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I really have to reuse this post because I have the same issue and perhaps found another way to solve it. But I want to understand why this way may work. So why does the exact copy of the system boot from external HDD and not from the internal one? I think there might still be issues with the permissions. When I tried to fix them on the "broken" Mac, there were several error messages, telling me some permissions were not able to be fixed. Perhaps it repeats its magic and everythin will work fine again.

Or you know by reading my descriptions, what this magic is and I can perform it via terminal or disk tool without having to erase my system? Hard ware issue can be detected by running disk utility. If your hard drive is falling, You should immoderately attempt to back up all the information on your computer on prevent losing valuable business data such as contacts ,Email ,Projects and invoices. Then take your Macbook to an Apple store or repair shop to install a new hard drive. If the problem software related ,you can get your Macbook up and running again with a few troubleshooting steps.

Shutdown your computer ; restart and then hold down the "Command -R" keys untill you see the OS X Recovery utility screen. Any retail install DVD that has a later operating system than the one your computer came with will work the same way your original install disk does. Check EveryMac for the list of compatible operating systems. NOTE: Although you can't use an installer disk for another computer model to install an OS, you can use it to run repair utilities. For example, a Earl Rutherford. I have a macbook pro 15" for approximately two years old without a single startup issue and very few crashes.

After a recent upgrade to Lion I have been having intermittent problems with the spinning colored wheel at start up or startup taking forever and frequent full system crashes. Only way to fix these is holding down the power off button and restarting.

Gray Screen With Logo

I have lost count how many times I have had to do this. As I had upgraded from leopard I suspected it was due to legacy system settings or simply overloaded with startup items. You would think this would fix the issue as the only software installed on the machine was a clean install of lion. This improved the speed and reliabilty a great deal, however it didn't get rid of the spinning wheel issue. Reading about other similar problems with Lion someone recomended repairing disk permissions using the Disk Utility app incorrect records of software files installed.

Surprising I had any permissions errors given I had erased the drive but there were many - this did reduce the frequency of the startup problems. The next suggestion was to clean up the system caches. I used an app to do this but you can delete them directly suggest you google how.

Troubleshooting Mac startup problems

This appears to have fixed the issue. But has not been very long since I did this.

Fingers crossed. It could always be the logic board. I've had to replace mine twice once every two years. First time covered by apple care. It's a known issue with the last silver keyboard MBP model. There's a class action lawsuit as it appears apple put these machines out with a known issue with that particular logic board and most owners of that machine have experienced the issue.

Omar Rosales. The lawsuit alleges that Apple knowingly sold defective Logic boards. Most of the problems are due to a manufacturing defect as these models were made in China. Lately, Apple has had a slew of defective products to include Iphone Antennas that didn't work, power cords that fray and spark, Nvidia graphic cards that don't work, etc.

So, its par for the course.

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There is cost savings with China manufacture, however the quality decreases and is not equivalent to electronics made in Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, or the United States. Hence, Apple's move to shift some production back to the United States. Marcin Klepacz. If found errors. I have a macpro still with tiger on it for some reason shut screen trash was not finished emptying, when I restarted got apple love spinning globe nonstop,and for some reason I changed the dhcp or whatever and have tried different ways all I keep getting is globe spinning nonstop or lock with bar under tried passwords still globe or lock,help tried safe mode didn't seem to work should I be online to do this should I be plugged in?

Tried so many things still stuck. Help please. Smith massagechair. Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Julius Nfor Rep: 5 11 1. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score 5. I have a macbook pro early I am using now Insight iPhone Cases. Chosen Solution. Was this answer helpful? Score 9. Mayer I tried your last comment and it didnt work ziggyb Solution that worked for me. First, this is for the late Mac Book Pro.

Now press and hold the "Option" key and the Power button at the same time until a screen comes up with two icons: one that says "macintosh HD" and another that says "recovery HD" Press on Recovery HD.

Mac White Screen: How To Fix Your Mac That Won't Turn On - macReports

Then when the utilities screen comes up, click on "reinstall Mac OS X" You will see a progress bar that says it will take about 16 hours. Just leave our monitor in the open position. I powered it down again just to make sure it would reboot correctly and it did. Hope this helps! Score 1.

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Any chance of lost data if I have no back up externals. Its iffy just trying to re-install the OS as you may end up with more of a mess. It said "cannot installed on the recovery HD". Hi, I really have to reuse this post because I have the same issue and perhaps found another way to solve it.

Beginning in , the MacBook superseded the iBook as the budget model in Apple's notebook computer line.

OS X El Capitan MacBook Stuck On Grey Apple Logo/Loading Screen Fix

If yours won't start up all the way to the login screen, it's time for some troubleshooting to narrow down the cause, which can stem from problems with hardware, software or both. Before you reinstall your operating system or call a technician for service, use common sense and perform some basic tests. If your attempts to start your MacBook end in a blank gray screen, your computer may be a candidate for a firmware update.

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These software packages apply new code to the Boot ROM that provides instructions governing basic hardware performance. On a running system, you can look for firmware updates for your MacBook by opening the Apple menu and choosing "Software Update. Restore the firmware and reapply the update. A boot sequence that yields a gray screen with the Apple logo can signal a problem with your operating system or an attempt to install a current OS on a system that lacks the RAM or disk space to accommodate it.

Use Apple's Disk Utility to repair your start-up drive by booting from the operating system discs that shipped with your computer. If your MacBook meets the minimum processor requirements for a Mac OS upgrade, but your system lacks the amount of RAM or free disk space listed in the specifications, your OS upgrade may install successfully but fail to run. Check the specifications against your system configuration and downgrade your OS or upgrade your hardware.

Operating system problems can produce a blank blue screen at startup, with or without the "spinning beach ball," the rotating rainbow-colored icon that appears when your computer becomes too busy to respond. Press the power button until your computer shuts down and try starting up in safe mode. If you press and hold the "Shift" key when you start your MacBook, it proceeds through some basic OS testing and cleanup before it boots to a special diagnostic mode. After you succeed in reaching your normal desktop in safe mode, you may be able to restart your computer from the Apple menu and return to normal operations.

Otherwise, you can proceed to basic disk and permissions repair by booting from your original operating system disc.