Install matplotlib mac os x lion

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Install matplotlib To install matplotlib we need to revisit Homebrew one more time: brew install pkg-config And the usual pip command: pip install matplotlib This should install matplotlib 1. The following should work in Python with no errors: import numpy import scipy import matplotlib Enjoy!

Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading February 25, at am Reply. February 25, at pm Reply. I tried both: pip install matplotlib that tried to install: matplotlib: 1.

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February 29, at pm. March 1, at am. Hi Jiffyclub, I have a problem running homebrew command in my mac terminal. October 19, at pm. February 29, at pm Reply. I really need to get this working asap. Thanks, Nick. December 19, at pm. December 20, at am. March 1, at am Reply.

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A virtualized Python setup on OS X (Mountain) Lion

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April 4, at am Reply. April 21, at am Reply. You may want to add a missing piece: brew install swig SciPy installation would not proceed without it. April 23, at am Reply. May 4, at pm Reply. May 29, at pm Reply. June 9, at am Reply. June 10, at pm Reply. June 10, at pm. Add Page 1. Printable version 1. Generate PDF. Table of Contents. Installation on a Mac OS X. Installation notes.

How to mount OS X Lion to a flash drive/hard drive and Clean Install Mac OS X Lion

Installation using MacPort. Installation on Mac OS X Installation using Homebrew. Uninstalling OpenAlea. Note for developpers. Note for Python Scientists. I'm not sure it will change anything to do with where in the stack windows appear, though. TK runs in X11, which is not ideal.

I found that qt works. It still by default opens behind the terminal, but I can at least select it with mission control.

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Of course, if you you could make it open in front of the terminal, that would be better. That would be incredibly silly, but it might be the case. Regarding python installed via Fink, I do not think it is worth pursuing this issue. Fink has installed python in a non-standard way for OS X. The apple provided python build, the python. That is, it is installed as a framework. You have used two standard methods of installing matplotlib. To confirm, are you seeing this behaviour using the apple-provided python build in conjunction with matplotlib? Ah, just noticed that it is different.

For the system python, I can select the window with mission control and bring it to the front. For Fink Python, if I do that, it just jumps right back behind the terminal. Additionally, if I manually bring it to the front by moving the terminal out of the way and clicking the window title, text entry still goes to the terminal. Also, I don't know if this makes a difference, but plt. I can't get matplotlib master to build, so I can't see if fixed the front issue.

It really sounds like your Python is not installed as a framework. With recent versions of matplotlib, you should be able to do:. If it returns True, you have a framework install; if not, you don't. Can you give it a try? Though this should have been checked automatically when you created the figure I find it really re-assuring to have your vast OSX know-how and experience on board.

Long may it continue! On my system, I get. If yours is not a framework install, then it explains why the keyboard focus doesn't work properly. OK, then at least you know why you experienced this bug: Your python is not installed as a framework. If you install Python as a framework, the problem should go away. I can confirm that it is indeed not an issue for my system python install which is a framework. It still opens behind the terminal by default, but I think I could live with that :.

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One other difference: in the framework version, it runs in the rocket ship Python program. In the Fink version, no new program loads in the Dock. For a few reasons, I prefer to use Fink actually, one of them is that I have bad luck getting libraries like matplotlib to compile, whereas Fink just works in that regard.

So it would be great if we could get a workable solution. By the way, do you guys have a guide on the recommended way to hack on matplotlib, especially the parts written in C somewhere? I'm used to coding in libraries that pure Python, and there, you just import the library from the git directory. If the Python provided by Fink is not a framework installation, then there is nothing we can do to fix this problem. But you could try asking Fink to make Python available as a framework installation. To find out, you would have to compile matplotlib though.

I was going to play around with it. I can't get it to compile for the system Python unable to execute gcc I can post a full compile log somewhere too if you want more info on the system version. If not, that could be the cause of gcc not being present. I know OS X recently changed their default compiler. It's not clear to me what even calls gcc.