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How to set an alarm on Mac with the Apple Calendar

Highly recommended despite being no longer supported.. It truly is outstanding in its interface simplicity, ease of use, and stability.

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I have been using it for I do not remember how many years - and it's never failed. Too bad it looks like it is no longer under development. Pros: Ease of use and flexibility. Cons: Nothing to think of, just works as advertised. No longer supported. Too bad. Wake me up Mon-Fri at am..

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I need an alarm clock for Windows 7 that wakes me up at am every weekday Monday-Friday. Best most adjustable alarm function available!. I use this constantly from getting me up in the morning to setting simple reminders to timing cakes in the oven! It is the best alarm function I've found. Pros: multiple alarms possible.

How to set the alarm on a Mac

Simple alarm clock and timer app. Works perfectly.. Help us by reporting it. Not to mention that you'll never wake up with a headache from that wretched ringing.

Features: Set recurring and static alarms. Define an alarm clock style sleep pattern for your snooze button!

How to Set an Alarm on Mac

Calculate time between two dates. Play a web radio station as an alarm. Determine the time in another Time Zone. Prioritize and organize your task list. Built-in stop watch.

What are the best free alarm clocks for Mac?

Bultt-in kitchen timer. Open a file or program. Run a system shell command. Play an iTunes playlist. Wake your Mac from sleep.

Many reasons to use Timer Simple to use but powerful in functionality. Professional stopwatch, alarm clock, timer and clock utility for Mac. Easy-to-use and intuitive interface with clear tab-based browsing. Accurate measurement with tenths of a second. Stopwatch with elapsed time.

Choose between the hour format or the hour format for alarm. Programmable actions as play alarms, display a message, speak a message, announce the time.