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Review: Mac mini (2018) – Apple’s most versatile Mac!

You should be aware that the displays need to be the same resolution for the Matrox DualHead solutions to work. This is an old question, but I really must advise against using the DH2G's. My employer purchased a whole stack of them for the mac users, and every single one was dead within a year. Jan 25 '16 at The current-generation MacBook Air's integrated graphics only supports one external display.

How to Fix Mac’s Thunderbolt Display

CajunLuke CajunLuke CajunLuke BenCourliss BenCourliss 3 3 bronze badges. If you really need a full extended desktop, you will need 2 thunderbolt ports. Fabio Fabio 1.

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This is DisplayPort 2. Barry Obama Barry Obama 1. Daisy chaining is not possible with DisplayPort, only Thunderbolt.

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I believe this is incorrect information. You should review specification more carefulkly: displayport. However to my understanding problem is that with these two standards you cannot daisychain one and then another and then again. Allan 47k 16 16 gold badges 75 75 silver badges bronze badges. However if you lack Thunderbolt connectors and really have to, you could try and consider this:. How many channels can go through one Thunderbolt? Among which: if using a PCIe card, it will depend on if the card is a PCIe gen 2 or gen 3, and the number of lanes it uses.

Calculating the number of uncompressed frames that can go through Knowing this, and how to calculate how much data an uncompressed frame uses, you can make calculations of how many channels of uncompressed video can go through the Thunderbolt. Of course you will need the video card that support These are calculated theoretical values, and we advise that you test in your workflow as results can vary.

How to Fix Mac’s Thunderbolt Display

About daisy-chain We do not advise that you daisy chain anything behind your M Family device as it will have to share the bandwidth with other device, and we already use a lot. However if you lack Thunderbolt connectors and really have to, you could try and consider this: Apple recommends that you place the device that ask the most bandwidth first and then "smaller" devices after.

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In theory the Display Port signal is separated from the PCIe signal, so you could connect a monitor after, but prefer not to use a monitor with too much resolution, so it does not use too much bandwidth still. Also, the input and output bandwidth are separated, so again in theory you could connect a storage device if you only write to it, but not read.

What’s a Daisy Chain?

What happens if you reach the limit? There will be 2 consequences: In the Activity and Logs window , you will see a log saying: "Video Card buffer underrun". This is because we can not get the frames quick enough from the video card.

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