Best radio automation software for mac

Sam Broadcaster — This is a popular app for use in broadcast studios PC only. Sam Cast. Try for free — SAM Cast lets you stream live audio content. With a microphone, line-in or sound card, you can encode real-time audio and broadcast it live. Station Playlist — Budget but fully-featured radio automation app.

RadioLogik — If you broadcast using an Apple Mac then this must be a contender for you.

Winamp with the Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source plugin

RadioLogik from MacInMind is as close to professional broadcast software as one can get. Gotta love those Macs. Free trial. MegaSeg — With its integrated music scheduling and programmed events, you can broadcast with MegaSeg with live assist or full automation. Broadcasters will need the Pro version. Nextkast Internet Radio Automation Software is written and designed to give the user a professional sounding radio station without the learning curve of other automation software.

Music Master — MusicMaster music scheduling software. BroadWave — This runs on any PC as a server to stream live audio. A free version of BroadWave is available for non-commercial use only. DJ Soft — Radio automation software.

Radio Broadcasting Software Worth Knowing

Automatic volume leveling, timed announcements, block rotations, advertising volume enhancement and more. MixTime — Radio automation donate-ware, make a donation based on your proposed use.

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Unlimited Mixer The flexible mixer and rounting capabilities allows perfect integration without limits. Any number of mixer input and output channels incl. Modern User Interface The modern and skinnable user interface makes even more fun to work with and fully support multiple monitors. The individual window panels can be freely arranged, a workspace manager allows instant switching between different layouts which are saved for each user.

High-Quality Audio Rock solid and highest audio quality supporting almost any audio format with full meta data support. Our internal audio processing and mixing ensures highest quality and best output for driving your sound as you expect it. Any number of playlists can be open and managed in parallel and serve your station with audio. The playout can be fully automated, script-based and scheduled or handled totally manually in live-assist mode.

No funky coding or programming language needed. A UI driven scripting allows full configuration of your planned hours. From fix time elements, time update syncs, soft, ends-at or hard segues up to conditional rules and remaining time based scheduling. Priorities, brand conflict resolution, automatic slot assignment and distribution, references plus various opener, seperator and closer options ensure your revenue stream.

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  • Net 4. Screenshots A picture says more than a thousand words. Cartwall One of the two available cartwall windows. Program Scheduler An outlook like scheduler with direct access to your scripts and media libraries. Voice Tracking Quick and direct recording of voice overs between two tracks incl. Script Editor The scripting engine is fully UI supported and offers unlimited capabilities, rules, filters and options.

    Main Mixer The main mixer offers unlimited input and output channels, sub-grouping and flexible routing. Segue Editor The graphical segue editor allows instant mixing and supports direct track inserts. Try before you buy! Multiple streaming servers might be used in parallel. Remote Voice Tracking Perfect in advance or last minute preparation of playlists require an easy-to-use voice tracking model. This is given, with an extra cartwall, a simple three-state recording button, automatic or manual track alignment and even unlimited track inserts.

    Remote Voice Tracking from a home location is also fully supported! Segue Editor The integrated graphical segue editor makes mixing on-the-fly as simple as drag and drop of WaveForms.

    Radio Station Automation Software – Spacial

    In addition you can use our automatic cue-point detection engine ACPD on a per media entry type basis or leverage perfect reply gain calculation. Logging Reporting is not only sending playlist logs to external partners or fulfilling regulations. It also means updating web-sites, streaming servers or other devices, making automatic session recordings for later on-air checks or even re-broadcasting. Watch our Teaser Video The majority is still within Europe and ranges from enthusiastic hobbyists to local FM stations.

    Build for the Future Version 3 was build up from the ground, Verison 4 lifts that even higher. No, we haven't won one yet! We seriously try to invest our money into software for the long term.

    Mixxx Setup to Broadcast Online Radio

    We also do not give away our product for free, just to be listed somewhere. And we don't have a sales or marketing organization behind us, we sell by spreading the word. We where sitting together with a couple of friends having a discussion about these fantasy names of new economy companies and who in the world invents all these funny names. After some excellent bottles of red wine one of us said, that may be the most idiotic name would be ProppFrexx. Not natively, but you might use Bootcamp to directly run Windows natively on your Mac.

    No, unfortunately not.