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This makes it possible for Entourage users who have more than one Entourage identity to give SpamSieve the addresses from all their address books by loading once for each identity. Hold down Option when clicking Load to get the old behavior of replacing the previously loaded addresses. SpamSieve will ask which type of rule to add. To get all the columns, you can print to PDF. POP messages can be marked as junk and colored, but due to limitations in the present version of Apple Mail they cannot be moved to another mailbox.

They can now match a variety of message fields To, CC, Subject, etc. In addition to exact matches, rules now support the following match styles: contains, starts with, ends with useful for matching domains , and Perl-compatible regular expressions. You can now edit rules and add new rules manually as opposed to automatically, as a result of training SpamSieve with a message. Thus, the Entourage rule can now give SpamSieve all the messages, not just the ones that were from unknown senders. This means that SpamSieve can now accurately notify the user when non-spam messages are received.

Also, the statistics it keeps will be more complete. Fixed a bug where the the mbox parser could crash if a message had length zero. Also, SpamSieve now shows a progress bar while counting the number of messages that will be imported. You can now enter and leave editing mode by typing Return. To avoid the confirmation sheet entirely, you can delete using Command-Delete instead of Delete. When deleting many words at once, SpamSieve no longer shows a progress window for deletions that will not take very long.

Mac only, not POP. You can also control the size and position of the number in the Dock icon. This should be much faster and more reliable. This makes it much more accurate and also makes it learn faster. These are automatically maintained based on the senders of messages that SpamSieve is trained with. The blocklist makes sure that all messages from known spammers are caught and speeds processing for these messages.

Of course, you can manually prune the old way by sorting the Corpus window by Total. Enabling SpamSieve is as easy as clicking a checkbox.

This can be enabled by editing the scripts with Script Editor. Messages sent from those addresses will never be marked as spam.

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Type the first few letters of a word or number to select it and scroll to it. Re-sorting by numeric columns is twice as fast. You can copy the selected rows to the clipboard or drag them to another application. The selection is preserved when you change the sort column, you can sort in descending order, and the sorted column is remembered between launches. Fixed password saving issue on eBay. Users who are currently using Fixed refreshing issue of the close buttons on the tabs when toggling its visiblity.

Fixed a few minor bugs. Click the customize button to change the option. Get more videos from our online video library. Update language files. Fixed download issue with baidu cloud storage. Fixed tab activation issue by mouse clicks on the tab bar. Bug fix: fix some bugs with ad blocker.

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Fixed bug with playback of very short videos. Click that button to download the video. Added option to not to load background tabs when restoring tabs from last session. Learn more The option is located under "On startup" section of the options pages. First select "Continue where you left off". Then select "Do not load backgound tabs when restoring tabs in last session.

Added new option to automatically unload idle tabs when the number of tabs reaches the limit. The option is located under the section "Memory management" section of the options page. Added option to hide profile switching button on Windows caption. Add integration support for Screencastify extension Select "Record video from current tab" from the menu to install the extension.

Fixed a crash case with ad blocker. Fixed a bug with turbocharged download manager. Disable "Eagleget downloader" extension due to compatibility issue. Fixed another bug with form filler. Improved QuickFill Form filler. Automatically reload current tab after allowing a plugin to run. Show the number of blocked urls on the ad blocker button hidden elements are not counted due to performance reason Misc bug fixes.

Added support to temporarily bypass turbocharged download manager by holding Alt key.

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Fix a crash case with ad blocker. Added option to automatically invert web page color 6. Fix potential crash with turbocharged downloader Fix potential crash with ad blocker Fix bug: QuickFill doesn't prompt saving login information on Yahoo email. Remember last save folder in turbocharged downloader confirmation dialog. Added option to set turbocharged download manager as the default downloader under Download section of the settings page.

Fixed more bugs with ad blocker. Fixed bugs with form saving dialog of form filler. Fixed a bug with interpretation of ad blocker rules. Check Ad Blocker Options dialog Fix more bugs with ad blocker. Avoid blocking reading from html canvas for extension scripts Revised QuickFill save form interface from info bar to a small dialog at the right bottom corner of the browser window.

History of Mac OS X

Select "Turbocharged download" from the context menu when you right click on a link. Updated flash player to Updated language files.

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Fixed navigational buttons on the left side when moving other toolbar buttons to the right side. Improve intelligence level of QuickFill form filler. Fixed installation problem under Ubuntu Bug fix: fail to launch under Linux. Fixed bug with youtube video downloader. Added support for widevine CDM on Windows platform. Fixed compatibility issue with Google cast extension.

Fix layout issue of the info bar which shows version update information. Default behavior change: Middle clicking a link in bookmark menu, bookmark bar, "Recently visited sites" and "Most frequently visited sites" menu opens the link in a foreground new tab by default. Hold shift while middle-clicking to open the link in a background new tab. Fixed translation issue and display issue of the customization dialog and url editing dialog in the new tabs page.

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Fixed a couple of bugs about the "Download all links" dialog. Bug fix: mouse gesture settings dialog not working in some non-English interface. First beta version for linux. Added support for fully customizable mouse gestures. Check "Settings: Mouse Gestures" Fixed a crash case in bookmark side panel. Fixed a crash case with QuickFill Redesigned the color selection dialog in new tab page.

Added support for suppressing repeated warnings about sites using self-signed SSL certificates. Added basic support for mouse gesture. Added option to always print using system dialog, i. Bug fix: translation popup window not working on some websites. Fixed a bug with dragging text to search. Simply click on the avatar button in incognito mode and select "Hide this icon" from the popup menu to hide it. Added a series of anti-tracking options Learn more Block cross-domain HTTP referrer Block social network javascript on third-party websites Block Google ads on third-party websites Replace indirect link in search engine results with direct link to original site Updated flash player to Added toolbar button to search for keywords within the current site using Google site search.

Improved loading speed of New Tab page.

Added a "List of tabs" button when the tab bar is full of tabs. You can click this button to get a drop down list showing the full title of all the tabs. Bug fix: Hiding status message in full screen mode. Bug fix: remember save path when saving screenshot images.