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No menciono los errores porque muchos ya se los han dicho. Awesome application, as it has a collection of features that allows users to train their ninja skills. I thought I had finally found a perfect photo viewer but there are problems. I was looking for a light fast viewer for scanned images the only thing I wanted was to be able to view the description IPTC metadata in a neat and tidy way.

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I was planning to view a collection in a slide show through a television. Also while in full screen slide show mode I pressed esc to stop the slide show and come out of full screen and the notes magically deleted! The only program I have used that came close to being right with this is picasa and even that does not allow you to move the description box so it is not covering the picture.

Editing and saving the notes should be limited to the settings window so as to avoid accidental deleting or changing, as this is only a viewing program I would consider not allowing changing of descriptions at all as all viewers should be non destructive anyhow. This would make this software the best out there as no others seem to address this issue. I love your program. I switched from Linux to Windows for work and I was dying for a decent, fast image viewer.

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Thanks a lot! However there are still issues with missing rights — so we would be happy about feedback….

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Markus, Sorry — but could not get the version on Snap-beta to open. I was able to load version 3.

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Flatpak may be a better choice as it covers more linux distributions than snap. Oh, and any chance for webp support? I have a macOS Sierra I do not understand now what I have to do. Unfortunately I am a simple user without knowledge! In this folder is the Nomacs.

Click on it with moose to run. Hello, great program!

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If so, how? It seems when I install nomacs, it only installs for the current user on the system. If I login under a different user on the same system Windows 10 Pro 64bit , nomacs does not appear on the start menu nor does it appear on the menu when selecting default image apps. Please can you assist with this? I would hate to have to physically install the image viewer for every user that uses our systems. DLL is missing from my computer.

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Best photo viewer ever. It is so simple, you can move between pictures while zooming in, and when you go to the next picture while zooming it keeps being in the same zoom size. You can cut pictures, flip them and all the main things. Contact me. The brew method seems more promising, only a few small quirks.

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I managed to get it built fairly easily using Brew… I needed to install pkg-config using brew, which should be added to the build instructions I think. Thank you for this awesome image viewer app. This is my default image viewer in linux mate desktop. Spent 3 hours last night watching MacPorts dependencies failing and finally gave up.

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Is there a reason for not providing OS X binaries the standard way? Good tool! He usado mac otras veces y e s identico. Aqui en softonic podeis encontrar la barra tambien, de StarDock, que por cierto es Freeware, os la bajais y junto con esto, ya teneis el aspecto de mac en XP.

Esto lo digo por lo que critican tanto porque no le veo tantas cosas malas. Pros: -Es identico al de mac, los mismos dibujos e iconos, colores, etcetera Cons: -Cuesta un poco de instalar, ya que hay que meterlo en una carpeta, y copiar un archivo, hacerlo tu todo Do you recommend it? Navega con Brave. Navega con Brave. Windows 8 El salto hacia el futuro de Windows.

Metro Pad Un bloc de notas con un aire a Windows 8. Fireworks Y de fondo, un fuego artificial. Descargar gratis para Windows. Mejores alternativas gratuitas. No thanks Submit review.