Mac app dock for windows 7

Note: Docks that are included with an operating system, like the OS X dock, are flagged as "Free" for the purposes of our review.

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A long time coming, Windows finally enhanced the standard taskbar, creating a swanky dock system to call its own. Windows users trying out Windows 7 for the first time are in for an extra big treat—the change from the old taskbar system to the new dock is huge. Hovering over the icon of a running application gives you a quick peek and the ability to jump to the application or close it.

Microsoft was late to the dock party, but at least when they finally rolled it out, they remembered to decorate with streamers and bring a cake. Long before Windows had any built-in dock, RocketDock was producing a high-quality dock for Windows users. RocketDock supports real-time window preview—in Vista and above—and auto-hide and preview popup on mouse over. The support for blended icons gives the dock a polished look and makes it easy to swap out existing icons for new ones. RocketDock is portable and highly customizable.

You can download additional skins, icon sets, and docklets—dock plug-ins that enhance the functionality of RocketDock. Mac OS X's built-in Dock is what most people think of when they hear about application docks.

Seamless Application Dock between Windows 7 and Mac OSX

It's smooth, attractive, and easy to use. Application shortcuts are docked on the left, minimized applications and documents are on the right. Dock's Stacks feature new in Leopard, improved in Snow Leopard helps you keep your desktop clutter to a minimum while giving you quick access to folder navigation.

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  4. Related documents, downloads, and applications can be turned into a Stack, making it easy to quickly preview the grouping from a single icon on the dock instead of cluttering up the dock or desktop with dozens of icons. In addition to previewing windows and sorting them in stacks, the dock also supports secure deletion of files. It's simple, straightforward, and a default favorite for most Mac users..

    ObjectDock is another excellent Windows dock system that predates the introduction of the Windows 7 Taskbar-as-dock. ObjectDock is easily customized to fit the layout and theme of your system. Thousands of skins and alternative icons are available, and like RocketDock, it also supports Docklets for enhancing functionality. ObjectDock can be integrated with your existing Windows taskbar or it can replace it entirely.

    To keep ObjectDock running smoothly even on lower-end machines, you can customize the performance options to keep the core functionality while ditching some of the swankier animations and transitions. ObjectDock also includes a feature that allows you to package up your current customizations—great for backing up your ObjectDock tweaks and sharing them with others.

    If you upgrade to the Plus version, you get additional features, like the ability to run multiple docks and create a tabbed dock. Just because you voted "Independent" in the Operating System Elections doesn't mean you're going to be left out in the cold when it comes docks.

    Dock (macOS)

    It is used to launch applications and to switch between running applications. Apple applied for a US patent for the design of the Dock in and was granted the patent in October , nearly a decade later. The icon for the Workspace Manager and the Recycler are always visible. The Dock indicates if a program is not running by showing an ellipsis below its icon. If the program is running, there isn't an ellipsis on the icon.

    3 macOS Dock Apps for a Better App Launcher

    In macOS, however, the Dock is used as a repository for any program or file in the operating system. It can hold any number of items and resizes them dynamically to fit while using magnification to better view smaller items.

    By default, it appears on the bottom edge of the screen, but it can also instead be placed on the left or right edges of the screen if the user wishes. Applications that do not normally keep icons in the Dock will still appear there when running and remain until they are quit. These features are unlike those of the dock in the NeXT operating systems where the capacity of the Dock is dependent on display resolution.

    Minimal Shelf functionality has been implemented in the Finder. The changes to the dock bring its functionality also close to that of Apple 's Newton OS Button Bar , as found in the MessagePad 2x00 series and the likes. Applications could be dragged in and out of the Extras Drawer, a Finder -like app, onto the bar. Also, when the screen was put into landscape mode, the user could choose to position the Button Bar at the right or left side of the screen, just like the Dock in macOS.

    Improved Dock for macOS

    The macOS Dock also has extended menus that control applications without making them visible on screen. On most applications it has simple options such as Quit, Keep In Dock, Remove From Dock, and other options, though some applications use these menus for other purposes, such as iTunes, which uses this menu as a way for a user to control certain playback options. Docklings in Mac OS X Stacks "stack" files into a small organized folder on the Dock, and they can be opened by left-clicking. Stacks could be shown in three ways: a "fan", a "grid", or a "list", which is similar to docklings.

    In grid view, the folders in that stack can be opened directly in that stack without the need to open Finder. In iOS , the dock is used to store applications and, since iOS 4 , folders containing applications. Unlike the macOS dock, a maximum of 4 icons can be placed in the dock on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The maximum for the iPad however is 16 icons 13 apps and 3 recently opened apps.

    The size of the dock on iOS cannot be changed. When an application on the Dock is launched by clicking on it, it will jump until the software is finished loading. Additionally, when an application requires attention from a user, it will jump even higher until its icon is clicked and the user attends to its demands.

    Portable Application Launchers

    The dock found in Mac OS X Mac OS X Leopard to Lion presents the applications on a three-dimensional glassy surface from a perspective instead of the traditional flat one, resembling Sun Microsystems ' Project Looking Glass application dock.