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I've simply used the Samsung Magician program to do it from within Windows. That's what I am trying to avoid.

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But if I must, then I must. Is there a way to put a smaller version of Windows on a USB drive to boot from? Like Unix? The only problem with that was. Once I was able to boot into Windows 8. I ran the DOS updater as well but that said it couldn't find the drive, Come on its in the machine. I may end up returning this. It shouldn't be that hard to get a firmware update working..

To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. I have the drive listed above. My problem is with the Firmware Update. The firmware imaging tool is not able to find the SSD and update the file, Is there a better way to do this? Popular Topics in Apple. Once windows is installed, boot into windows via bootcamp and then try and update the SSD whilst booted into windows via Boot camp? Just a couple of thoughts, not sure if it would work or not.

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Probably better off as above using a memory stick or optical disc. Yes, I expect that having a second computer would make it possible, especially if the second computer is running Windows. But I wanted to focus on solutions that work if the only computer you own is one Mac, because I know so many people where that is the case. They might just as well say, if you want to fix your Mac drive, download the PC version and go find a friend with Windows. Is the update permanent or is it necessary to repeat if after a format operation or after some months? Thanks, Emanuele. Hi Emanuele, as noted in the article and in the Samsung documentation, the Samsung Performance Restoration software allows you to run it only once.

You cannot run it a second time. Not through Parallels. No reason to try that anyway. I saw do difference in speed before and after. How did you do the restoration process. While it was in your mac? Or the hard drive in a windows computer? Someone on a another site said because my imac was I believe or it might have been early im probably on sata 2 which is why im getting Hopefully it all finishes up with no issues…. Thank you for the article! I have a few questions. I just want to confirm that I only run the tool on Mac or Bootcamp. Thank you so much for this guide.

It was clear and easy to follow. The update took about an hour for me with a GB disk with GB of free space just in case this is useful to others. Thank you so much. Excellent article. Found this while I was trying to do it by making a bootable USB drive with the stuff from the Samsung Website which appeared to be futile. MBPro About a month after using the Performance Restoration Software the performance problem seems to occur again!?

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If using any OS prior to Yosemite then install trim enabler. However even without Trim let garbage collection work a long time by option booting and let it stay in this mode overnight.

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Then the system will clean up the files. Be sure you keep the issues straight, it sounds like you have associated multiple issues that are actually unrelated: 1 Lack of TRIM support in OS X would not cause a slowdown this quickly. It was about how the EVO controller was managing the data on the drive. Samsung has issued a statement saying they will be coming out with another software update. Do I have a newer version of the firmware? I wrote the article back when everybody had the old firmware.

I hope.

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When it start to boot, i only get the screen with the Apple logo, and it not go further. I use an external cd. Thanks for you blogpost. Thank you for your info.

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I am a noob and just strictly followed your instructions on my macpro and evo It is now updated and run at Thank you soo much. I just updated the firmware as shown in the article. BUT no Performance Restoration took place after upgrading the firmware. So NOW how should I do to run the performance restoration tool? The latest firmware actually does the restoration proces over time itself, thus no need for a separate restoration tool.

So this is kind of a brute force solution. Time will tell if it works in the long run…. There are no instructions on said site pertaining to this download anymore.

I followed your instructions and changed the iso extension and then burnt it to CD. The burnt CD shows the same files as outlined in your article. However, I have been unable to restart using the CD as the boot disk. I have tried pressing the Option key on restart, but it does not show the CD disk at all.

I tried also pressing the C key on restart, and the Command. None worked. I repeated this several times but the same result occurred each time. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Problem solved. When I used the latter, everything worked — did not even have to change the download extension from iso to dmg. Could you point me to the latest correct link? Sorry about the confusion. Thanks for pointing it out! Hey Guys, maybe anyone of you know a resolution for my problem. Neither formatting this SSD with zeros and cloning system back from regular hard drive like twice.