Mac startet im sicheren modus

How to Start Your Mac in Safe Mode: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

Question How to boot Windows virtual machine into Safe Mode? Information Can boot to Windows If you are able to load and access your Windows account, Start menu is working. Cannot boot to Windows If you are unable to load and access your Windows account, Windows virtual machine crashes after passing loading screen and boots into Automatic Repair screen.

How to boot macOS into safe boot or safe mode - macOS troubleshooting

You can also boot into Safe mode from user login screen. Was this article helpful?

Open Office apps in safe mode on a Windows PC

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If you regularly back up with Time Machine , you have little to lose. These tips are for instances where your Mac refuses to boot. You might see a black screen, you could get an error message, or your computer may hang on the white Apple logo. If your machine is running fine, this troubleshooting guide is not for you. You can, however, run First Aid on your drive anytime in macOS. Click on First Aid followed by Run to scan the disk for problems and attempt to fix them. By attempting to boot into Safe mode, macOS will scan and repair any errors it finds on the disk.

Safe mode boots your operating system with only the bare minimum it needs to run. No third party kernel extensions will boot, login items are skipped, and it empties certain caches. To boot into Safe mode: Turn your computer off, then press and hold the Shift key while your computer boots. If your computer has hung on boot, shut it down by holding the power button until the machine switches off around 10 seconds first.

Should your computer boot properly, try restarting and booting as normal. You can then restart into Safe mode, remove the problem extension, and try again.

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Every Mac ships with Recovery mode, which lives on a separate partition on the startup disk. Later you also may want to restore it. Here's how to do both.

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Keep in mind this requires an internet connection and will take a lot longer, since macOS needs to download the image first. Select it from the list on the left, then click First Aid followed by Run.

How to start Office for Windows applications in Office Safe Mode

File system consistency check or fsck for short is a longstanding Unix tool for checking and fixing drive problems. Depending on the size of your volume, the type of drive you have installed, and the potential problem, fsck can take a while to complete.

How to Enable Safe Mode from Command Line on Mac

Patience and persistence is important if you want to fix your drive this way. Gonna be a bad weekend, as this is not what a Mac is supposed to look like during boot. This boot mode allows you to make changes to shared user resources. You can type fsck -fy to run fsck. If you have a firmware password set on your Mac, Single User mode is not available to you. If you interrupt the process while it is making changes to your drive, you may incur data loss. Read More.