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The pistol looks right with the flat-top slide. Left, with full-power grain loads, the Metro Arms Bullseye gun gave good results. The hard-chromed MAC pistol was a joy to fire because of its long slide. The MAC had excellent balance when we fired it off hand as well. The barrel was a bushingless lock-up type and was very tight.

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One of the raters noted that from his frame of reference, the MAC locks up as tightly as his personal Springfield TRP, a high standard of fit. It took some effort to unlock the slide. Its ramped barrel supplies cartridge case support. The hammer was skeletonized and nicely serrated. While adjustable sights often interfere with manually cocking a hammer, this is the best answer to the situation.

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The slide-lock safety was ambidextrous good fit and a tight indent. The slide lock was a standard size, which all of our raters prefer. The upswept beavertail safety was well designed with a pronounced memory groove.

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The grip safety releases its hold on the trigger about halfway into compression of the grip safety. The fit of the grip safety and the design are ideal for all-round use, we thought. The grips were a semi webbed pattern we found attractive. They offered good adhesion when firing. The mainspring housing was nicely checkered. The front strap offered custom-grade checkering clearly defined near the top by a nicely cut border.

There are two things that many shooters will like about the trigger action.

There was little take-up and no creep. This was as good a factory trigger action as we can remember. The trigger offered excellent serrations on the face for control. The trigger face, front strap, and mainspring housing were all nicely finished to give good adhesion, but none were abrasive.


There was no firing-pin lock or drop safety, like found on the Series The pistol featured a magazine funnel, another plus for competition use. The raters who had not fired a long-slide were surprised by the natural point and balance, but they noted the pistol was much slower when drawn from a Blackhawk belt slide. But this is simply the nature of the beast. Once the pistol was up and in two hands, it tracked well between multiple targets. In long firing strings, the front sight simply hung on the target, making follow-up shots easier.

During the initial break-in period with full-power grain ball, our team experienced several failures of the pistol to go into battery, and even a few in which the slide did not fully close on loading the first round. We cleaned what appeared to be preservative grease from the slide and rails and lubricated the pistol with standard gun oil.

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The pistol eventually functioned reliably, but only after we fired rounds for the break in. There were no feed problems with the JHP loads, but the pistol was slow to cycle, with numerous failures to lock into battery during the break-in period. The MAC features a fiber-optic front sight and a nicely done, smooth slide top. The well-designed beavertail grip safety and checkered back strap offered a positive hold on the firearm. Out of the box it shoots perfectly, spent rounds today at the range and didn't have a single hiccup.

The sights were dead on and I had a small grouping at 15 yards. The front sight is blacked out but has a small indention and i took some nail polish and put a drop down into it and it was perfect. My only issue was with dis-assembly and the manual.


The manual gives you the 3 different types of bushings and how to take them down, but does not tell you which one your gun has. Like the other reviewer mentioned, these 6" guns have a 2-piece guide rod. Once I found that out it made my life easier as I could not figure out how to remove the guide rod. The pistol meets my expectations for quality construction and tight tolerances, but the accompanying documentation is inadequate.

The manual is generic, covering MAC pistols with three different guide rod arrangements. No way to tell this from the manual. So while I consider the pistol a "5", the Metro Arms package as a whole gets a "4". Chinese Type 53 Carbine Ruger AR AR Taurus TCP Taurus PT Slim Taurus Slim Centerfire Heritage Rough Rider Bersa Thunder Skip to content. Kahr CM9 Polymer ATI Firepower Xtreme Kahr Arms CW9 Ruger 9E Taurus Mossberg Maverick 88 Kahr Arms CW45 Walther PPQ M2 Beretta Pico Ruger LC9 Ruger AR Autoloading Ruger SR9 Maverick Arms Inc.

Mossberg 88 Security 12 Gauge Beretta PX4 Storm Compact Heritage Rough Rider Combo Press Release. Overall Length. Barrel Length.

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Mag Cap. Custom hard wood with MAC logo. Deep Blue, Hard Chrome.