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Step 2 Type a search term in the Search box to locate messages using a specific email address, subject line or other criteria and press the "Enter" key. Step 4 Hold down the "Command" key and click on any messages you want to keep to deselect important messages. Click the "Edit" menu and select "Delete" to delete the selected messages. Step 1 Click the "Mail" menu and select "Preferences.


Step 2 Select the "Rules" tab and click "Add Rule. Step 3 Enter a description for the rule in the Description field. Step 4 Select the filter options by selecting each drop-down menu to choose when a rule applies and then type the criteria into the text fields. Step 5 Select the drop-down boxes in the Perform the Following Actions section.

What Makes a Great Email Client for Mac?

Bulk Mac Mail generates separate personalized email messages that are all different and are indistinguishable from the messages that were actually sent by Apple Mail. Today, many people expect you to know them personally and show that knowledge in your communication. That is why, you are no longer able to send the same, single message to thousands of addresses.

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Bulk Mac Mail solves this problem for you by allowing you to use multiple custom fields from the database of your users inside your messages. This way, you can still write one message, but Bulk Mac Mail will automatically substitute all such places in your message with correct content from your own database.

Bulk email program for Mac?

This applies not only to such basic things as customer name, but can include much more information like address, phone or any additional fields you would deem necessary for your messages. Maintaining your database of current customers This can be especially hard and daunting task because customers unsubscribe from your mailing list, new customers come in and many customers change their email constantly. This presents a problem for you especially if you have tens of thousands of customers and you have many different messages you would like to distribute.

Bulk Mac Mail presents your entire customer database in a simple and easily accessible way. Delivering most of your messages to the destination In a sufficiently large database of customers you will always have a problem of some percentage of emails not reaching their destination.

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Many content filters and spam filters will prevent you from delivering your messages and in best case will flag it and put your message in a junk mail folder and in the worst case, will simply discard it. Having a program that will avoid the majority of basic pitfalls is highly recommended. With Bulk Mac Mail each message is separate and different from the other.

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