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SS: Added setting "ss. November 6, VB: Added the ability to toggle the state of the low battery sensor bit; configure the device on virtual input port 2 e. November 2, PSX: Don't set the autopause track test value unless autopause is enabled; fixes missing music in "Pitball". October 28, The settings management code will now throw an exception if a floating-point setting is NaN. Fixed a crash that occurred when "debugger. October 8, Dropped support for "game set" hashes used to change the naming of save state and save game files.

The feature was mostly broken by changes made years ago, and is redundant now with M3U support. Save game files for multi-disc PC-FX games created in previous versions of Mednafen will need to be renamed to be seen by this and newer versions of Mednafen.

Other files, including save states, should generally be unaffected, unless the user has changed filesys.

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Removed usage of the deprecated "register" keyword in some old code. In addition to nonvolatile memory backup files as before, any missing directories in the file path for input-recording movies, save states, screen snapshots, and nonvolatile memory files are now created as necessary, to increase the versatility of the filesys. Emulation modules' loading of files referenced from the main file being loaded is now done through its associated VFS.

September 30, Modified usage of std::swap in OwlResampler. Reworked FileStream. GBA: Fixed a regression introduced in 0. Moved multithreading management code into the core. Encapsulated most ish core Mednafen code in the "Mednafen" namespace.

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Slightly improved the quality of audio output by SwiftResampler when running at the higher quality settings. September 22, Moved NES audio resampler so it can be used by any emulation module, and renamed it to "SwiftResampler". It shouldn't have any particularly noticeable end-user effects, other than slightly different startup performance assuming no mistakes were made :p. September 11, SS: Emulated input devices' internal states were not being reset on virtual power toggle; fixed.

August 30, Modified SHA hashing code to allow for piecemeal hashing of data, instead of requiring the hash to be generated from one contiguous chunk of memory. CNF file.

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July 31, Replaced MD5 hashing code with newly-written code. July 29, Replaced SDL threading code with new code that uses pthreads directly. April 24, SS: Added "House of the Dead Japan " to internal database of games to use the data cache read bypass kludge with, to fix a game crash on the gun calibration screen. April 22, Removed some unnecessary memory allocations in the old settings to argument parsing glue code.

Fixed a crash bug with 2xSaI-family scalers during initialization regression introduced in 1. Create the Mednafen base directory e.

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SS: Added "WipEout" to internal database of games to use the data cache read bypass kludge with, to fix a hang that occurred when trying to exit gameplay back to the main menu. A CD image loading hint will now be appended to the ROM image too large error message in certain circumstances. Re Added backwards-compatibility "video. February 24, NES: Misc minor fixes for a few bootleg mappers. NES: Added missing variable to mapper 64 save states. NES: Added missing save state support to the mapper 22 code.

February 22, Fixed handling of the "osd.

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An attempt to run an instance of Mednafen while another instance is already running with the same base directory is now blocked during startup, via a lock file; note that this check occurs after stdout and stderr are potentially redirected to stdout. Removed the "overlay" video driver. Supported platforms: macOS. Price: Free Download 7. Nestopia UE Nestopia is a high accuracy NES emulato r which is capable of playing most NES games without any trouble and includes features like texture scaling and net play. The emulator comes with some cool features like game-specific custom palettes, cheat support, Famicom mic support , that make it a great option for emulation fans out there.

The emulator also comes with VSync support , but prepare for some input lag if you plan on using the feature. Do keep in mind, that the emulator will work well only on devices with a processor clocked at 1GHz or more.

Supported platforms: Android Price: Free Download 9. The emulator includes a ton of cool features, including backup and save state support, cheat support, on-screen multi-touch controls, and a lot more.

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  • On top of that, NES. Supported platforms: Android. The emulator works on all Android devices running Android 4.

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