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In addition, you can access this same dialog box by right-mouse- clicking in your image when the Clone Stamp Tool is selected. Palette Options: Click on the Triangle, and, among other options, you can choose the way the dialog box displays the brush presets provided by Photoshop. Thumbnails: These are visual representations of the presets, plus any custom brushes that you may create. Hardness: Here you can control the amount of anti-aliasing or softness applied to the edge of your Clone Stamp brush.

PHOTOSHOP - Clone Stamp Tool

This works exactly the same way as other Opacity controls that we have discussed in previous chapters of how to use the clone stamp tool. It will tend to keep your cloned area looking random and natural. This sets your sample point.

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Select your destination area, and click with your left mouse button. Repeat these steps until the process is complete.

The Importance of the Clone Stamp Tool

In Image A , there is some undesirable white debris in the foreground of the sand. This is such a time-saver!

After choosing your source or sample area, and before you click your left mouse button at the destination area, you will see a preview of your clone in the circle. This works great for aligning objects that were hit and miss in the past, such as straight edges, critical areas, and so on. All rights reserved. All Rights Reserved.

Photoshop: Option/Alt Key in Clone Tool is sticking to the image

Add to favorites. We then paint Black and White over the layer to brighten or Darken it accordingly. Featured Tutorials. Follow Us Facebook. Related Tutorials. Featured Magazine Articles. Plus, What Is CFexpress?

How to Use the Clone Source Panel in Adobe Photoshop

By: Stephen Harker. Bokeh Photography: The Ultimate Tutorial. By: Maggie King. Thank you! Yes I did pick up the clone source and I have the correct layer. I reset the clone tool and all the other tools. I have the layer set to Current Layer. I don't know how to screen shot my problem.

How To Use The Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop | Apogee Photo Magazine

That is my only problem. Once I pick up the source, it doesn't paste over the area I want to cover. You mentioned that you reset everything, so I will go with the assumption that you have reset the Photoshop Preferences File.

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  • Makes sure nothing is selected. No hidden Marching Ants. Is the Clone stamp Tool set for Aligned? Sample all Layers? Is there a layer above the layer you are attempting to clone to, that may be hiding your cloning? Sorry, I cannot provide a concrete solution without seeing your layers but hopefully my questions will help you reach a solution.