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After he recovers, he begins to teach Jordan and Bryanna how to do certain things on their own. Also, Vanessa doesn't want Bernie to be involved in her choosing a college. Meanwhile, Jordan takes advantage of Bernie's kindness.

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In the end, Vanessa and Bernie make up mainly due to her writing an essay about who inspires her most: which is him. In the final scene of the series, Bernie goes back to his normal self and takes back the iPod he bought Jordan since he was taking advantage of him. Bernie's final line is a farewell message to the viewers and stating that he is going to continue to raise and teach the kids for as long as they need it and he also wishes the viewers luck.

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The scene pans out with Jordan on his knees sobbing and begging for the iPod while Bernie smugly laughs and teases him. The series had been airing in syndication since September and was on the FX network as of , but is not on the channel's schedule in the autumn of that year.

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In addition to being in worldwide syndication, Bernie Mac's hometown of Chicago airs the series on the city's independent station The U. The Bernie Mac Show has been on that station since , remaining after Mac's death in his honor. In , the series was removed from the lineup of both stations. As of , cable channels BET and Centric have begun airing the series. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. This conversation with America involved parenting, marriage, family, life.

Wrestling with a Sticky Situation

He wanted to know that he was doing parenting right and not going to screw his kids up for good. The Bernie Mac Show took the premise of the family sitcom—typically a multi-camera, exasperated joke factory with schmaltz on top, even at its best—and made the genre its own. In its first season and even later on , the show would often stick with a simple one plot structure, with no B-plots or C-plots to pad the episodes.

The Bernie Mac Show won an Emmy for writing in its first season, but by the middle of its second, Larry Wilmore was fired for creative differences with the network. In the case of the latter, the inclusion of unnecessary subplots led to a B-plot in a season-three episode in which Wanda was obsessed with finding five pool chairs together.

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The ratings fell constantly after the second season, when the show began its hop, skip, and jump across the Fox schedule. In the span of just a year, the series had had three different showrunners Larry Wilmore, Michael Borkow , Peter Aronson , which made for a confusing creative direction and question of what the network really wanted from the show and the people it put at the helm. Bernie Mac also could get repetitive in a way that made it appear as though no one would ever learn anything.

Even with the network interference and declining ratings, The Bernie Mac Show never fully lost its heart and soul. It never lost Bernie Mac both the actor and the spirit of the character.

Wrestling With A Sticky Situation

It never lost the built family of Bernie, Wanda, the kids, and America. The show was essentially living a behind-the-scenes struggle to grow while it told the story of a human struggle to grow as well. Here are 10 episodes of The Bernie Mac Show that shone a light on that struggle and journey of building something out of nothing:. There were no winners or losers, even if Bernie liked to act like the winner. We are family. And forever. With these new children also comes a new set of people Bernie has to surround himself with—other children and their lame parents.

The actual moments of the two of them being on the same page are few and far between, but when they do happen, the show makes them count.