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Its not free. I think they are about the same price.

A Last Resort for Capturing Online Videos

But I thought Videobox also had a function that automatically detected when a movie was playing and could start downloading it for you. I think it worked for me a few times but not consistently. When I play a YouTube video the iCab filters automatically bring up a link at the top of the page to download the movie file.

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But it only works in YouTube. I checked it out because I wanted to capture the world news and show it to students at our college. Thanks for the info wayne. Videobox had some issues.

It took quite a few attempts to accept the URL address of the video plus when it finally did the resulting video was fairly poor quality both of these issues may of course have been the result of me doing something wrong. Cosmopod on the other hand worked very smoothly and produced a much better quality video. For what its worth my votes with Cosmopod. When downloads finish, they are added to your hard drive. After installing the program, you just let it run in the background and then navigate to the YouTube or other video you want to download.

How to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and more

Either version will let you download the whole video clip or just the audio in MP3 format, to choose between MP3 and MP4 formats, and to define a directory where your downloads will be stored. Have no fear! There are a wide variety of website-based tools that will do the work for you; all you have to do is provide a URL.

TechJunkie has your back — we created this YouTube-specific download tool just for our readers.

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Similarly, we have a tool for grabbing Instagram videos quickly and easily. We also have a whole article on the specifics of downloading Instagram videos. Check out our Facebook video download tool. It also works on other web pages with embedded video. Capture the URL of the page, paste it into the page and select search. The page processes and identifies the video if it can and then provides options for quality. Select the quality you want and hit Download. VideoGrabby does much the same thing. Once you get over the garish yellow color scheme, the site works well.

Paste the page URL into the box and hit Go. The extractor will identify the video if it can and offer quality options. Select your desired quality and download.

Download ANY file from ANY site using Safari. - GoSquared Blog

The page will show you all the various quality options, from p to p; click the Download button next to the version you want and your download will begin. In fact, the site works with more than video websites. All of these sites are free to use and work well. They occasionally slow down at peak times but that is to be expected.

Best 10 Methods to Download Flash Video on Your Mac

Otherwise, both work well across a huge range of websites. There is a last-resort option in the unfortunate eventuality that none of the above methods will work for a particular site. If worst comes to worst, you can always use a screen recorder to capture the video as it plays on your screen, and record it to your computer. This is, of course, a suboptimal solution, especially for videos that are hours long. We have, of course, written an entire article about screen recording software , or you can check out the video just above. OBS is an open-source client for recording and capturing your content on any modern operating system, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Using the platform is surprisingly easy, as setting up the screen capture can be done in just a couple clicks before syncing your PC and hitting recording inside OBS. Some websites have particular formats or systems for handling video that break some or all of the tools above.

How To Save A Video Embedded On A Website - Easy & Step By Step

Twitch and TikTok, specifically, have presented difficulties in the past for users wanting to download videos from those sites. We created articles specifically about downloading from Twitch and downloading from TikTok to cover those sites.