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I am presuming that it is not SL compatible and that is why it will not work. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: timtrax timtrax.

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You will not likely get any help from any publisher. It goes something like this Yamaha bought Steinberg. Steinberg didn't have the rights to VG to sell, and Wizoo, I believe, wouldn't sell. Thus the product died and was pulled off the shelves. There is no chance VG was 'upgraded' for SL.

Virtual Guitarist 2 in Cubase Pro 8 x64 - Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.1

IF that is the problem , you're beat. The death of VG is documented on the internet - I've read about it somewhere - maybe here!!!!! There was talk of the originator re-introducing it Virtual Guitarist. The folder can be anywhere as you must choose it the first time and only the first time you use the program. Greetings from Canada and good luck!!!

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User profile for user: naftali naftali As with Iron, both Sparkle and Amber feature some rather clever sample manipulation that allows the collection of stock phrases — the vast majority of which are strumming-based — to be triggered via MIDI and rendered in a range of chord types and at any tempo. Sparkle ships with over 90 core styles while Amber has just over For each style, there are intro, build-up and stop-type performances included, as well as phrases that span a range of intensities from sustained chords to busier strumming. Other common features include options for Latch, Swing and Feel so you can add a little extra groove , the addictive Doubling option for an emulated double-tracking effect and rather nice delay, chorus and reverb effects.

Your pitch wheel will work, but more useful is the mod wheel that, as with Iron, allows you to apply variable palm muting to the performances. By default, this is linked to aftertouch so, if your MIDI keyboard supports it, you can apply this tonal variation as a form of performance expression. As with Iron, you also get dials to select a pickup choice and amp style from clean to rough and a Drive knob that allows you to push the chosen amp model a little harder.

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As with Iron, the Drop D button actually down-tunes the whole guitar by two steps. Obviously, the most important difference between Sparkle and Iron is the samples upon which they are built. The other obvious sonic difference is that, even with the Rough amp selection, and the Drive turned to 11, Sparkle stays fairly polite. Of course, those cleaner, chime-like, tones might be exactly why Sparkle appeals to you in the first place and, if so, then the instrument will not disappoint; Sparkle can do a nice warm, ever-so-slightly crunchy, tone right through to a very clear, bright bite.


Yes, they do cross over into rock but, in the main, they occupy more mainstream pop, folk, funk, country, soul and shuffle grooves. The bulk of the styles are based on chordal playing, but there are also a number of styles that provide octaves essentially root-note pairs for whatever chord is playing and even a couple of useful single-note styles for when something less harmonically complex is required.

Pretty much without exception, all the styles have something useful to offer. Did you mean Studio One website maybe? No email here either. Is there a link to the free offer? I'm on S1Pro v2.

Virtual Guitarist 2 on Mac OS X Yosemite

Just checked and got the email. I'm on V3. Same here.

Who is the email coming from? I have even created a free UJAM account too. Nothing in there either. I have emailed UJAM support and asked them. PreSonus News - thefolks presonus. The Email came in at 7. OK found it. I get a lot of emails from PreSonus so its there. Got the email an hour and a half ago. Jeff Evans I tried the promo code that Larry mentioned in his first post but that definitely does nothing. Those could be individual codes. Better check with PreSonus, Jeff. Willing to PM you mine too, if you want.

Just out of curiosity, can you check the codes I sent you against what you received to see if they were personalized?

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This is a great plugin and amazing for free as well.