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This announcement caused controversy in the recording industry with an estimated 70, users having invested in the Windows route not wishing to reinvest in a complete new system. Logic 5 featured significant improvements in user interface, and increased compatibility with more types of computers, operating systems, and a wide range of audio interfaces. Logic 5. From Logic 6 onwards, the software would only be available on Mac OS. With Logic 6 , Emagic added the availability of separately packaged software products that were closely integrated add-ons developed specifically for use with Logic, including software instruments, the EXS sampler and audio processing plug-ins.

The Logic 6 package also included the stand-alone program Waveburner , for burning redbook audio CD standard-compliant CDR masters for replication, however, that application was considered a free bonus feature; it was not advertised as part of the package and did not include printed documentation. PDF documentation was included on the installer disc.

Camel Audio Alchemy Full v1.55.0.3366 Technical Setup Details

Apple also released a scaled down version of Logic called Logic Express, replacing two previous versions that filled that position called Logic Silver and Logic Gold. Logic Pro 7 was released September 29, Most notably, Apple modified the interface of Logic 7 to look more like a product that was developed by Apple. Additions to Logic Pro 7 included: the integration of Apple Loops, Distributed Audio Processing a technology for combining the power of multiple computers on a network , 3 new instruments including Sculpture a sound modeling synth and Ultrabeat a drum synth and sequencer , and 9 new effect plug-ins including Guitar Amp Pro guitar amp simulator , and a linear phase corrected version of their 6 channel parametric equalizer.

In total, Logic Pro 7 now included 70 effect plug-ins and 34 instrument plug-ins. Logic Pro was no longer a separate product, although a limited version Logic Express 8 was released on the same day, and remained a separate product. Significant changes were made for Logic 8. Logic Pro 8 was now mainly Cocoa code, but still included some Carbon Libraries. Apple also made changes to ease of use.

These include the discontinuation of the XSKey dongle , and a streamlined interface. Each plug-in used in the channel strip opens in a new window when double-clicked. Many of the features found in Logic 7 have been consolidated into one screen. Other additions to the new interface included consolidated arrange windows, dual channel strips, built in browsers like that in GarageBand and production templates. On July 23, , Logic Pro 9 was announced. A major new feature included "Flex Time", Apple's take on "elastic" audio, which allows audio to be quantized.

Camel Audio Alchemy Full v1.55.0.3366 Technical Setup Details

There were also a number of improvements to audio editing, fulfilled user requests such as "bounce in place" and selective track and channel strip import, as well as an expanded content library including one more Jam Pack. Some of the bundled software, including MainStage 2 and Soundtrack Pro 3, was also improved. As Apple has bundled so many software instruments with Logic, it is not likely that we'll see the return of integration with external synthesizer hardware to the Logic platform.

On January 12, , Apple released Logic Pro 9. Logic Pro 9. Says Apple "With bit mode, the application memory is not limited to 4GB as with bit applications, so there is essentially no practical limit by today's standards. The download was just over MB, and 19GB of optional loops were available as in-app downloads. This version of Logic Pro Studio 9 no longer allows users to access any microtunings in Scala format other than those provided with the software by Apple. New tools in this release are Drummer , a virtual session player that automatically plays along with your song in a wide variety of drumming styles and techniques, and Flex Pitch , a Flex Time equivalent for pitch editing in audio recordings.

Also, a new "Smart Controls" feature allows users to map parameters from an array of plugins to a single, convenient control interface. Redesigned keyboards and synths were included, together with new stomp boxes, bass amp and drum kit designers, and a chord arpeggiator.

A completely rebuilt sound and loop library was introduced, along with a new Patch architecture. Logic Pro X has also improved track organization by allowing users to group multiple tracks into 'folder' like categories e.

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In addition to this organization, Logic Pro X allows individuals to trigger 'solo,' 'mute,' and 'volume' controls for each group. Coinciding with the release of Logic Pro X was the release of a companion iPad app called Logic Remote, which allows wireless control of Logic Pro X, including Touch Instruments for playing and recording software instruments as well as tools for navigating, making basic edits and mixing.

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