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Imagine this: you open a worksheet and notice that some formulas refer to another worksheet. You look at the sheet tabs, but the referenced spreadsheet is not there! You try to create a new sheet with the same name, but Excel tells you it already exists. What does that all mean?

How to Show and Hide the Worksheet Tabs in Excel

Simply, the worksheet is hidden. How to view hidden sheets in Excel? Obviously, you have to unhide them.

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This tutorial will teach you both methods. Besides the right-click contextual menu, the Unhide dialog can be accessed from the ribbon:.

Where are my Worksheet Tabs in Excel 2013?

In situations when you have multiple hidden worksheets, unhiding them one-by-one might be very time consuming, especially if you'd like to unhide all the sheets in your workbook. Fortunately, you can automate the process with one of the following macros. This small macro makes all hidden sheets in an active workbook visible at once, without disturbing you with any notifications.

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Like the above one, this macro also displays all hidden sheets in a workbook. The difference is that upon completion, it shows a dialog box informing the user how many sheets have been unhidden:. If you'd rather not unhide all worksheets at once, but only those that the user explicitly agrees to make visible, then have the macro ask about each hidden sheet individually, like this:. In situations when you only want to unhide sheets containing certain text in the their names, add an IF statement to the macro that will check the name of each hidden worksheet and unhide only those sheets that contain the text you specify.

In this example, we unhide sheets with the word " report " in the name.

How To Restore Missing/Disappeared Sheet Tabs In Microsoft Excel?

The macro will display sheets such as Report , Report 1 , July report , and the like. To unhide worksheets whose names contain some other word, replace " report " in the following code with your own text. Alternatively, you can download our sample workbook to unhide sheets in Excel that contains all of the macros discussed in this tutorial:. For example, to unhide all sheets in your Excel file and display the hidden sheets count, you run this macro:.

Apart from macros, the tedium of showing hidden worksheets one at a time can be overcome by creating a custom view. If you are not familiar with this Excel feature, you can think of a custom view as a snapshot of your workbook settings that can be applied at any moment in a mouse click. This method is best to be used in the very beginning of your work, when none of the sheets is hidden yet. You can now hide as many worksheets as you want, and when you wish to make them visible again, you click the Custom Views button, select the ShowAllSheet view and click Show , or simply double-click the view.

The fastest way to detect hidden sheets in Excel is this: right-click any sheet tab and see if the Hide… command is enabled or not.

How to Recover Missing Sheet Tabs - Microsoft Excel 2016 Tutorial - The Teacher

If it is enabled, click it and see which sheets are hidden. If it is disabled greyed out , the workbook does not contain hidden sheets. If you are unable to unhide certain sheets in your Excel, the following troubleshooting tips may shed some light why. It is not possible to hide or unhide sheets if the workbook structure has been protected should not be confused with workbook-level password encryption or worksheet protection. If this button is highlighted in green, the workbook is protected. To unprotect it, click the Protect Workbook button, type the password if prompted and save the workbook.

For more information, please see How to unlock a protected workbook in Excel. If your worksheets are hidden by VBA code that makes them very hidden assigns the xlSheetVeryHidden property , such worksheets cannot be displayed by using the Unhide command. If the Unhide command is grayed out both on the ribbon and in right-click menu, that means there is not a single hidden sheet in your workbook :. Share Pin Email. These instructions apply to Excel , , , , and Excel for Office How to Hide a Single Worksheet. Click the worksheet tab to select it. How to Hide Multiple Worksheets.

Click the tab of the first worksheet to be hidden to select it. Press and hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard. Click the tabs of additional worksheets to select them. Click the Home tab on the ribbon. Select Hide Sheet. Always check these settings. Read More on the deleted worksheet. To delete an Excel worksheet, right-click on the tab for the worksheet you want to delete and select Delete.

Tabs are a great way to keep your Excel data organized and make it easy to find. You can customize the tabs to organize your data in the best way that suits your needs. Use these Microsoft Excel shortcuts to speed up working with spreadsheets on Windows and Mac. These simple tips are easy to remember. We'll show you how and we promise it only takes a minute. Do you have any more tips for making the most out of Excel worksheet tabs? Share your ideas and experiences with us in the comments below.

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