Mac screensaver wont turn on

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How to Fix Freezing Screen Saver On Mac OS?

Thanks for your feedback. I've got it working again. I tried a simple restart and that did the trick. Hope it continues to work! Same Issue Interim Fix. I have had the same issue with my iMac Mini.

How to Get Flip Clock Screensaver (Mac & Windows)

I'm guessing its a bug, but I did find a link to an article that will help you set a hotkey to activate your screen saver. You have to manually start it but at least your screen won't die if you walk away for a few hours. Hopefully Apple will get a fix in the next update. Originally Posted by evil otto. Thank you so much! The hot corner option would never stay active and your suggestion works perfectly.

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OK so the shortcut works, Thanks! Mac Mini, screen saver was working fine then just stopped. Originally Posted by PressureDrop.

How to Lock Your Mac Screen and Protect It from Prying Eyes

Originally Posted by pm-r. This is a pretty old thread and not many participants, but it could be a corrupted preference.

Set Your Mac's Screen to Lock Automatically

Try changing your screensaver preferences in Energy Saver to something you don't want , save, and then go back and set them to what you DO WANT , save by closing the window. Everything has a life cycle, unexpected and warning free. Nothing will last as long as you want it to. Originally Posted by ferrarr. SMC reset.

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Thanks so much! I think there should be an issue with your graphic card. Originally Posted by whiteangelcl. Next, click the Information icon at the top-left of the Activity Monitor window:. This will show a confirmation dialog that looks like this:. Technically what happened was that we killed the AirPlayUIAgent process; MacOS restarted the process with its default configuration; that default configuration does not prevent the screensaver from starting.

Before moving on, there are two things to do. After you confirm that, you can remove the Preventing Sleep column from the view with these steps:. When you do that, the Preventing Sleep column should go away. Once that column was changed to No, I assumed that the screensaver would work properly, but we went ahead and tested it to be sure.

How Do I Disable The Screen Saver In Mac OS X?

To do this we followed these steps:. After you do that, step away from the keyboard and mouse and let your Mac sit there. After a minute the screensaver should start. There are other possible problems that might keep your Mac screensaver from starting properly — such as a MacOS bug — but I suspect that something like this is the most common problem.

One other problem I inflicted on myself several years ago that seemed like a screensaver problem went like this:. Well, sunofagun! I did several of the other things you checklisted, but lo and b ehold! Including a screensave window! Merci Beaucoup! Thank you so much for this solution. It worked like a charm and you explained how to do it so clearly.


This is greatly appreciated! By Alvin Alexander.

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