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In this WiiWare title, based on the Wii reboot , Little Mac boxes his trainer, Doc Louis , who uses the Star Punch as well as he was the one who invented the technique. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

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Little Mac. The boxer from the Bronx no longer wore the plain black top and cheap green shorts that he was first known for. Little Mac had since upgraded his clothing and equipment, now sporting bright yellow, red, and white, with firm golden boxing gloves to show his triumphant progress as a boxer. The Frenchman huffed angrily, crossing his arms and wondering why a teenager was better-looking than him. A heavyset man with skin the same color as the chocolate bar in his hand, a baggy track suit, and a hearty laugh, Doc Louis was a famous boxer back in his day before he retired to train Little Mac.

Though obviously out of his prime, his wisdom and experience made him a fantastic mentor. The two boxers locked eyes, and the tension rose tremendously. Irritation rose within him, and he slammed his fists together. Glass Joe was ready.

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As soon as the bell rang, he dove headfirst into battle. He brought his glove to tap his head, holding his stomach with the other. Little Mac wasted no time. However, he saw the onslaught coming, and blocked his abdomen from the attack with both hands. He countered the attack with a swift uppercut, pulling back and throwing his first punch. And he landed it. Pride swelled within Glass Joe's heart as he watched Little Mac's head rock backwards, perspiration and saliva wetting the tip of his scarlet boxing glove.

The American boxer yelled out, and while he was in pain, most of the strained shout came from his unrivaled feeling of astonishment. Glass Joe, a feeble man that plunged to the canvas by an unscathed teenager, actually landed a punch. Lady Luck must have found herself in love with the poor Frenchman, so she continued to bestow him with her blessing with the first round.

Joe landed another jab and uppercut within the first thirty seconds of the round before Little Mac began to fight back. When Glass Joe threw another uppercut, Little Mac dodged to the side. He seized the opportunity to land a few blows to Glass Joe's abdomen. A crack in Glass Joe's resolve formed, but he would not give up just yet. He still had plenty of fight left in him. As a moment passed, a thought formed within Joe's mind.

He had yet to test out his new delayed uppercut, and yet he had managed to land several punches. But this new move of his, it could give him a further edge, no? If Little Mac was now accustomed to dodging his average blows, it would be a great idea, wouldn't it? Yes it would. Glass Joe ducked to the side, reeling back his right arm while clutching his head with his left. After a moment of tension, the Frenchman looked up to see Little Mac leap to the side, evading nothing but the space between the two boxers.

Newfound courage seizing his mind, Glass Joe brought his fist up to slam it into the American's face with a mighty force. Little Mac reeled back with a shout before returning to position. But he dodged!

Mike Tyson Finally Played 'Punch-Out', Makes Glass Joe Look Like Buster Douglas

How could have Mac been hit? Clearly Joe had some new tricks in hand. He would have to be careful. Apparently Mac forgot this warning because Glass Joe landed yet another left jab.

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Joe internally snickered, comparing the punch to a strict instructor yelling "Pay attention! The Champion attempted to slam his fists into Joe's stomach, but failed at the hands of Joe's gloves blocking the assault. He countered the attack with one of his own, but missed Mac's head by an inch. The Frenchman let out a pathetic squeak before Little Mac awarded him an onslaught of punches to the gut. Glass Joe must have done something wrong, because Lady Luck briefly abandoned him, leaving him to suffer at the hands of Little Mac.

The next few punches the boxer threw were dodged, leaving him wide open to the American boy's attacks to his stomach. Joe could feel his stamina drain with every punch, groaning in pain at each impact. As his attacks became quicker, Mac became more surprised, thrown off-guard even more. In fact, Glass Joe became so immersed in upping his skill that when Little Mac finally collapsed to the ground with a pained yell, the former stood back with wide eyes.

Glass Joe had knocked Little Mac down. With a loud, triumphant laugh, the Frenchman stood back and watched as the referee stood forward and counted, swinging his finger with each number. The ref was counting! Boy, do I feel adequate. Returning to the center of the ring with his fists raised, he glared into the eyes of the man who knocked him down.

He tried not to press his tongue against his swollen cheeks. The boxer from the Bronx attempted to attack Glass Joe's abdomen once again, failing because of Joe's swift blocks. Dodging another uppercut, Little Mac landed several punches to Joe's abdomen. Pain coursing through his stomach, Joe put an end to the attack by pulling away and landing another jab to Little Mac's face. Everything was going fine, several punches traded, until one particularly hard punch to the stomach left Glass Joe reeling back, spending a moment to try and regain his footing before collapsing to the moist, reeking canvas, the hard surface adding more soreness to his abdomen.

Get up! A familiar tone and accent brought Joe's attention to the present, and with it came a new rush of bravery. You can do this! With his fists raised, he hopped back to the center of the ring, a cocky chuckle leaving his throat. When Glass Joe came up, he came up swinging. He immediately put his delayed uppercut to work, luckily succeeding in landing the punch to his opponent's jaw. To retaliate, Little Mac slammed his fist into Joe's side, sending him jolting to the left. Swiftly reeling back his hand, Glass Joe attacked Little Mac once more. What he did not expect was that this one punch would send Mac reeling back once again, collapsing to the floor with a loud thud!

The French boxer figured that the American's stamina had suffered over the time he hadn't been fighting. He promised to use this to his advantage. Did he train in the mountains or something?! It was difficult when making any sort of expression caused indescribable pain.

That pain was, of course, intensified when Glass Joe landed a jab to his face. Glass Joe followed up with another delayed uppercut, which Little Mac failed to dodge at the right time. The powerful surge racing through the Frenchman's arm as he slammed his fist into his face was intoxicating to him. It made him feel adequate, like he could actually fight and take control of things.

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This feeling was prominent all the way to the end of the first round. When the bell rang, Glass Joe practically danced to his corner, singing songs of victory and triumph in his mother tongue, much to the amusement of The Queen. He turned back as he sat down to see Little Mac with several bruises on his face, astonishment his only emotion. Keep your stomach protected, and stay on your feet.

A ring of the bell later, and the two boxers were back at the center of the ring. Once again, Joe demonstrated his delayed uppercut, ducking and holding his head. When he looked up to see a frightened Mac dodging the air, he countered with a powerful blow to his jaw, throwing his head back with the force. Anytime Glass Joe was knocked down, he would always shoot back to his feet, a confident air about his stance.

His headgear kept his face and ears completely unscathed, so much so that Little Mac avoided his head altogether. Joe used this to his advantage, diverting all of his defensive attention to his abdomen. Glass Joe was faster, stronger, and protected. Little Mac was still Little Mac. The Frenchman stood back, away from the reach of his opponent, and adjusted his headgear with a proud crow, shouting out a quote to honor his background.

With his triumphant cry, he rushed forward faster than Mac could react, slamming Little Mac in the face with a hard uppercut. From the swelling bruises enveloping his tired eyes to the blood-soaked bandage on his chin, it was clear that Little Mac was wounded in ways that Glass Joe was not. Champion or not, Mac was still a child. Eh, eh?

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Vive la France! The way he fell to his knees before slamming face first wounded Joe almost as much as it wounded Little Mac.

Little Mac vs. Glass Joe

A weak breath escaped his lips as the referee declared that Little Mac had been knocked out, and Glass Joe was the winner. Glass Joe is the winner. He raised his glove skyward, and a loud laugh escaped his lips. Boots thumping against the ground, he rushed to the cornerpost and supported himself with the ropes. He spread his arms and showed off the several dark bruises peppering his torso. With a joyful proclamation, he shared his victory to the tones of uproarious applause echoing off the walls. He won. Glass Joe had won. Don't like it? Don't read it. Holy fuck is this a long chapter.

I also considered removing the kiss because a wise man once said "If you have to make them kiss to show they're in love, then you're not doing romance right", but I was so proud of the giant passage I wrote so I kept it in. I'm so sorry. Previous Chapter: mrgamergirl. Add a Comment:. Load All Images.

Jared Featured By Owner Mar 13, Would have liked it more if all of this story took place after Little Mac retired, so that means after the events of the game and that Mr. Sandman returned to be the champ and so Glass Joe had to fight him instead for the title.

Yeah, but then the story would have been so bleak. I feel like everyone lost to Title Defense Joe at least once, and since "everyone" is Little Mac, then that would give Joe a chance to shine. With Mr. Sandman, Glass Joe wouldn't have stood a chance, and it would have crushed him, both figuratively and literally. I wanted this story to end on a good note, that it's possible to achieve a goal through hard work and cleverness.

But Mr. Sandman would have made all that work for nothing. I like the idea, but I prefer this one better. Would definitely love to see a rematch where Mac wants revenge for what happened but somehow, Joe manages to beat him again and retain the championship. Oh my poor little mac ;n; still I'm happy that Joe won!

This fanfic is one of my favourites owo you did a good job on this chapter! Ten out of Ten! Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. School has been tough, everyone has been opening my eyes to the fact that I'm a terrible and annoying person that can't go a minute without insulting someone.

I just feel bad all the time knowing that I ruin lives and make people feel bad. How do you get a rising star to notice you?

Punch-Out!! (2009)

He seeks for help at an indecent time of night, and luckily, he finds it! Accuser by kmoody reviews Glass Joe reflects on his career. A Shirt's Tale by seventhranger reviews The title says it all. Basically a story about why Mac wears a shirt all the time. It is rather strange after all, considering that none of the other boxers does that. A oneshot, which means there won't be anymore chapters after the first one. Rated T for a bit of violence what do you expect? It is boxing after all. Where did this come from, and how?