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Since the Mac mini is built as a creator's tool, multiple monitors are often a must, so many users will have to buy additional peripherals. On the upside, with Thunderbolt 3 you'll be able to run two 4K displays at once and still have two ports leftover — maybe one for an external graphics card eGPU solution, which the Apple Mac mini supports. As per usual, the keyboard and mouse aren't included, so there's another two accessories to factor into your budget.

All these ports are kept at the back of the Mac mini for a minimalist look and to keep the wires from sprawling all over the place. For anyone transitioning from a PC environment where upgradability is essential, this will be frustrating. Creatives that require multiple monitors, however, may want to reconsider due to the single HDMI port and lack of any DisplayPorts. Cinebench CPU: points; Graphics: The new Mac Mini has desktop-grade 8th-generation Intel Coffee Lake processors that come in quad- and hexa-core models, so we had high hopes for its computing power.

Upgrade or install memory in your Mac mini

The new square shaped desktop delivers five times the amount of performance over its predecessor, at least according to Apple. Because the Mac Mini is aimed at creatives who typically count on processor- and graphics-intensive software and editing large files, the Mac Mini needs to be able to keep pace, more so than any previous version. The quad- and hexa-core Intel Core processors with Turbo Boost speeds of up to 4.

The latest Mac mini comes with the Apple T2 security chip, which comes with an SSD controller with on-the-fly data encryption for "industry-leading security. We would much rather see some form of discrete graphics. Anyone utilizing the Apple Mac mini for graphically-intensive creative work, such as video editing and 3D modeling, may find the integrated graphics considerably limiting and time-consuming.

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On the other hand, those looking for a boost in performance on this front can always plug in an eGPU. Editing raw 4K video files and adding effects on the fly in Final Cut is impressively smooth for such a diminutive machine. Apple also showed us an interesting setup where a single Mac mini was connected via a network switch to a network cluster of five Mac minis piled on top of each other. By putting the 10Gb Ethernet port on the Mac mini if you choose that option when purchasing the Mac mini to good use, you can offload intensive processes such as rendering video to these other Mac minis.

Once setup, the tasks are completed by the other Mac minis, while the main one may be utilized for other tasks without any noticeable impact on performance. Perhaps most impressively, the stack of five Mac minis remains pretty quiet, even when working on those intensive tasks. For anyone who has used multiple PCs at once for complex projects and had to put up with the sound of fans blasting off, this is definitely a welcome solution.

Get More Done with More Memory

Categories: Mac. Learn more Determine the model of your Mac mini. This process will allow you to verify if you can install the RAM yourself without contacting an Apple Authorized Service Provider for assistance. Go to "Apple" in the menu bar while your computer is turned on, then select "About This Mac" to view your serial number. The serial number can also be found printed on the bottom of your Mac mini computer.

Type your serial number into the "Service and Coverage" tool provided by Apple. The "Service and Coverage" tool can be accessed by clicking on the "Self Solve" Apple link featured in the Sources section of this article. This website will provide you with the model of your Mac mini.

Determine the RAM installation process required. If your Mac mini is a or model, you can install the RAM yourself; however, earlier models will require you to contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Visit the Apple "support" website provided to you in the Sources section of this article and click on the link for "Apple Authorized Service Provider.

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You may also call Apple at for assistance. Power off your Mac mini computer.

This will prevent you from any injuries pertaining to electrical shock as you work on your computer. If your Mac mini is still turned on, point to the "Apple" menu and select "Shut Down" to turn off the computer. Disconnect any cables from your Mac mini. This will include power cables, internet cables, or extra cables, such as printer cables. Place your Mac mini in an upside-down position on a soft cloth.

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The soft cloth will help protect the outer shell of the Mac mini from any scratches. Remove the bottom cover of the Mac mini. The bottom cover is the round cover imprinted with the words "Mac mini. Press down on one side of the cover with your thumb. The opposite side of the cover will then pop off, allowing you to remove the back cover completely from the Mac mini.

Remove the original RAM. The 2 RAMs, or memory modules, are located on top of one another in the bottom-right corner below the cover. Open the retainer clips holding the RAM in place. Gently pull the RAM out of the slot. Install the new RAM into the Mac mini.

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Place one of your RAMs into the bottom slot first, attaching the side with the notch into the Mac mini. The notch resembles a tiny slit and will be present on one of the long sides of the RAM. You can then repeat this process for the insertion of the second RAM.