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This means that nobody - not the government, your ISP, a workplace, school, landlord, or any other network administrator - can tell what you are doing online. For most VPN services you will have to pay a small fee. However, you are able to get free VPN services. We don't recommend these, as they aren't reliable and often do not unblock popular streaming services. However, if interested, take a look at our free VPN list for some trustworthy options. Looking for Something? Written by Ray Walsh. Endless Uses You can achieve untold things by pretending to be in a different country.

For those of you who would like to give it a try, here's our simple, step-by-step guide: First of all, select one of the Best VPNs. Right now, NordVPN is the best , but check the link to see which service is the best at the time of reading. Once you've decided on the right VPN for you, click through to its website. Next, download and install the VPN software onto your internet-connected device. Connect to a VPN server in the country of your choice. Depending on how you're connected to the Internet, you may have to reset a device.

If you're connected via a router, you'll have to change IP address of your router.

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  • If you're connected directly to the Internet via a layer-2 gateway, you'll have to change your computer's IP address. Most home network is connected via a router, so chances are that you need to change IP address of your router. In this article, I will describe how to change IP address of your router and also show you how to change IP address of your computer. There are a number of ways to change IP address, so I'll describe easiest method first and then describe a bit more complicated methods.

    In order to verify that you've changed an IP address of your device, you'll have to visit Find My IP page of our website. A router is a layer 3 networking device that connects multiple computers to the Internet.

    5 Legit Ways for Changing IP Address to Another Country |

    In home network with dynamically assigned IP address, a router is assigned a public IP address and all the computers connected to the router are assigned private IP addresses. When computers connected to the router visits the Internet, the world views your computer with a public IP address of your router. So, if you want the world to see you with a different IP address, you'll have to change IP address of the router.

    Here are a few ways to change IP address of your router. If you have only 1 computer at home and connects your computer directly to the Internet via an ISP provided gateway, the following method will allow you to change public IP address of your computer. However, if you're connecting to the Internet via a router, changing your computer's IP address will have no impact on how world is viewing your IP address.

    So, follow this step only if you're connecting your computer to the Internet directly. On our example above, the IP address has been changed from If your smartphone is on a WiFi network, changing your IP address will only change private IP address of the smartphone and the public IP address will remain the same. The world only sees your public IP address, so the website that you visited will view your smartphone having the same IP address even though you may have changed it's private address.

    Everyone has unique fingerprints, right? Same goes for the IP of each device online! There are several reasons why people change the IP addresses of their tools. Below are some of these grounds. There are some websites you cannot access because they are geo- restricted.

    How to Change IP Address & GeoLocation for Web Browsing with Epic

    The only way you can access blocked sites is to change IP address to another country. The only way you can watch these games is to fake country online. We are living in a world where the scourge of online censorship is on the rise. In countries where the regime is authoritative, online censorship and surveillance are the policy; the best option to bypass Internet censorship is to switch country location online. In some scenarios, it is not only about geo-IP restricted websites that are the issue.

    Some cases like learning institutions restrict students from accessing certain sites since they serve no educational purposes. Even at workplaces firewalls get installed to prevent workers from accessing some websites while working.

    Configure IP Address to another Country

    But, using IP changer, you can avoid such obstacles. Staying anonymous online is one major reason why people change IP country location. By using a different IP than your original one, you appear to come from a different place which is not your real location. There are several ways to change your IP address to that of another country. No doubt, these tactics vary from method to method. In summary, the good news is, none of these methods is technical. Virtual Private Network VPN is a network designed to connect users to restricted sites and encrypt the Internet traffic simultaneously.

    For instance, you may want to access the Company profile and some secret information. But, using VPN , you can access the information.

    How To Change Tor Browser IP Location To Any Country - Easy Tutorial

    This tool provides a secure, encrypted tunnel where data is transmitted. Moreover, VPN is useful when using public Wi-Fi hotspots because these services are not reliable, and also, cannot be trusted for security reasons.

    What is an IP Address Actually? And How Do You Change IP Address to Another Country

    Second, you can access any website or app without any censorship troubles. Third, you can see the content of specific countries as you can change IP country location from anywhere around the world. Whether you use a desktop, smartphone or tablet, you need to sign up, install and connect — there you go. Also, it has bit encryption. In conclusion, it runs in the background for you while you enjoy whatever you want over the web.

    So, we can say, you can use the internet without any interruptions. This means they own and manage their own servers instead of renting them from hosting companies. You can connect from anywhere around the world with unlimited speed and server switches. By the way, in the VPN market, there are both free and paid services. To be much safe, use paid services. Using free services, the chance of information getting leaked is high — free always comes at a hefty cost!

    It can do wonders for you with changing IP securely online. Second, it will hide your identity online. Third, your information is safe.