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Complete Software package which includes deck design and landscaping options. You can read our full Punch! You have decent options for designing a deck. I like the more robust option so I can do interiors design , kitchen design , closet design , landscape design and deck design. Like Punch! I think overall, this is a bit better than Punch! Idea Spectrum Idea Spectrum is a premium design software that focuses on landscaping, pools, gardens and decks. The graphics are amazing. They offer 3 tiers: Plus, Pro and Architect.

What I really like about their pricing is the really expensive option Architect only has a few features that only a professional would need such as the ability to put logos on the designs. This way, a non-professional gets most of the features for far less money. Click here to see all the features you get. Sketchup Pro.

SketchUp Pro is by far the most expensive, but probably the most robust deck and landscaping design software available. You would get the SketchUp for Landscaping product which includes deck design. The learning curve is steep and long.

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While Punch! SmartDraw SmartDraw offers a free trial period. I used to own a download license to SmartDraw, but never transitioned to their new cloud-based software. CadPro FYI, we do not have this software and have not tried it. We include them to maybe save you time.

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We also acknowledge that they may work on other browsers and so if you have another browser, they may be worth trying. Simple, fast and the detail is awesome. I like Home Designer, Punch! Home Designer and Punch! Design Software. Prev Article Next Article. Building a deck?

Free Deck Design Software for Mac

Why not design it in software first? We showcase the best deck design software and deck visualizer options here - both free and paid - Advertisement -. Free Deck Designer Software Options 1. Trex Deck Design and Planning Software 5. USP Structural Connectors 6. BHG Deck Designer 7.

SketchUp 8. BigHammer 9. Fiberon Deck Visualizer B. See a Aztek tutorial video here:. This program allows quick dragging and dropping of elements such as boards, railings, planters and you can even add furniture.

They include graphics for elevation posts, support and surface boards, planters and flowers, hot tubs and Jacuzzis, umbrellas, patio furniture, and benches. They also have a complete landscape package that can turn a deck project into an entire backyard design. Watch the video on how to setup a Smartdraw floorplan:. Deck Designer will allow you to drop in shapes for the deck, add multiple level and add stairs where needed.

This deck design software will get a plan to submit for permitting and create a material list for your project. To use this software, you will be required to register to create and save project. This is a free program and can be found at decks. To use the Lowes designer and planner you must have Java 1.

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Once downloaded you will be prompted to either start from scratch or to start with one of the pre-designed decks that are previously loaded. From there you can design your dream deck with planks, railings, stairs etc. This is a free program. Build a deck design and layout video:. This program starts you off with over 70 built in templates to help get started. The program will then print out a list of all the items you will need for the entire project including the price you will pay for supplies and materials.

This is a free program powered by Edgenet outdoor projects. Sketchup is commonly used in educational and professional settings. Sketchup is available in a free version and a pro paid version. The free version is available in a web browser.

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This will allow the user to draw, push and pull extrusions, orbit the screen and add colors and objects. The free version is available at app. It also has features that allow collaboration and sharing qualities. This can be used to leave replies and comments or assign tasks to others as well as seeing a history of changes made. Sketchup Pro has even more features and even a free trial version of that.

Pro can be used on Windows or MAC operating systems. Sketchup Pro can create endless drawings, including scaled drawings, sealed drawings, presentation documents, walkthroughs, as well as having them be highly accurate and detailed. There are also options for upgrades, renewals, and discounts for educational licenses. Watch the building a deck with Sketchup Pro video:. Moisture Shield Dream Deck Designer is another program that is quick and easy to use and will allow you to print a list of the materials needed for the designed project.

The software will be a tool in creating and saving multiple designs if you are unsure the best choice, it also will let you choice the size, shape, and color of the deck. You can also place the deck on an image of your home to see the true impact of adding a deck. Menards Deck Estimater will allow you to create your dream backyard in 3D on any computer or in any Menards store. This program will create a list of materials needed for your backyard project. This is an online software and will require a Java application, which can be downloaded on the site listed later.

Landscape Deck and Patio version 20 can be used to create and design outdoor living spaces with a complete set of tools to plan, design, and visualize the desired space. This program has some new features including high quality rendering for 2D geometry and text, customizable drawing styles, the ability to import and export from AUTOCAD , custom rich text options and a modify tool bar. Internet service is required to use the program.

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Chief Architect is one of the leading developers and publishers of 3D Architectural home design, and have also developed a software for landscape design that is just as up to par. This is often used by architects, interior designers, landscape designer and home designers, even DIYers. As this is a large program it requires a PC or Mac with at least 4GB of memory and 5 GB of available hard disk space as well as internet access.

This program is also available as a trial version as well as for purchase. Decks and Landscaping can be done in the versions Suite, Architectural and Professional, professional and architectural being rated better. Idea Spectrum is an easy to use program that the Architect version will create 3D landscape designs, design over a photo of your current landscape, add water features pools ponds, waterfalls and create landscape plans as well as CAD drawings and includes 17, design items. Other features but are not limited too that all versions have access to are: pre-built pools and spas, 15 national brands, ability to import sketchup models, designing single and multistory decks and adding patios, retaining walls and edging.

By far one of the programs with the most opportunity. This will be a one time purchase, with future upgrades usually being available for a discount.