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To get the full leverage you need a large network of users all attacking the same target at the same time which can become a very effective DDoS attack as seen by the Anonymous attacks on PayPal, Mastercard etc. Last updated: October 4, , views.

Share Tweet However the Low Orbit Ion Cannon was not powerful enough to launch attacks with such a limited number of users. Therefore, HOIC was designed to remedy this with the ability to cause HTTP Flood with a low number of user agents with as few as 50 users being required to successfully launch an attack, and co-ordination between multiple users leading to an exponential increase in the damage.

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HOIC and its predecessor, the LOIC , are named after an ion cannon , a fictional directed-energy weapon described as firing beams of ions from a space-based platform onto Earth-based targets. The denial-of-service DoS attack on the target URL is accomplished by sending excessive traffic in an attempt to overload the site and bring it down.

This basic version of the attack can be customized by using the booster files which follow the VB 6 mixed with VB. NET syntax. In addition, HOIC can simultaneously attack up to domains, making it one of the most versatile tools for hackers who are attempting to co-ordinate DDoS attacks as a group. The minimalist GUI of the tool makes it user friendly and easy to control. The basic routine of an attack is to input the URL of the website which is to be attacked, set the power option on low, medium or high.

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The power option sets the request velocity with low at two requests per second, medium at four and high at eight requests per second. Then a booster file is added which uses. The basic limitation of HOIC is that it requires a coordinated group of users to ensure that the attacks are successful. Even though it has allowed attacks to be launched by far fewer users than the older Low Orbit Ion Cannon, HOIC still requires a minimum of 50 users to launch an effective attack and more are required to sustain it if the target website has protection.

Even though HOIC should, in theory, offer anonymizing through the use of booster files, the actual protection provided is not enough.

Low orbit Ion cannon

Any attempt to launch an attack using the TOR network will actually harm the network itself. It has been speculated that this is due to the notion that Sweden may have stricter internet privacy laws than the rest of the world. Primarily, HOIC has been designed as a stress testing tool and can be lawfully used as such to stress test local networks and servers provided the person initiating the test has authorization to test and as long as no other networks, servers, clients, networking equipment or URLs are disrupted.

HOIC can also be used to perform distributed denial-of-service attacks, which are illegal under various statutes. All of the old features will be here along with some new ones and now with less suck. You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field.

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