywhere they may be in the world, and they are even sent a confirmation e-mail that the machine has received and is processing the print job. I often resorted to this option when my laptop failed to pick up the device, presenting the first annoyance. I connected the device to my laptop by searching for it on the network and downloading the software from the Internet.

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  • It worked perfectly for the first few days, but then kept telling me the device was offline - even though the WiFi indicator light on the device itself showed otherwise. Restarting the laptop, turning the printer on and off, and resetting the WiFi connection did not bring the printer back online, according to my laptop, which was somewhat frustrating.

    The beauty of a network-connected OfficeJet Pro Plus is that users can scan documents and save them directly to any computer on the network, saving on unnecessary printing. Faxes can be saved in a similar way. Users can also save scanned documents directly to a USB stick or memory card by simply selecting that option prior to scanning.

    HP Officejet Pro Driver and Software Windows, MacOS

    Documents are saved in a neat 'HP Scans' folder on the memory device. And as if that wasn't enough, users can also e-mail scanned documents to any address, directly from the machine. HP has effectively removed the PC from the printing process. Printing directly from a USB stick or memory device was counter-intuitive, however.