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Have some gold around at least to make your first purchase of training 3 Ask to borrow something and take his gold. It's not considered stealing. NOTE: You can only level archery 5 times per level, but you level up slightly every time your archery skill goes up.

Oblivion Infinite Money cheat for ps3

Follow the steps to instantly refresh the merchant's stock and gold: 1 Choose a merchant 2 Sell or buy anything 3 Save your game 4 Kill the merchant 5 Load the game. If you do this while moving sideways, you instead do a hop in that direction. If you pickpocket someone who shoots target dummies with arrows and take whatever arrows they were using usually iron or steel and give them 1 of the arrow type you want infinite of, they will shoot that type of arrow instead.

Just collect them as they hit the dummy and you can build up a nice stockpile. All rights reserved. Home Reviews News Cheats Images. AdvancePCSkill skillname Add levels to your skills player. Modes are listed by help every time you use it. Use with set maximum pickpocket percentagege for best results. Repeat as many times as you like.

Contributed by: OblivionGateIV. STEPS: 1: Have any item 2: Duplicate the item so you have two of them or just buy an exact duplicate, but rare items have to purchasable duplicates 3: While the items are UNequipped, go to the menu and hotkey them there should be 2 of them to any one of the hotkeys. Then press the hotkey button one more time to re-equip it. The item has been repaired and recharged. Go to your item menu to check it out for yourself. This works unlimited times, and as long as the item can be duplicated or you can buy an exact duplicate it should work.

You may use a sword or your bare hands, it does not matter which.

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You MUST have more scrolls than the number of items you want to dupe for this to work. Pull out a sword then go to your menu in mid-swing. Go to your scrolls section, and choose a scroll that you have multiples of, then click on them TWICE. You will NOT get a message like the other duping messages. Drop the item you wish to dupe, and have fun! During the last mission for the thieves guild, right before taking the drop, stop and head back down the tower the way you came. When you get to the original way you got into the tower the fireplace in the Imperial Guardsmans sleeping quarters , activate the fireplace.

It should give you the next part of the quest without dropping you into the hole. On this level of the tower, without going any higher, find an Imperial Guardsman and attack him, or be spotted by him. Just pay your fines, and get teleported back out of the tower and in front of the castle. Both the Elder Scroll and the Boots should be in your inventory, and you should still be on the next part of the quest to head back to Gray Cowl.

In my opinion, it's easier than trying to survive the fall. To duplicate your items in the PS3 version of Oblivion do the following: 1 Get two or more magic scrolls of the same type the number of items you duplicate will be the number of scrolls you have. Notes: - Certain weapons and armor won't work - The health of the item must be Get it repaired by an NPC just to be safe - The charge on a magical item must be full.

Contributed by: XCloudStryfeX.

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Just like in the PC and version, you can easily get Master Sneak level for some all out plundering and assassinating fun. To do this, simply find a door that doesn't take you to a loading screen when opening it Fort Urasek has a perfect place for this. Simply go in to sneak, and walk against the door and your level will increase so long as you are not heard. This means that if you are below Journeyman if you sneak too fast you will be heard.

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All you'll have to do is sneak off until you hear the fight music turn off, then sneak back over and continue. I used a paperclip to hold my joystick forward so I didn't have to hold it myself, and checked back once an hour or half hour to hit X when I got to each next Sneak level, and by morning I was a Master. This opens up plundering fools like no other, as well as most enemies you can keep hitting for 6X damage. If they have high security, or another enemy sees you whacking away at 'em you stand a chance of getting caught, but if you keep sneaking, or better yet put on an invisible spell potion, you can sneak away and they'll lose track of you.

I've found that high damage bow and arrow combinations are the best way to never get caught. After acquiring Shadowmere, knock her unconcious. Then search the horse, go to your inventory, and you can place items on her. When you want to retrieve them or place more, just knock her out again.

To get out of Anvil go to the house with the broken box in front of it. Then jump onto it and then the house. Let your fatique get almost full and get to the part with the wood sticking out. Get a running start and jump on the edge of the next house, but keep running otherwise you will fall, and walk around on the edge until you get on top of the house. Once on top, run and jump until you reach the last house.

Jump on top of the brick thing forgot what its called then get full fatique again.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PC Cheat Codes

Run and jump onto the wall surrounding the town. Go to the left until you hit the post type thing and jump over the wall on to a crack or part sticking out so you won't die from the jump. Slowly go down the wall until you hit the ground outside of Anvil. There will be many "holes" in the ground don't worry you will not fall and die. If done correctly you should be out of Anvil. Note: I did this with a level 11 high elf with 65 acrobatics. Type player. Contributed by: AlcoholicNPC. This glitch allows you to duplicate items by using scrolls: Step 1: Go to your inventory.

Step 2: Equip any scroll that you have multiple copies of ex. Step 3: Once the scrolls have been equipped, press A again while still in the inventory. Step 4: Drop the item you wish to duplicate ex. Grand Soul Gem - you must have less items than scrolls or it doesn't work. You will now have the same number of items ex. Grand Soul Gems as you have scrolls! Create a fortify acrobatics spell with magnitude for 2 seconds you only have to have 25 restoration. Fast travel to crucible. Walk straight through the town to the door to Bliss. Turn right and walk up the stairs to where the Dark Seducer is standing.

Cast the spell and jump over to the rooftop to your right. Then again the the roof West of you. Hop up to where the stool is and then jump on the chimney thingy infront of you. Jump onto the roof infront of you and you are now free to walk wherever you want around the shivering isles without any buildings, creatures, or basic graphic design in your way.

Try walking back to the portal and then into the Emean Sea until you can't go further then look at the island, nice view eh? When you get tired of it just fast travel anywhere. This was aimed at owners who don't have the abilities to manipulate the game as computers do.

It is basicly a little joke of one of the game's dungeon designers; Robert Wisnewski. First, you must start in a town called Split; located on the path that connects the two main paths of Mania and Dementia, look on your map.

Quest. Create. Conquer.

When you do find the town of Split, you will notice that the town is laying on a chain of large hills. Start to travel east of the town ontop of the chain of hills, carefull not to fall off. If you continue on you will notice a very small ruin on your right side, it will be seen as a ledge; the ruin will be protected by a creature. You will know when you are at the right spot because it is surrounded by non-living skeletons and a couple of bodies.

Search the body that's name is "Sheogorath's Punished". The body will contain a note called "Death Decree". Congrats, you have found a joke talking about Robert Wisnewski's facial feature! Note: Finishing the main quest first will make it easier to find the town Split. Complete each of the following achievements below to get the allotted gamerscore. Contributed by: Bloodknightt1. Allows you to set and join any faction hidden or not in the game. This requires The Construction Set for guild codes.

The value should NOT exeed the number of ranks in the faction.

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  4. You're Good to Go! Use your horse! Effect Effect SetItemValue Amount should be used on items, not actors Sets item's price tfc "ufo cam", freeflyng camera StopCombat actor stops combat, hides its weapon. Actor will start again, if it finds proper targets. Cheat Code Effect additem [item number] Spawns indicated Item. ShowSpellMaking Shows the spell making screen. ShowEnchantment Shows the enchantment screen. SetWeather [weatherid], or SW [weatherid] Sets the weather.

    ResetHealth Resets your health to full. Continue Reading.