Save google map as image on mac

Notice how much clearer the printed version is. Click on the print button next to save PDF.

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Microsoft print to PDF does not have the necessary options. Select your PDF printer by click on print in the toolbar 1 , then click on preferences 2.


Figure 9: Google Earth print selection menu. These two options can be used to control the exported image size. A letter size page at PPI will have an image size of 8. What combination of paper size and resolution used is up to you. To control the PPI, click edit next to the default settings figure Then navigate to images, and adjust the first two numbers under downsample for color images figure For a PPI of , both of those numbers should be The compression method and image quality is also determined here.

Custom page size can be used by clicking on add next to the Adobe PDF page size. Click on page setup in the print toolbar 4 in figure 9 , and just click OK. Sometimes the paper size is reset when going into the page setup menu, and it has to be changed again. This brings up another bug.

Occasionally the paper orientation will change to portrait, even if landscape is selected. It usually happens when the paper size or orientation is adjusted in the page setup menu.

Some trial and error may be required. When all settings are satisfactory, return to the print selection menu figure 9 , and click print. If you see small squares being progressively loaded when the PDF file is open, you know it printed correctly. The full size image I made using this method can be seen here. If multiple images are captured using the techniques above, they will have to be stitched together.

How To Download Maps To Your Mac To Use When You’re Offline

Tap Spacebar: The region selection reticle will become a camera icon. Mouse over a window to capture the entire window, including a drop shadow behind it. The selected area will be highlighted to preview your selection. This will also capture other UI elements based on in-app boundaries.

Save a map in Google Earth Pro

It will automatically be limited to whichever direction you drag first. Release Shift to resume normal behavior. Grab has no UI, just a menu bar. The other three modes can be done with screenshot shortcuts and modifier keys, as seen above.

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The file is not yet saved. Are you doing this with snazzy maps? Or did you pay to upgrade your snazzy maps account to get unlimited high res downloads? Or are you using a different application? You should be good to just use the free one. Increasing The Map Detail With the map styled the next thing to look at was the level of detail. Hope it helps you.