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Launch the App Store , and click the Updates button. To update the app, click the Update button next to it. Some apps check for updates every time you launch, while others check on a fixed schedule, or only on demand. Keeping up with updates is challenging. To solve this problem, turn on the automatic update feature whenever possible or add the app to a Twitter list. The developer will likely share on Twitter when it releases a minor or major update to the app.

Most app developers list compatibility on their websites, so you can check if yours is supported. While this should be no problem for the majority of apps, check with the developer for specific compatibility with your version of macOS if needed. The developer might also update users of any serious compatibility issues. You should also check for old bit apps on your system. Scroll down the left pane and select Applications from the Software section.

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Wait for few seconds to build the list of installed apps. In the right pane, look for the bit Intel column header. Adjust the column widths and click the header to sort the list. This means that if you rely on a bit app, you should find a replacement or contact the developer about updating it. Aside from this, most developers have their apps ready to go when a new macOS version releases, but you may run into bugs early on.

Check support forums and similar communities to see if others have had your issue. According to the Apple developer documentation , the preference files follow a standard naming convention, known as reverse domain naming system. It includes the company name, then application identifier, followed by the property list file extension. For example, com.

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A developer might use a proprietary naming convention, but concentrating on the app name usually makes it clear. For example, org. Open the Library folder and set the window to List view, then click the Name column to sort the list alphabetically. Type the app name in the Search field. To narrow the search results, click the Plus button and set the second row to System files are included.

Drag the preference file to your desktop. Since a background server process maintains the entire preference architecture, you need to clear its cache to remove the outdated preference information. Now, open the Terminal and type killall cfprefsd , and press Return. AppCleaner is a free utility to uninstall any Mac app without leaving data behind. But it can also remove the preference file without touching the rest of an app. Type an app name into AppCleaner, and click it to load the results.

Uncheck the app, tick all the other options, and click Remove. Speaking of cleaning apps, here are a few factors you should consider while choosing a Mac cleaning app Are Mac Cleaning Apps Worthless? But are they really worth using? And are you interested in digging deeper into your Mac Library?

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Let's see what apps are inside. All Mac apps use caches. The cache file stores frequently used information, which helps apps run more efficiently.

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If a cache file becomes corrupt for some reason, then an app may crash or misbehave while reading that file. The app name follows the same naming convention as the preference files. Quit the app, and look for the particular cache file or folder in the above location. Jul 26, AM. In both cases Disk Utility freezes. I have to Force Quit the program and have to reboot to get the app to work again. Since I have have done this before in the past I know roughly how long it takes to complete.

Also I once let the wheel spin over night just to see whether it would just take exceptional long. But that was not the case. It is a crash. Disk Utility freezes after the File System check. I think step 2 I did differently. I selected the volume that I wanted to delete and then removed the volume by clicking "Erase".

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This is how I ended up with the "Free space" without the deleted volume space being automatically assigned to the previous volume Media. Attempting to expand the Volume Media to absorb the the "Free space" by dragging the pie to cover the free space followed by clicking "Apply" results in a Disk Utility crash which requires rebooting to get Disk Utility to work again.

If I follow the above Apple procedure removing the 'Empty space" by clicking the - button, that will result in the "Media" pie to absorb the free space. However, clicking "Apply" will then result in Disk Utility to crash. Jul 26, PM. I just tried. I get the endless spinning wheel.

No Disk Space After Failed Disk Utility Erase Free Space

I need to reboot to end it. Interestingly, now after I have tried many times in different ways unsuccessfully to enlarge the 2. A couple days ago disk2 was my fusion drive and disk3 was Media. Now it is the way around. Jul 27, AM. Jul 28, AM. I succeeded using Paragon Hard Disk Manager to merge the 2 partitions into one.

Paragon succeeded where Apple Disk Utility failed! Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question.