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Availability date:. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Add to cart. Add to wishlist. The pen-style design, multiple temperature zone statistics and multiple options of time zones; makes it adaptable and versatile equipment in all industries. A compact design, multiple times of start and stop and one button operation makes it easy to use. This Elitech data logger features a replaceable battery, unique MKT algorithm, IP67 high protection grade and one button operation.

Leak checker data acquisition system sscl-preprint Shih, H. Emittance growth and halo formation in a low-energy proton beam sscl-preprint Maddocks, J. Heat leak measurements and thermal modeling of a mechanical support for a SSC beam tube liner sscl-preprint Nath, Pran Predictions in SU 5 supergravity grand unification with proton stability and relic density constraints sscl-preprint Baritchi, Liana Low conductivity water plants: Issues of process control sscl-preprint Mestad, Steven L. Supergravity grand unification, proton decay and cosmological constraints sscl-preprint Pletzer, Randy K.

Echo Effect in Accelerators sscl-preprint Stupakov, G. Emittance growth due to power ripple in a hadron collider sscl-preprint Yan, Yi-ton T. Zlib and related programs for beam dynamics studies sscl-preprint Meshkov, Sydney Quark and lepton masses sscl-preprint Grippe, J. Chiral dynamics and heavy quark symmetry in a solvable toy field theoretic model sscl-preprint Lopez, G. Quench simulation of the mm aperture SSC quadrupole magnet connected in series with mm aperture SSC dipole magnets sscl-preprint Thiagarajan, V.

Preliminary results from a study of collar lamination variation in SSC prototype dipole magnets sscl-preprint Nogiec, Jerzy M. MTL distributed magnet measuring system sscl-preprint Ball, M. Applications interfaces to the magnet database system sscl-preprint Brown, Graham M. Measurement of complex surfaces sscl-preprint Burgett, William S.

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Beam instrumentation and precision timing equipment for the SSC accelerator complex sscl-preprint Wells, Norman E. Three-dimensional model of a liquid cooled, low-energy booster, radiofrequency cavity tuner at the Superconducting Super Collider sscl-preprint Ranganathan, R. Structural and thermal analysis of a solid cooled, low-energy booster, radiofrequency cavity tuner at the Superconducting Super Collider sscl-preprint Mookerjee, S. Method of fabricating a completely ordered wound coil sscl-preprint Jones, Kennedy Low-energy booster radiofrequency cavity structural analysis sscl-preprint Tuttle, G.

Corrector magnets: Combined structural analysis of collider 50 mm aperture ordered wound dipoles interior section sscl-preprint Ferrell, J. Corrector magnets: Combined structural analysis of collider 50 mm aperture ordered wound quadrupoles interior section sscl-preprint Tran, V. Corrector magnets: Combined structural analysis of collider 50 mm aperture ordered wound sextupoles interior section sscl-preprint Ahmad, Aziz The Design and development of a single piece, sandwich tube cold mass support post for the SSC collider dipole magnets sscl-preprint Mynk, J.

Effective Stress of a 4. Effective stress of a 4. Dynamic analysis of six strut supporting system for accelerator magnet sscl-preprint Jalloh, A. Design and analysis of the cryostat system for a m long prototype quadrupole magnet sscl-preprint Bardos, V. Test performance of the QSE series of 5-cm aperture quadrupole model magnets sscl-preprint Baritchi, D.

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Multilayer insulation for the interconnect region in the accelerator system string test: A Practical engineering approach for a new scheme of design and installation bridges sscl-preprint Corbett, C. Cold Test Facility for 1. Dynamic response analysis of the LBL advanced light source synchrotron radiation storage ring sscl-preprint Leung, Kent K. Photodesorption experiments on SSC collider beam tube configurations sscl-preprint Kwiatkowski, S. Tracking studies and machine performance simulation of the SSC low-energy booster sscl-preprint Wu, X. Dynamic aperture of the chromatically corrected collider lattice sscl-preprint Li, Nan-Yang Lamination and end plate design studies of SSC low-energy booster magnet prototypes sscl-preprint Machida, S.

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Space charge calculations in synchrotrons sscl-preprint Briggs, Richard J. Investigation of synchrotron radiation induced photodesorption in cryosorbing quasiclosed geometry sscl-preprintrev-a Ogitsu, T. High p t Physics Processes sscl-preprint Luth, V. Glenn Chiral and heavy quark symmetry violation in B decays sscl-preprint Anashin, V. Vertex detectors sscl-preprint Lopez, G. Electroweak and flavor physics: Implications for the SSC. Transparencies only sscl-sra Harris, P.

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  • Transparencies only sscl-sr Steiner, R. Transparencies only sscl-sr Dahl, Per F. Model of a K liner vacuum system for the 4.

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    B physics at hadron accelerators. A Chronicle of Costs sscl-trans Aseev, A. Physics and detector simulation requirements sscl Garavaglia, T. SSC mm short model construction experience sscl Cormell, L. Studies of cold protection diodes sscl Schiesser, W. A Dynamic model for helium core heat exchangers sscl Martin, D. Vortices in the lattice model of planar nematic sscl Lopez, G.

    Project organizations and schedules sscl Baden, Andrew R. Temperature rise in the beam tube during a quench due to the Eddy currents and related effects sscl Chao, A. Comment on round off errors and on one turn Taylor maps sscl Yan, Y. Application of system identification techniques to an RF cavity tuning loop sscl Lopez, G. Constant of motion and dynamic equations for one-dimensional autonomous system, and radiation damping ssclrev Lopez, G. Constant of motion and dynamic equations for one-dimensional autonomous system, and radiation damping sscl Lopez, G.

    Analytical approximation to the turn-to-turn quench propagation sscl Watson, Jerry M. Beam transfer between the coupled cavity linac and the low-energy booster synchrotron for the SSC sscl Laughton, C. Geotechnical characterization and construction methods for SSC tunnel excavation sscl Laughton, C.

    Rock support of the L3 experimental hall complex sscl Lundin, T. Report on the analysis of the large propagation velocities observed in the full length SSC dipoles sscl Chen, Tong Tune modulation and E experiment sscl Talman, R. Investigation of wire motion in superconducting magnets sscl Devred, A.

    Design, fabrication, and test of a 5-cm aperture, 1-m long superconducting dipole prototype for high-energy hadron collider sscl Stefanski, Raymond J. Prototype document tracking and storage system for the superconducting super collider laboratory SSCL sscl Bhandari, R. Phase control scheme for synchronous beam transfer from the low-energy booster to the medium-energy booster sscl Laughton, C.

    Readout of Overlapping Events sscl Lopez, G. An Engineering design study of the dipole magnet cold mass end shell for the superconducting super collider sscl Pollock, D. Alternative concepts for structurally supporting the cold mass of a superconducting accelerator magnet sscl Goodzeit, C.

    Technology transfer considerations for the collider dipole magnet sscl Devred, A. Part 1: Magnet assembly sscl Seuntjens, J. Issues and results in the development of 2. Quantification of systematic error in I c testing sscl Seuntjens, J. Designing superconducting magnets for reliability and availability sscl Baggett, P. The Magnet database system sscl Jalloh, A. Conceptual design for the thermal shield bridges and multilayer insulation in the interconnect region for the SSC sscl Morozumi, T.

    Design and AC loss considerations for the mm dipole magnet in the high-energy booster sscl McFarlane, K. SSC accelerator availability allocation sscl Pennington, A. A System approach to the design of superconducting magnets sscl Rogers, J. Systems engineering at the superconducting super collider one year later sscl Carcagno, R.

    A Frequency response study of dipole magnet cold mass for the superconducting super collider sscl Anderson, D. Kicker magnet systems for injector synchrotrons sscl Clark, D.

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    SSC spool piece design sscl Mestha, L. Document format considerations for a document tracking and storage system sscl Haenni, D. A High performance architecture for accelerator controls sscl Robinson, S. The Superconducting super collider project sscl Hendrix, B.

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    The latest version is 1. See below the changes in each version:. Continue to USB Dataloggerreader test. Download Rating:. With Meterbox iLogger, you can change the datalogger Continue to app Rating:. It is more convenient for user to check the data via Graph and List, Click stars to rate this APP!