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This depends on how much RAM is in your system — you can get away with 2GB, but if you have more, give it more. See the picture of step number two. Create your new disk in VDI format and with dynamically allocated storage. This step is easy, so it does not need a picture. Same as step 3, it's easy, so it does not need a picture.

Installing Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard in a Virtual Machine

See the picture of step number five. Now your virtual machine is ready to boot for the first time.

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The next step involves actually installing OS X to your new virtual machine. It will bring you to the HackBoot boot screen, with one icon in the middle labelled HackBoot. This step is pretty easy, so it does not need a picture. Step 3: Go back to the HackBoot boot screen and press F5. Select this option and press Enter. After a moment, it will take you to the OS X Installation screen.

Also this step is easy, so it does not need a picture. This step is pretty simple, so it does not need a picture. Step 6: Once Disk Utility has finished formatting your drive, you should see it show up in the left sidebar. This step is so easy, so it does not need a picture as well.

The rest of the installation should be largely self-explanatory and should go off without a hitch.

How to install Mac OS X 10.7.3 on VirtualBox?

It took me about 20 minutes to install OS X. When it finishes, it will take you to a black screen with white text. Head back to its Settings and go to the Storage section. Once again, click on the disc icon on the right side of the window, this time choosing the HackBoot 2 ISO. This step is simple, therefore it does not need a picture. Step 2: Click the Start button to reboot your virtual machine. You should see the HackBoot menu again, this time with an option to boot into your new virtual machine.

Select that option and press Enter. Step 3: After a minute, you should see the Mountain Lion desktop with the familiar galaxy wallpaper. Open up Safari, head to Tonymacx This step is easy as well, so it does not need a picture.

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This will let you run apps from untrusted developers, which includes Multibeast. This is step is quite easy, so it does not need a picture as well. Step 5: Launch Multibeast. When you get to the Installation Type section, Choose the options pictured in the picture of step number five.

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After that, click continue and finish the Multibeast installation. It may take a few minutes. Of course does not need a picture. Step 2: In this folder, find the "AppleGraphicsControl. See the picture of step number two main image.

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Lastly, you may have noticed that your Virtual Machine is running at a pretty low resolution. Double-click on the "org. This allows OS X to start up with a higher resolution. Note that you can set whatever resolution you want; just replace "x" without the quotations with the resolution you want. You can now continue to install your favourite apps, set up your keyboard and mouse, and do anything else you like.

I will not tolerate any damage software damage regarding this instructable if you do not follow the steps wisely. This was tested several times before on Intel-based PCs and it worked, so if you do not follow the steps wisely, I'm not tolerating any problems or damage that you may cause to your PC due to inattention or neglecting any step implemented in this instructable.

Some methods require that you already have an existing OS X. I'll also be making some instructables on Hackintoshing your PC. Stay tuned! Reply 5 years ago on Introduction. Yes, there is! I am still going through it, it's currently undergoing some tests, but it works as a charm.

I'll post that 'ible soon, stay tuned! Your bit guest will fail to detect a bit CPU and will not be able to boot. The old VBox didn't much care that you selected a 32bit template for a 64bit guest, but the new versions do care.

Yes, it is. I used Win for the machine name, and it automatically selected "Windows 7 bit " for the type. I deleted everything and tried once again.

How to Run Mac OS X Inside Windows Using VirtualBox: 7 Steps

The attached log is from a single attempt to start the newly-created machine. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Do you have another VM platform running, or system level debugger? As far as I know this error message is unrelated to the VBox software update.