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An optional PostScript Level 2 package is slated to be available soon, although pricing was not set at press time. The O stands for the clear overlay — FotoShield in Fargo parlance — which helps protect dye- sub prints from fading UV rays, finger- prints, and other hazards. The real letdown, though, came in the illustration test, a Macromedia Free- Hand document. Although its colors were bright and relatively true to those of the original, the image suffered from exces- sive ghosting and the bleeding of image elements into surrounding areas. Simple Consumables Whether operating in dye-sub or ther- mal-wax mode, the PrimeraPro Elite transfers color to the page via a roll of color ribbon resembling plastic wrap.

Installing the ribbon is as easy as pie: you drop the ribbon and its take-up spool into a plastic caddy, and put the whole thing into the printer. The PrimeraPro Elite ships with two caddies — one for dye- sub and one for thermal-wax — to make switching ribbons a snap, even at midroll. CONS: Unacceptable dye-sub prints. The Proof Is in the Printing The PrimeraPro Elite's output left offers vibrant, continuous-tone color but an unacceptable number of ugly artifacts.

With the Purchase of a N. You can download redemption card from our Web L Site at www. So when the power goes out, and it will I have plenty of time to save what I am working on and shut down safely. Plus, I am protected from surge damage, keyboard lock-ups, data loss and power problems transmitted to my workstation over data and power lines. If s simple. APC protects more com- puters for more companies in more countries than anyone in the world.

Td like to reteive itiy FREE caulog. All Trademarks are the property ot their owners. VWst Kngston. Picture Perfect? Thanks to ample documentation and easy-to-follow directions, we had each of the three printers up and running in less than six minutes. Only the dpi scanned images produced pleasing prints that mirrored the quality of traditional photographs. Of the three devices, the FotoFun offers the best-quality pictures: its colors are bright yet not garish, its hues appear almost identical to those of on-screen images, and subtle tonal details in high- light and shadow areas are clearly visible in each print.

An- other FotoFun perk is its unique ability to bleed images off the edge of the paper. Sure, the AC adapter looks like a brick on a leash and the printer growls like a bob- cat, but the results are worth the three- minute wait. To begin, you press a lever that pops open the printer; unwrap one of the tinsel-thin ribbons — a tricky task if you want to avoid wrinkling it; insert the ribbon spool into a spring-loaded sprock- et; then shut the printer.

Both printers load in the same easy manner: open a front panel, insert the paper, and click the panel shut. The only other difference is that the NC-2 unit sports controls that allow you to nab live and still shots from a cam- corder, VCR, or TV. As long as the NC-2 is connected to one of these devices, you also have access to on-screen menus that let you determine the orientation and posi- tion of the picture and give you the option to print up to 16 thumbnails per sheet. Because all three printers need four passes to produce a single image, printing can be tedious.

Lacking a controller to process print jobs, they all rely on the Mac to do the bulk of the grunt work. Theo- retically, the more powerful your Mac, the quicker the job. Despite their transparent UV coat- ing, prints from these models fade soon- er than an ordinary photograph would. Our advice: preserve prints by storing them in an album and avoiding bright rooms and fluorescent lights. Simple printouts can become promo- tional business postcards, birthday party invitations with a photo of the guest of honor, or custom-made holiday greetings.

CONS: Noisy; detailed setup required. CONS: Faint magenta tint in images. CONS: Slow; so-so detail on lower-resolu- tion graphics. Si'slan Requirements:. Vny 68 M0 or hichcr. M compatible PCs. What's the Vector, Victor? VectorLibrary gives you the convenience of drag-and- drop object libraries; you can scroll through them by name or by thumbnail, keeping frequently used elements or image subassemblies close at hand.

VectorShape produces 3-D effects by projecting art objects onto shapes such as spheres and cones or an editable free-projection mesh. Like paint-style wands, it selects all paths objects that resemble a selected path using any combination of fill color, stroke or weight, and object area. And it comes with 31 preset paths, including one that creates a unique 3-D path every time you apply it. Still, for simple chores, 3D Words does a nice job. Drawing tools are added to existing tool pop-ups, while 14 dimensioning options such as angle, arc length, and Bezier curvature are append- ed as new pop-ups.

AAacworld's Buying Advice Of the three collections, VectorTools is the most universally useful in day-to-day graphic-arts applications, and it works with FreeHand as well as Illustrator. And 3D Words, despite its limitations, offers a convenient way to incorporate 3-D text objects into 2-D art. CONS: Adjusting tool settings is inconvenient. VectorTools 2. Vertigo 3D IWords 1. CONS: No object bevel- ing; limited rendering. Compete against and defeat some of the neatest leaders of all time. Encounter historical tribes like the Celts, Japanese, Vikings and Sioux.

Because in this game, you either stand tlie test of time or you re histoi 7. Everything you need to set up your E-mail solution — client and server — is here in one box. With QuickMail Office, you can communicate simply and efficiently whether ifs a world away via the Internet or simply across the hall. Best of all, you get full support from a company with 10 years of E-mail experience. Download it from our Web site at www. Better yet, call or E-mail sales cesoft.

Reference code QM I hope this sets some standards for other mail CE Software. All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. DitherBox, an Adobe Photoshop plug-in, takes the unusual approach of expanding your color palette by pattern- ing sets of pixels to create new perceived colors, expanding the usual Web-safe palette of colors to a potential cast of thousands.

To create a dark-cream back- ground for your Web page, for example, DitherBox would pair a brown pixel with a light-yellow pixel to create a hybrid color that, when viewed at normal reso- lutions, approximates your chosen shade. Savvy Webmasters have employed a sim- ilar technique of creating color grids by hand; DitherBox automates this often- tedious process. To match colors by hand, you choose col- ors from the Web-safe palette and place them on the center grid.

DitherBox then adds the hybrid colors to a collection that can be named and saved. CONS: Can't "paint" with hybrid colors, can only fill selections. CONS: Confusing, button-laden inter- face. Nobody understands that better than Kingston. Only the modules that survive get the Kingston name. After all, your best work is a showcase for our best work. To find Kingston memory that was made specifically for your Macintosh, just call Kinqstoni Xm. Fn o l o g y Computing Without Limits. CA , USA. All nghis reserved. Visit your local retail store or corporate reseller, or you can even see us at: www.

Perfect for storing and running your whole office.

Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz international website.

Which means you can take work home, on the road, or anywhere else you need to go. Hooks up fast to your PC or Mac. And, at up to 20 times faster than that old floppy drive, ifs great for making copies of everything. So the next time your computer spazzes out, you won't. Forget about that old floppy drive. Zip drives are everywhere; at home, in schools, and at the office. And with so many Zip drives out there, it's more than just compatible, it's universal.

Iomega and the Iomega logo are registered tradehiarks. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. Iomega Reviens BeyondPress 3. BeyondPress 3. In Document Conversion Mode, the program works as in previous ver- sions: you selectively add tc. A helpful new Export Progress Palette shows the approximate file size and download time, as well as any prob- lems BeyondPress encountered while exporting the file.

When you e. For e. Table Author, Author! But Astrobyte has done a good job of updating BeyondPress to keep up with current Web technologies. A new Ele- ments palette lets you add live media — such as QuickTime movies, Java applets, and Shockwave animations — simply by dragging them onto a QuarkXPress page. Version 3. Of course, some of these tech- nologies are of limited value to Web authors because only certain browsers support them; TrueDoc, for example, requires Netscape Navigator 4.

When it comes to extracting con- tent from existing QuarkXPress docu- ments, however, BeyondPress remains tlie best tool for the job. Learn more about Iomega Zip drives and disks at: www. Streaming video clips, on the other hand, play as they download, and playback begins almost im- mediately. You can select from 2 1 presets offer- ing various combinations of data-transmis- sion speeds and quality settings. VivoActive Producer also lets you batch-compress a series of movies and create multiple versions of a movie, each designed for a specific de- livery speed. The sound and video quality is surprisingly good, even at modem speeds.

The excellent manual contains some e. It provides a broader array of production options, and the ReaLMedia servers offer more reli- able streaming in high-volume situations. But if your site is relatively small or on an intranet and you simply want to deliv- er streaming versions of your QuickTime clips, VivoActive Producer is an e. Finally, a projector that gives you the power to present your ideas anywhere, under any lighting condition, using any kind of computer. Just a whole lot bigger. And at less than 15 it's as easy to carry as it is to set up and use. Or visit us at www.

An innovative new program from StarNine Technologies is a boon to Web designers who want jazzier sites without the expense of custom Java or CGI program- ming. WebCollage 1. You create graphic templates in the well-designed WebCollage Editor, which looks at first glance like a familiar drawing program but sports a palette with tools for placing data fields date and time, informa- tion from a URL, or one that runs a script in the template.

The Assembler com- bines the data with the graphic template, saves it all as a GIF file, and uploads it to Date Collage WebCollage lets you determine how often your graphics will update. This simple display updates once a day, just after midnight. You can use the scripting tool to grab data from Claris FileMaker Pro and build an online catalog that updates automatically whenev- er a price changes. Or you could write a script that gathers data from a ClarisWorks spreadsheet, graphs the results, and includes the graph in the generated GIF file.

But although the scripting function is useful and versatile, assembling via scripts can be slow; for faster image a. If the price were low enough to make WebCollage an under- SlOO impulse buy, it would be irresistible. As it is, it may be a luxury that only those with a pressing need for dynamic informa- tional graphics can afford.

CONS: Pricey; building script- ed graphics can be time-consuming. The company is now called Omnis Sofmare, and its latest offering — Omnis Studio — combines key components of its Web programming pack- age Web RAD with slick new code-orga- nization tools. To cut development time for Web connection, Omnis Studio lets you drag and drop premade components from many sources. Another selling point is a revamped scripting language for manipulating objects and controlling event flow'. Do Objref. If you are writing an inventory program for your pet store, Claris FileMaker Pro may be a better bet.

CONS: Not for database beginners. Without optimization, your disk performance slows to a crawl. Basic optimization may restore some of your disk 's original performance. Only DiskExpress Pro can double your disk speed by providing faster access to the files you actually use! Inc P. Bat o Alwfi Ilk. These days, every digital artist needs 3D capabilities to compete. Only Ray Dream Studio 5 puts professional 3D power at your fingertips— without the steep learning curve or hefty price tag of other 3D packages. Shattering popular myths about 3D!

If you think 3D is too difficult, too slow, or too expensive, think again! Ray Dream Studio 5 lets you give any graphic design, illustration, or multimedia project the stunning impact and realism of 3D. An intuitive direct-manipulation interface makes it easy to learn and use. You get blazing performance for maximum productivity, and seamless compatibility with your other design tools. Ray Dream Studio 5 has the cutting-edge features to satisfy all of your 3D needs. Sculpt virtually any object you can Imagine with the spline-based Free Form modeler and the vertex-level Mesh Form modeler.

Use physically based animation with collision detection to simulate natural forces like wind and gravity. Set characters In motion with Inverse Kinematics. Apply eye-catching Lens Effects like lens flare and depth-of-field, and incredible special effects like visible lights, explosions, fire, fog, and fountains! And render pixel- perfect images with the legendary Ray Dream ray tracer. Simply add one or more documents to the Preflight Pro Job Jacket list, then click on a button to inspect the document. Tabbed palettes in the Job Jacket let you sec the status of fonts, images, colors, and.

After you inspect the document, Pre- flight Pro generates a report of problems — fonts that are available or missing, linked or unlinked high-resolution files, and RGB images, for example. This tool is what makes Preflight Pro unique; other pre- flight programs, most notably Markzware Canvas 5. Can- vas 5.

Although Canvas has always made it possi- ble to impon and export an incredible num- ber of file formats, version 5. As in pre- vious versions, you can create multipage documents with master pages. To collect the fonts and images for transport, you can place them in a folder, compress them into a self-extracting ar- chive, or create a BinHex file. A convenient Collection Preview dialog box lets you add or remove files before collecting them. Preflight Pro abounds with handy fea- tures, such as customizable profiles that define and save critical parameters for var- ious page specifications and output devices.

Three levels of warnings are available to notify the operator and indicate the sever- ity of an error. An Inventory feature lists images, fonts, and colors used in one or more pages, and Job Tickets contain order, delivery, vendor, and transfer-media infor- mation as well as any special instructions. The program also offers unique informa- tion about pictures, such as their location on the disk, creation date, width and height, and clip- ping-path data. Clear, concise e. Anyone who works with XPress files and wants them to print properly should own this tool.

Something New Canvas 5. Unfortunately, Canvas 5. Raster objects cannot interact with one another using blend modes, nor can they contain various levels of transparency. The new transparency mask removes only a hard-edged area around a raster object; you cannot vary the opacity of a layer. Instead, you have to work with raster images in the 24 provided alpha channels — just like in the olden days of Adobe Photoshop before version 3.

Macworld's Buying Advice Canvas lives in an uncomfortable limbo: its lack of support for high-end features makes it a poor choice for graphics professionals, but its interface is far too complex for new'- comers. Canvas 5. CONS: Not as strong as stand- alone packages; key timesaving features missing.

But Gridz, from Green Dragon Productions, combines strat- egy' with real-time action in an inviting, into. Named for its playing field, Gridz fea- tures an expanse of cyberspace territory divided into rectangular blocks. Building these robots requires energy, which you generate by capturing territory.

Hospital Pricing

The more NetSpace you own, the faster you generate energy, the faster you can build robots, and the faster you overwhelm and crush your competition. As an added strate- gic element, some grid squares contain tokens redeemable for more-capable robots at the end of a round. Aesthetically, Gridz is a treat. The three robot categories Builder, Hacker, and Striker include a total of 15 different mod- els, and each variety is painstakingly ani- mated and imbued with a charming per- sonality. Gridz proves fiin for players at all lev- els. Early rounds leave you plenty of time to figure out the rules of the road and exper- iment.

Later contests leave you breathless as you battle multiple opponents for con- trol of larger playing fields. Gridz screams for network play, but the current version allows only one player to battle against the computer. The upgrade — due in October — will be free to registered users. Macworld's Buying Advice Gridz refines the happy balance between strategy and real-time action found in Warcraft and similar offerings.

For folks put off by the aggression of games like Quake and Doom, Gridz offers bite-size chunks of friendly head-to-head action seasoned with just the right amount of brainwork. CONS: No network play. So even if two products receive the same number of stars, you can compare quality down to the decimal point. Macworld Star Ratings are the most precise, the most accurate, the most reliable product evaluations out there. And you won't find them anywhere but in Macworld.

Here, everything is organized with efficiency in mind. Get on with it. So you can get back to the rest of your life a lot sooner. Call us and try CSi yourself. Call to get your free CSi software and 10 free hours. Or PC World's. Or a host of others.

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Me HR 21 inch. Me 19 inch in 22 mm h. Me 17 inch. Me 17 Inch. Call for the full story and your nearest retailer.

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Faxback: Confused about what new model to buy? Look no further.

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You may read about other Mac models in Macworld and elsewhere, but those are prototypes not yet available — the only systems rated here are those you can actually buy. For previously reviewed Mac sys- tems, the summaries reference the issue date and page number of the article. In some cases, such as faster versions of existing Macs, there is no full review and thus no cross-reference.

Prices from Apple, Motorola, and Umax are company-estimated street prices. Unless other- wise noted, all pricing includes a keyboard and mouse, but not a monitor or modem. For price comparisons, estimate spending about S fora inch mon- itor. Aug 97, p. May 97, p. Jan 97, p. If you can live with the keyboard's shortcom- ings.

A slim AC adapter and tiny external floppy drive make It light as a feather for travelers. Nov 97, p. Max and lines. Motorola pumps top speed and features into an affordable comput- er. Consultants and small businesses will enjoy this fea- ture-rich tower. Zip drive. Sep 97, p. Outstanding -Ar:: 9.

Oct 97, p. But the is hardly upgradable.

The new Mercedes-AMG A 45 4MATIC+ and CLA 45 4MATIC+.

Recent price cuts make this Mac even more affordable for The versatile PowerTower Pro works wonders as a publishing or graphics Mac. Aug Same case, conve- nience, and price as the old 's, but with more power and 3-D capabilities. A great buy for cash-strapped schools and students. New scores have been adjusted proportionally to reflect anticipated technological developments for the following year. Only shipping systems are tested and rated.

Editors' Choice winners' names are in red. See Star Ratings section for full explanation. Multimedia on the web drives hits, extends visits, encourages returns and helps build your brand. CBS Sportsline used Director 6 to create their addictive, intensely interactive 3-Point Shootout for precisely those reasons. With intuitive drag and drop programming, streaming sound and incomparable features and versatility. Director is the tool of choice for immersive online development. MSN Australia used Flash 2 to design their Expedition Reefbound site, an interactive experience complete with animation, sound and rollovers.

Flash generates extremely small files and streams them over the web for an immediate on-line experience. All without programming. Show the world All rights rosofved. Rash, and Shockwave ore trademarks or regislerod trademarks of Macromedia. Other brand names may be trademarks regtslorod tradomarka of otnets. M rights reserved. AB rights reserved. May Recent price cuts make this Mac an even better deal. And right now it's at a superlow price. Jun Jun 97, p.

Green-colored handles, levers, and but- tons make it easy to get inside the box. Novice video creators will enjoy the cool built-in video, but serious multimedia gurus may be disappointed with the min- imal three PCI slots. A multiprocessor-based Mac is faster for some key operations, but the is faster and cheaper.

It speeds through programs such as Adobe Photoshop and leaves plenty of room for upgrades. Macworld Lab is on the job. With real-world testing, we measure performance by real-life standards. Using the system and applications you'd use to complete the tasks you're faced with every day. More Precision jlse. MacUser o Best Buy multiple choices Powerful multimedia applica- tions and faster processors can put the squeeze on yesterdays' storage and display products. Don't let your computer hold you back. La Cie makes it easy to expand your system's productiv- ity with a multitude of great products.

Our electron27 color monitor, 36 bit color silverscannerfV'and our award-winning dZ hard drives and CD-Recordables are designed with a wealth of superior features to make them the best in the business. La Cie, products are engineered to give peak performance as you fit the Rugged, all-steel case design is shock-resistant for maximum protection of your valuable data. La Cie c 2 DAT drives are the value leaders for archiving and the best solution for your backup storage needs. Versatile La Cie c 2 Jaz drives offer easy transfers of 1 GB files within an office or to outside service bureaus.

Shipped ready for immediate "plug and ploy" operation as a stand- alone drive or in a space saving stack. Like you, we are after perfect results. That's what has made us the choice of more than , users for over a decade. These great products are available right now in hundreds of leading computer reseller outlets across the country and in top mail order catalogs. Power up to the challenge of multimedia. The choice is yours. The choice is I easy. The choice is La Cie. PofitSofX and PoatSorpt logo are irademafts o Adobe Syslenis Ixofporalod or te siisdaries arvi nriay be regctored iti certain jtftedctons.

AL aeeoa RO. Box lesae. Phone: Snap It Digital cameras capture hot shots Adaptec. Adaptec, the Adaptec logo and tagline. We move the information that moves your world? Yes, a third. Spend less time waiting and more time creating with Adaptec. For details, visit: WWW. The good ones were just too expensive.

Now those same cameras — and their successors — are under S, while they store more images and pack more features. Digital cameras are a rapidly developing category, so con- sider this roundup a snapshot in time. Is it portable enough to fit in a fanny pack or slip comfortably into a coat pocket? Controls should be arranged logically and let you easily override features such as a self-timer or a flash. With two button presses you can easily adjust the exposure and flash level. LCD or Viewfinder? More expensive models usu- ally have a color LCD screen in the back that, unlike a view- finder, shows you exactly what the lens sees.

An LCD also lets you review your pictures on the spot without connecting the camera to a Mac, so you can decide immediately whether to save or erase your shot. The best LCD screens display the scene smoothly as you compose the shot.

Swing the camera left, right, up, or down — the motion on screen displays at a smooth and consistent 30 frames per second. In con- www. We pho- tographed this still life from the same distance with each camera, using best- quality setting. We scaled the images shown at dpi identically; their sizes vary because different cameras capture different amounts of data.

The Olympus DL and Agfa ePhoto shoot the sharpest pictures, but the mint-green background and vase in our test still-life appear pale blue. Most digital cameras capture images at a similar resolution. Some cameras use a higher-quality lens and charge- coupled device — the camera's retina — to capture images with more detail than less capable models. For example, the output from the DL is sharper than the Q-mini's. Scanned Image This scanned image shown for comparison is a photo taken with a 35mm film camera. The image has a mistakenly blue back- ground, blown-out highlights on the silver bracelet, and blurring from the scanning process.

Casio QV The image quality Is poor. Reddish tones are missing In the soap bar; the light green background and vase mistaken- ly appear as bright blue. Image quality is poor. This camera supports removable PC Cards for extra storage. Despite blown-out highlights on the watch, and a slight blue shift In the background, the images look very good. Epson PhotoPC Image sharpness is similar to that from the less costly Agfa, which uses many of the same parts, Including the lens.

Note the slight blue hue to the green vase. Highlights in the clock and silver bracelet are too bright. Konica Q-EZ Despite garish warm colors and blurry details, this bulky camera rendered the colors reasonably well. This camera lacks an LCD display. The downside to an LCD is its porcine appetite for batteries and a tendency to become washed-out in very bright sunlight.

Images look deceptively gorgeous on a tiny LCD. The highlight and shadow areas of the orange are also well exposed. However, you'll need to sharpen shots with the bundled image editor. The overall exposure is very good, but details are blurred. Konica Q-mini Hues are fairly accurate on the vase and green background. Although shots looked great on the pint-size camera's LCD screen, the downloaded shots are disappointing- ly hazy. Tightly com- posed shots may not look exactly as you remember them.

For example, I ticked off shots of a batch of daisies with the Q-EZ as close as an inch and a half away, care- fully composing each shot in the view- finder. It has a glass viewfinder rather than an LCD display. Of the cameras we tested, only three — the ePhoto , the Q-EZ, and the DC20 — lack an LCD display option, constraining you to compose your shots solely from a glass viewfinder. In bright sunlight and under bright artificial light, digital images tend to get washed out in highlight areas. Look for shade or turn your subject's face from the sun.

If your subject Is against a bright background, set the flash to fill-in or if possible increase the expo- sure one notch. Most cameras let you adjust the expo- sure — via buttons or on an LCD panel — so the camera can nab shots in dimly lit settings. For example, if the lens is to the right of your viewfinder, compose the shot slightly to the left. To get more detail in your shot, move closer to your subject. Ten Mercedes-Benz rally highlights: worldwide adventures. G-Class: The Amber Cube on tour.

Goodwood Festival of Speed Next step on the way to debut season. A family recipe. Twelve sparkling Mercedes-Benz victories and records. Sprinter: Safety features. G-Class: G manufaktur. Wind, weather and the water. The diesel engine is fit for the future. Garrett McNamara: Responsibility for the oceans. Anniversary for the G-Class. For 40 years the G-Class has been the measure of all things in the off-road-vehicle segment. The C-Class: New edition of a bestseller. The new GLB: All kinds of strength. Mercedes me. The E-Class: The most intelligent business saloon.

Mercedes-Maybach: Ultimate exclusivity and individuality. Mercedes-Benz Classic: Classics, festivals and milestones. Mercedes-Benz Museum: Opening hours, prices and address. Visitor information Mercedes-Benz Museum. Sprinter and Marco Polo — the perfect companions for almost EQC Edition The Mercedes-Benz X-Class. First of a new kind. The new A-Class: The benchmark in the compact class.

The V-Class — The spacious sedan with the star. The Mercedes-Benz V-Class combines comfort and luxury on a large scale. The G-Class Squared. Revelation of luxury: Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet. Genuine parts: Making sure your Mercedes stays a Mercedes. The new Mercedes-Maybach G Landaulet. The new Mercedes-Maybach S Cabriolet. One of us. EQC: A silent road trip. GLS: Extreme desert test drive. Niki Lauda: A legacy. Forza Horizon 4: X-Class.

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