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All Greyhound routes in Ontario and Quebec will continue to operate except for one: the Trans-Canada, which links a number of smaller communities between Winnipeg and Sudbury, Ont. There are also smaller private companies that offer intercity transport, such as Kasper Transportation, which services another seven of the affected communities. More Weekly Flyers. Want to discuss?

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July 9, pm. Updated: July 10, pm. Get daily local headlines and alerts. Report an error. I have only ever used the website once, a few years ago but understand now if I had to use it on a more frequent basis that it is pretty broken. Hell no!!

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How in the hell can you get ANY info from this Co.?? The website is excrement, they need to find a solution for this elementary annoyance. The hand sanitizer is always empty, toilet paper? I also had to get my card company to report them for what they were doing. So several years are starting to approach the decade range. What an epic fail! For the posterity record, here is what it returns when trying to simply get the schedule from Kitchener to Toronto; go ahead, try it yourself:.


Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Line Line if node! I agree— horrible website. I spent 2 hrs trying to book a short jaunt. The first person was barely understandable because of her broken accented English and the second one eventually told me if I had booked for a different day it would have worked. He was at the number that the first girl gave me for help with Online booking. Some help— even rude. The print at home tickets I never did get to see as I could not get to the point where I actually could purchase.

My beef is that no where as you proceed are there any explanations why the screens do not work and of course you keep trying different things. For some reason even though all my info was typed in correctly it kept telling me I was missing info. I double checked and still do not know why that kept happening Probably something about them retaining cookies.

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I hope you are passing all these emails on to them. I have booked flights many times with different airlines with no trouble at all. They should take a lesson from the airline sites. Thanks for the space. I have tried a thousand times to look up schedule times with firefox and it finally worked only with chrome…still the website is bullshit but anyway I need to buy my tickets so I am glad that someone in this blog gave the advice to use chrome, thanks! Good detective work, commenters!

They have reneged on their tickets, booted me off because the driver read my ticket wrong, made my 10 year old daughter cry not once but twice! They are the worst service-oriented company I have ever had the misfortune to patronize. What a disgusting excuse for a company. Tried using Chrome for greyhound several times over the past year. Still no luck. Today a big SQL error message came up telling me someone is trying to hack into their website and pretend they are greyhound.

Before that, the main page told me to fill in all required fields, when all required fields were filled in. This happened 6 times. I suspect greyhound is just going to shut down their entire business before too long. Tell me about it.

He thought he was just printing out the confirmation number. I emailed Greyhound and they said they were sorry for the inconvenience but that our printed out at home ticket could not be exchanged. We were not able to catch the bus the date of the ticket for we ran into money problems not having enough money. We were wanting to relocate.

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I just feel so cheated out of that money. My son does to. He felt really badly and stupid about it. Or maybe it is easy to figure. And the service is horrible also.

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  8. They have to compete against each other for customers so all of them are excellent. I have been heading up to the U. Ive never been on one that worked. Shitty, dirty bus line but no other choice, sucks. Just tried with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. By using this website you are agreeing to our Cookies Policy.

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    I am on a Mac, will my computer work with your website? The Greyhound website has been designed to be compatible with Mac browser, Safari. Greyhound Package Express does not currently offer crossborder services in Mexico or Canada.