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The normal files are also referred to by their relative path from the search directory, this means that also normal files could hide files in a tar as long as the relative path from the search path of the normal file is the same as the path in the tar file. Again it is advised to have an unique path to the normal file so they do not collide with the files from other tar files. Unfortunately, there is currently no comprehensive list of features, but there is a basic features list on the web, and some optional features can be controlled through the Advanced Settings dialog.

We also implement some features known from TTDPatch. But not only bugs in code can cause problems. There are several ways to affect game state possibly resulting in program crash or multiplayer desyncs. Easier way would be to forbid all these unsafe actions, but that would affect game usability for many players.

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We certainly do not want that. However, we receive bug reports because of this. To reduce time spent with solving these problems, these potentially unsafe actions are logged in the savegame including crash. Log is stored in crash logs, too. You can show the game log by typing 'gamelog' in the console or by running OpenTTD in debug mode. The Help menu in-game has a function to open the Frame rate window. This window shows various real-time performance statistics, measuring what parts of the game require the most processing power currently. A summary of the statistics can also be retrieved from the console with the fps command.

This is especially useful on dedicated servers, where the administrator might want to determine what's limiting performance in a slow game. The frame rate is given as two figures, the simulation rate and the graphics frame rate. Usually these are identical, as the screen is rendered exactly once per simulated tick, but in the future there might be support for graphics and simulation running at different rates. When the game is paused, the simulation rate drops to zero. In addition to the simulation rate, a game speed factor is also calculated.

This is based on the target simulation speed, which is 30 milliseconds per game tick. At that speed, the expected frame rate is When the game is in fast forward mode, the game speed factor shows how much speed up is achieved. The lower part of the window shows timing statistics for individual parts of the game. The times shown are short-term and long-term averages of how long it takes to process one tick of game time, all figures are in milliseconds.

Clicking a line in the lower part of the window opens a graph window, giving detailed readings on each tick simulated by the game. If the frame rate window is shaded, the title bar will instead show just the current simulation rate and the game speed factor. The configuration file for OpenTTD openttd. INI format.

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It is mostly undocumented. Almost all settings can be changed ingame by using the 'Advanced Settings' window. When you cannot find openttd. If you do not have an openttd. You need Microsoft Visual Studio Update 3 or more recent. Open the project file and it should build automatically. For these to work you need their development files. Please read the Makefile for more information. On non-GNU systems it is called ' gmake '. However, for the first build one has to do a '. To make a universal binary type '. OpenTTD does not require any of the libraries to be present, but without liblzma you cannot open most recent savegames and without zlib you cannot open most older savegames or use the content downloading system.

If any of these compilers can compile OpenTTD again, please let us know. Patches to support more compilers are welcome. The compilation of these extra graphics does generally not happen, unless you remove the graphics file using ' make maintainer-clean '. Re-compilation of the base sets, thus also use of ' --maintainer-clean ' can leave the repository in a modified state as different grfcodec versions can cause binary differences in the resulting grf.

Also translations might have been added for the base sets which are not yet included in the base set information files. Use the configure option ' --without-grfcodec ' to avoid modification of the base set files by the build process. For getting an account simply follow the guidelines in the FAQ of the translator website. If for some reason the website is down for a longer period of time, the information below might be of help.

This avoids double work, as someone else may have already started translating to the same language. So, now that you have notified the development team about your intention to translate You did, right? Of course you did. In order to view the translation in the game, you need to compile your language file with the strgen utility. As this utility is tailored to a specific OpenTTD version, you need to compile it yourself. Just take the normal OpenTTD sources and build that. During the build process the strgen utility will be made. This results in compiling german. Any missing strings are replaced with the English strings.

Note that it looks for english. To see all startup options available to you, start OpenTTD with the '. This might help you tweak some of the settings. The 'name' variable can help you to display only some type of debugging messages. This is mostly undocumented so best is to look in the source code file debug. The most frequent problem is missing data files. See section 4. See known-bugs. Under Windows 98 and lower it is impossible to use a dedicated server; it will fail to start. Perhaps this is for the better because those OSes are not known for their stability. With the added support for font-based text selecting a non-latin language can result in lots of question marks '?

Please open your configuration file openttd. A list of missing files can be viewed in the NewGRF window accessible from the file load dialogue window. You can try to obtain the missing files from that NewGRF dialogue or — if they are not available online — you can search manually through our forum's graphics development section or GRFCrawler.

Once you have all missing files, you are set to go. This license applies to all files in this distribution, except as noted below. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 36 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. Branch: master New pull request. Find File.

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Download ZIP. Sign in Sign up. Launching GitHub Desktop Go back. Launching Xcode Launching Visual Studio Latest commit 1e Jul 7, Feb 24, source. May 1, OpenTTD Table of contents 1. X Credits 1. uses cookies.

When you are sure it is not already reported you should: Make sure you are running a recent version, i. Make sure you are not running a non-official binary, like a patch pack. When you are playing with a patch pack you should report any bugs to the forum thread related to that patch pack. Make it reproducible for the developers. In other words, create a savegame in which you can reproduce the issue once loaded. It is very useful to give us the crash. Check whether the bug is already reported on our bug tracker. This includes searching for recently closed bug reports as the bug might already be fixed.

Attach a saved game and a screenshot if possible If this bug only occurred recently please note the last version without the bug and the first version including the bug. That way we can fix it quicker by looking at the changes made. Attach crash. These files are usually created next to your openttd. The crash handler will tell you the location. The desync debug levels are: 0: nothing.

When a desync has occurred with the desync debugging turned on you should file a bug report with the following files attached: commands-out. We use this savegame to check whether we can quickly reproduce the desync. We need this savegame to be able to reproduce the bug when the last savegame is not old enough. If you loaded a scenario or savegame you need to attach that. We can use these savegames to speed up the reproduction of the desync, but we should be able to reproduce these savegames based on the first savegame and commands-out. You need to copy the following files: sample.

GRF trgcr. GRF trghr. GRF trgir. GRF trgtr. GRF 4. CAT 4. The main OpenTTD directories can be found in various locations, depending on your operating system: The current working directory from where you started OpenTTD For non-Windows operating systems OpenTTD will not scan for files in this directory if it is your personal directory, i. Notes: Linux in the previous list means. The previous search order is also used for NewGRFs and openttd. If openttd.

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When built with XDG base directory support, openttd. The preferred setup: Place 3rd party files in shared directory or in personal directory if you do not have write access on shared directory and have your openttd. Several important non-standard controls: Ctrl modifies many commands and makes them more powerful. For example Ctrl clicking on signals with the build signal tool changes their behaviour, holding Ctrl while the track build tool is activated changes it to the track removal tool, and so on.

Ingame console. This can be changed to right click via the advanced settings.

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  • The following is an explanation of the different statistics: Game loop - Total processing time used per simulated "tick" in the game. This includes all pathfinding, world updates, and economy handling. Train ticks , Road vehicle ticks , Ship ticks , Aircraft ticks - Time spent on pathfinding and other processing for each player vehicle type. This includes towns growing, building animations, updates of farmland and trees, and station rating updates.

    The total may show as less than the current sum of the individual scripts, this is because AI players at lower difficulty settings do not run every game tick, and hence contribute less to the average across all ticks. Keep in mind that the "Current" figure is also an average, just only over short term. Link graph delay - Time overruns of the cargo distribution link graph update thread. Show More.

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