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Learn more. Buy now. Notify me. Power to change everything. All-New Design Function defines form. Processor and Memory Up to 28 cores of power. Create without constraint. Engineered to go all out. All the time. Forget everything you know about memory. Graphics Extreme performance. A second connector.

An industry first. MPX connector Up to watts power. Promac also prides itself on excellent service to our dealers who are located throughout Australia and the Pacific region. When you need tools that last, check out the Promac range. Press enter to begin your search. Discover SOLA spirit levels. The most accurate box profile spirit levels in the world.

Sharp knives in 60 seconds. Promac Generators are built to get dirty. Australian Distributor of. They can carry up too 3 spirit levels inside or 1 HPL Level Plus 1 level in the front pouch size depending on bag length Our bags come with thick padding to keep the spirit levels inside in great condition and protected, they also have a protective padded strip through the center of the bag to sit between 2 levels which stops any surface scratching. A padded shoulder strap is included for easy carrying. Find More Posts by bigjas They are nothing compared you may as we'll compare an apple to a cheese grater!

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Snap on use higher grade steel and better quality parts and thicker steel and better locks corner gussets the list goes on and on and on. Don't buy the cheap shit as it won't last and you'll end up pissed off with it and buying snap on anyway. And snap on will always be worth good money us pro isn't worth anything the second you buy it. Sorry to rant. Send a private message to northenhunk. Find More Posts by northenhunk. Originally Posted by northenhunk. Last edited by ajamesc; at PM.

Originally Posted by bigjas Hello mate, I've got one of them Us pro stainless jobbies from ebay Got to say they are excellent quality, I looked around at buying ones from machine mart and some second hand snap on ones but so glad I went with this. My mates all have snap on boxes that they spent shit loads on but they are all in the trade and my cars are a hobby so I couldn't justify spending that amount of money on a snap on box when the money could have been put to better use on the cars.

My mates were all impressed with the quality of the us pro one and at the end of the day its only for storage. Well worth the money. Likes: 2. I got a very good box from Costco roller bearing drawers and nice locks made by Homak 36" plenty of storage and very good quality. Received 4 Likes on 4 Posts. Send a private message to geordiegooner. Find More Posts by geordiegooner.

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Absolute bargain to be had on ebay from US Pro Tools, perfect starter kit for anybody can you imagine the cost of this lot from Snap On!! Send a private message to MikeyRobbo. Find More Posts by MikeyRobbo. Received 96 Likes on 83 Posts.

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Never used a US Pro box, but it looks nice. However of course, looking nice and being ncie are two different things - my Halfords box and Machine Mart boxes both looked nice, but were the most useless pieces of shite ever conceived. Ok, possibly a little harsh agains the Halfords box, which wasn't THAT bad, but the Machine Mart "Clarke" box was fucking dire, and I should have returned it the moment I took it out the box! About as rigid as a wet cake! Snap On boxes are expensive, yes. Can't comment on the new ones quality - mine is gotta be pushing 20 years old at least, and still going strong.

It's lived on vans for the past ten years how long I've had it , and taken a lot of abuse - had it's lid removed, handles removed, had various holes drilled in it to bolt it down, got wet, been stood on, doors slammed into it, been used as a worktop bench for hammering, etc, and it's still bob on.

Us Pro Tool cart box tour pt1

It's the only box that's lived up to the rigours of road life, and I'd not hesitate to buy another. Would I buy one for sitting in a garage or shed and being used at weekends? Probably not.

All-New Design

And there are cheaper alternatives for daily pro use that will be fine for static duties in a workshop, you don't NEED a SO box for that. I disagree it's about willy waving - usually that's said by people that want them, but can't afford them. The other thing you have to remember about SO, and other brands like them, is the aftercare. Drawer slides break? SO will send you a full set of replacements, and charge you nothing. And you know you'll be able to get service backup for decades and decades - something you won't get from companies that discontinue their models, change their line up, etc.

Try getting spares for a 20 year old Halfords tool box - I bet you can't! But when it comes to boxes, nothing else comes close, and I wouldn't buy anything else, especially for life on the road. Send a private message to Thrush. Visit Thrush's homepage! Find More Posts by Thrush. Originally Posted by MikeyRobbo. Originally Posted by Thrush.


You mean the pic of it sat stationary in a garage? Re-read my post, where I said for life on the road in a van I wouldn't choose anything else, and also the bit where I said there are cheaper alternatives to SO for static use that will suffice. I didn't say all toolboxes other than SO are shit, I just said in my experience, I wouldn't use anything other than SO for on road duties.

I also said I can't comment on the quality of newer SO boxes, and mentioned the age of mine. I'm sorry, what? Cos as I've also said, I've been using my SO box exclusively in the back of my vans 6 so far for the past ten years.

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  • And other than fixing one drawer slide, that I damaged by closing the sliding door on an open drawer, it's in exactly the same shape as it was when I got it.