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Instead of getting an address via DHCP, a NIC will hop on the network with a link-local IPv6 address and with this will have to ability to do further configuration automatically soliciting neighbors, router, et cetera. A mac address is 48 bits, an IPv6 address is bits. A converter to do the same operation in reverse is available here. There have been a few interesting comments on this post, I encourage you to read them if you want to learn more about this mechanism.

Based on RFC section 2. As a result we also need to go from mac address to interface ID by flipping the bit in step 5 and adding ff:fe in the middle. When set to 1 it indicates that the MAC address was set manually by an administrator, rather than burned into the network card following the normal rules for vendor identification.

Generate Random MAC Addresses

When set to 1 it indicates that the MAC address was set manually by an administrator, rather than burned into the network card…. FE FE , the conversion was designed that such manual address would indicate that it was generated from a locally administered mac address rather than a real MAC. Thank you for providing this utility. I have found it be useful on several occasions. I was looking at the example you gave above.

It says 52, but the binary adds up to I could be wrong. I am relatively new to this and could be wrong. Am I right or am I still not understanding this stuff? At no point in the operation are we dealing with decimal numbers. Please explain if you will. Feel free to email them at temp akrin. Since Win Vista Windows uses random ipv6 link local addresses. I got Please clarify. Just saying that everyone else identifies that bit as 7th , also it is more logical to start your counting from one rather than zero.

After reading the suggestion and reply above my post, I understand and was relieved at the clarification. When counting bits you typically start from 0 Ben is right but you also start counting from the least significant bit. Then construct the IPv6 header and Neighbor Advertisement NA message header type,code, flags, and target address as if the tentative address is duplicated on another node. Hey Ben…recent changes appear to have broken this page…it processes the request, but no results are returned, just an empty doc.

Is it nessesary to display scope id also if we want to display link local address somewhere? I think they are wrong and if not please correct me by telling me why is it the 6th bit? The 7nth bit is fliped. So, if in the mac address there is a 1 in the 7nth position of the 8 bits, then the 1 becomes a 0 and if it is a 0 instead of a 1, it becomes a 1 in the 7nth position.

Thanks very much. Im a beginer to subnetting. Correct me if i am wrong. Im doing CCNA1 in cisco. Many zeros do indeed equal to double column but this is for abbreviation purposes; meaning that fully writing each 0 is legal as well. Thanks for this … I was wondering if anyone has tried an excel formulae for this and if they would care to share. This document is Cisco Public.

Step 2: Click the Accessories folder and select Calculator. Step 3: After Calculator opens, click the View menu. What are the four available modes?

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We are accustomed to using the decimal number system that uses the digits 0 to 9. The decimal numbering system is used in everyday life for all counting, money, and financial transactions. Computers and other electronic devices use the binary numbering system with only the digits 0 and 1 for data storage, data transmission and numerical calculations. All computer calculations are ultimately performed internally in binary digital form, regardless of how they are displayed.

One disadvantage of binary numbers is that the binary number equivalent of a large decimal number can be quite long. This makes them difficult to read and write. One way to overcome this problem is to arrange binary numbers into groups of four as hexadecimal numbers. Hexadecimal numbers are base 16, and a combination of numbers from 0 to 9 and the letters A to F are used to represent the binary or decimal equivalent. The octal numbering system is very similar in principle to hexadecimal.

Octal numbers represent binary numbers in groups of three.

This numbering system uses digits 0 to 7. Octal numbers are also a convenient way to represent a large binary number in smaller groups, but this numbering system is not commonly used. In this lab, the Windows 7 Calculator is used to convert between different numbering systems in the Programmer mode.

Click the View menu and select Programmer to switch to Programmer mode. If you are using one of these operating systems, you can use the Scientific mode to perform this lab.

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Which number system is currently active? The DEC decimal number System. Which numbers on the number pad are active in decimal mode? The digits 0 to 9 b. Click the Bin Binary radio button. Which numbers are active on the number pad now? The digit 0 to 1 Why do you think the other numbers are grayed out?

Which use for Computers and other electronic devices to exchange data between each other to understand our input. Click the Hex Hexadecimal radio button. Which characters are activated on the number pad now?

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Characters are the letters A to F and the digits 0 through 9. Hex Hexadecimal has 16 possible values. Click the Dec radio button. Using your mouse, click the number 1 followed by the number 5 on the number pad. The decimal number 15 is now entered.

IPv4 to IPv6 Transitional

Note: The numbers and letters on the keyboard can also be used to enter the values. If using the numerical keypad, type the number If the number does not enter into the calculator, press the Num Lock key to enable the numeric keypad. Click the Bin radio button. What happened to the number 15? The number 15 converted from the decimal numbering system to the Binary numbering system Numbers are converted from one numbering system to another by selecting the desired number mode.

Click the Dec radio button again. The number converts back to decimal. Click the Hex radio button to change to Hexadecimal mode. Which hexadecimal character 0 through 9 or A to F represents decimal 15? As you were switching between the numbering systems, you may have noticed the binary number is displayed during the conversion. This assists you in relating the binary digits to other numbering system values. Each set of 4 bits represents a hexadecimal character or potentially multiple decimal characters.

Clear the values in the window by clicking C above the 9 on the calculator keypad. Convert the following numbers between the binary, decimal, and hexadecimal numbering systems. Decimal Binary Hexadecimal 86 56 AF CC 19 13 77 4D 42 2A 56 38 93 E4 i. As you record the values in the table above, do you see a pattern between the binary and hexadecimal numbers?

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This makes these addresses more readable to humans. Each of the decimal octets in the address or a mask can be converted to 8 binary bits. An octet is always 8 binary bits. If all 4 octets were converted to binary, how many bits would there be? Use the Windows Calculator application to convert the IP address Subnet masks, such as A subnet mask will always consist of four 8-bit octets, each represented as a decimal number.

Using the Windows Calculator, convert the 8 possible decimal subnet mask octet values to binary numbers and record the binary numbers in the following table: Decimal Binary 0 c. With the combination of IPv4 address and the subnet mask, the network portion can be determined and the number of hosts available in a given IPv4 subnet can also be calculated.

The process is examined in Part 4. Part 4: Determine the Number of Hosts in a Network Using Powers of 2 Given an IPv4 network address and a subnet mask, the network portion can be determined along with the number of hosts available in the network.