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Motion tracking , also called Match moving , is an essential element when integrating 3D elements with live footage.

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Motion tracking software is usually pretty expensive, but the Icarus application Windows and Mac is available for free for educational use. Icarus, which hasn't been updated for while, was later replaced by the commercial application PFTrack.

However, I lacked a brief text tutorial about motion tracking, so I decided to write my own. This tutorial is extremely brief and high-level, and requires some previous knowledge on video editing, 3D, and Blender. Note: this tutorial was created using Mac OS X Note: this tutorial explains the Auto-feature Tracking mode in Icarus. There are other options which gives more user control - see the Icarus UserGuide.

There are even more things to consider — are there any stimulus presentation options? Can it be integrated with other software, such as PsychoPy , E-Prime , or even in-browser presentation?

Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Motion Tracking with Icarus

How is the fixation algorithm constructed? Is the data analyzable, or even accessible? This could also mean understanding the source code to provide explanations about its use.


For a programmer this could be relatively straightforward, but will likely involve a level of expertise well above the average for most people working with eye tracking. The fundamental problem with many of the free eye tracking softwares above is that they only incorporate data from webcams. This of course promises more accessibility to the user, yet will not be able to deliver the same level of accuracy as infrared eye trackers. A critical problem with the software above also comes down to trust.

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Carrying out research and work with eye tracking in iMotions is both simple and comprehensive. A whole range of features are readily available, allowing you to carry out advanced research in a plug-and-play solution. Some of the features are listed below. Expanding human behavior research methods to include other sensors will mean more data, and ultimately more incisive findings.

boujou Matchmove Software - OSX | VICON

While the price tag — or rather lack of price tag — can be an attractive aspect, if the tracking is slow or inaccurate then little can be done. To learn more about how iMotions can help you carry out flawless eye tracking experiments, and to see which advanced features are available, get in touch and schedule a demo.

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Bryn Farnsworth, Ph. D July 1st, Our Eye Tracking Software Top 10 List While this list features 10 eye tracking software programs, we also quite literally looked at several others. For most of the software, the features are rarely fitted to the ideal situation.

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Free Eye Tracking Software — Good but Limited The fundamental problem with many of the free eye tracking softwares above is that they only incorporate data from webcams. List of features and metrics. Read more about the iMotions Platform Platform.