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Thanks for the suggestion! I recommend this technique with mounts to my users at work. This bug is annoying. Another way to get the aliases to your sidebar is to browse to it in Column view, it will then allow you to drag it to the sidebar I have a folder of alias's in my dock. Alias's pointing to a folder located on a SMB share never work. Unless you open it once directly from the share itself. Very annoying. Few notes: 1. Are you sure it's not an availability or authentication issue? I've seen name resolution failing regularly on Sierra for no reason, and guess access to browse shares was disabled by default in Server as I recall this is regarding empty network map.

Adobe CC became the most buggiest piece of shit quality product bundle I've worked with in a decade or so - never seen such an untested, junk garbage being pushed out the door every months; it's downright criminal, I hope they end up being sued in a class action, it's so bad I have people relying on it every day, I can tell you the long list of randomly breaking things and finding the workarounds until they fix it in the next release, only to break something else or regress on an older issue I've no comments on the SMB issues since I only use them lightly and they always seem to work for me.

Hope folks can track down what's causing the issue and report it to Apple. For the above though I'd agree. I've tried the main fixes suggested on the net with no luck.

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I don't know why it crashes on one machine and not the others. Ars Scholae Palatinae et Subscriptor. Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor. Scud wrote:.

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Mac OS X SMB Fix solution: SMBUp

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Good Luck with that! Apple's well documented famous failure. Just google "OSX smb samba licensing". Galen's link to the ZDNet article is no longer valid as long as you are on Computers are joined to AD and shares are on R2 server.

Guest Samba access on Mac OS X

What error messages are you getting? How do you know the connection drops? Does the mounted share disappear?

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  7. So, let me get this straight. This is a failure of Apple and there's nothing I can do but using a third party software to fix this issue and don't get dropping SMB connections again? To answer vpat I mount the share on the mac, and as I navigate through the folders and stuff, the connection simply drop and I can't connect again unless I restart the mac. I tried using an adapter to ethernet and use a wired connection, but the issue wont go away.

    I dont know if this will help, but I will give it a try and report back the results. Brand Representative for Acronis.

    How to reset your Mac's NVRAM, PRAM, and SMC

    Because lets face it, everyone knows that Apple products "Just Work" so there is no way it could be a problem with their perfect OS. Evolve that might have been true in the past but Mavericks is supposed to fully support SMB 2 and is supposed to be the default protocol. Obviously since its a "new feature" its probably buggy, but Apple is probably going to start phasing out AFP over time.

    Is there a fix for this yet? I have two users in my company who are having the same issue. The company is mostly Mac based though, and other people aren't having problems. We have had a persistent problem with smb connections dropping out. This is for a Mac OS I have had users connect to Win R2 server shares using cifs. Some it helped, others no change. I have tried knocking out all apple's smb2 implementation through terminal. Still no change with one particularly bad computer. This chipset apparently offers connectivity that the Apple nic lacks.

    Sorry, I didn't record my research along the way -- it has been about 3 months digging around. We just got hundreds of new students and accounts and all did get the SMB2 related error when accessing the Windows server R2 and their home folders when logged on to Mac OS Whenever they conected to the home folder rights get changed. Please let me know if this worked for you!

    My 5cents do not install past This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Back us with money using Gee Are's PayPal. Me link. Now you need to use a separate password for your local Mac account. The user is not graded-out anymore and can be activated. Finally, the user activated for SMB windows file sharing on your Mac.