My book world edition mac connection failed

We already have implemented important changes to our infrastructure and network capability. While we have validated the vast majority of your remote connections, we continue our focus on providing uninterrupted access from your phone, tablet, or computer.

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Your content deserves nothing less. That's all very nice, but the service is still failing and WD has not supplied further information on the root cause of the problem. Murphy encouraged users to go to the main WD Website for "more information about our personal cloud service restoration," but I was unable to find any more answers to the problem. For now, at least, WD My Cloud users can only grit their teeth and hope that someday soon they'll be able to access their storage remotely. I wouldn't hold my breath for when the service will be fully restored.

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Western Digital users are fed up with My Cloud failures | ZDNet

Google buys Elastifile to bolster GCP's file storage service. Elastifile lets enterprises elastically scale-out or scale-in storage capacity on-demand. Argonne scientists perform huge file transfers to model the makeup of the Universe. A team led by Argonne National Laboratory scientists moved 2.

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How to build a successful disaster recovery plan using multicloud technology. When disaster strikes a data center, you need to be sure recovery efforts are as smooth as possible.

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One of the best ways to do that is to use multiple cloud providers to back up essential Micron Technology sees rebound in cloud, data center spending. Micron Technology's third quarter wasn't as bad as feared and one big reason is that cloud providers are starting to build out infrastructure after a spending pause.

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As one discontented user wrote, "Fail. Never again a WD product. Featured What if Microsoft had invented Android? A journalist's wrecked MacBook keyboard tells a terrible story Amazon Prime Day How and when to find the best deals Huge asteroid to fly by Earth closer than most satellites do on Friday the 13th My Profile Log Out. It just stopped connecting out of the blue.

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I accidentaly disconected my hard drive while I was tranfering files. I was having a terrible time connecting to it after that. Your post helped me so much, thank you. The problem with the solution expressed here is that it resets all the passwords and user permissions to default. If you put any user permission other than public on the My Book, you lose the ability to mount the drive on your MAC.

This must be something related to Lion because it has no problem with access on a PC or ever by my iPad. Any other thoughts or fix suggestions?

As far as I know, Western Digital is still working in getting the drives and utilities to work with Lion, so far they do not guarantee any of their products to work, Hopefully, they will soon post an update note through here that will make all WD products Mac OS X 7 compatible. I apreciate you are sharing your positive experience, I am happy that my post helped you to resolve the issue. Support Downloads Knowledge Base. German Spanish Italian French. HGST Support. Other Network Drives.

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Any ideas on what could cause this issue?