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Robust platform at a great value! The web schedule is clean with multiple layout options and the mobile app, easy to use.. We organize a few events per year, among which, last year, one people conference.

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The Grenadine people were always there to help and support, and even modify the app according to our suggestions and needs; they even managed to help us with our own administrative problems. Easy to use! The software is easy very to use. The App is easy to use.

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Very pleased with the system as a whole. Grenadine staff is wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend this product for any event planner who works on large or small events. Grenadine is an excellent product. Before this option came around, we used to create our own applications for our customers. It was a lot of work and time to achieve the result our customers expected of us. The app is very useful for all participants and for the planners. I much appreciate the continuous improvement of the functions and the help of the team. We will use it again this year! I highly recommend this software to anyone who wants to run an event.

While you get the best use by using multiple functions, even just the programming stuff made my life so much easier. Most of my experience with Grenadine has been with configuring the mobile app. It not only displays the convention schedule in a searchable format, but makes it easy for organizers to add pages of other information such as a code of conduct or sponsor list.

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We used this app for our User Group Conference to help organize our attendees and provide them with up-to-date information. I strongly recommend this app for anyone looking for an effective and low cost mobile event planning solution. An easy-to-use and truly integrated event management software!

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Manage your speakers , participants , attendees , and plan out your schedule. Determine who needs to be where, what equipment they need, and who will be speaking or performing. Learn more.

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To help you to plan and save time, from venue, speakers and attendees, to scheduling, reporting and publishing, Grenadine Event Manager will assist you in your complex event planning tasks. You will be able to collect data, reduce manual entry, keep track of budgets and tasks and work on your plan more efficiently. Track everything in a single place.

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Facilitate the collaboration within your team members allowing multiple users to work on your plans. You can publish your full schedules on a Grenadine instant event web site, complete with speaker profiles, attendee profiles and self-serve for item sign ups. During your event, the Grenadine mobile applications available for iOS and Android phones will allow your attendees to have your full schedule information as well as speaker lists and other essential information in their pocket.

Event Management Software. All-in-one professional event software made easy. Provide an engaging attendee experience and increase ROI.

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Dream big, Plan smart, Execute fast! Promote your event on an event Web site and mobile app Connect with the world, make your events known to others and collect data from prospective speakers and attendees. Event mobile apps with zero extra effort Native iOS and Android event apps integrated with your event data right from the start. Go beyond, push the limits with Grenadine event management APIs A real-time integration to access your event data directly from your systems.

A complete set of tools for your events. Grenadine Website. Learn More. Grenadine Registration. Grenadine Event Manager. Grenadine Mobile Apps. Grenadine APIs. Customers from many industries trust Grenadine. Laurie Mann. Main Features Event-organisation workflow that fits lectures, meetings, workshops and conferences.

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Multi-granular tree-based protection scheme. Easy upload and retrieval of presentations, papers and other documents. Permanent archival of all event material and metadata. Reviewing functionalities for conference papers. Full coverage of the conference lifecycle. Room booking and management. Integration with several collaborative tools. Indico is Open Source software.