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Even now we have restrictions applied to AD groups but when I go in to that group on Profile Manager to modify the restrictions the policy is empty I'm going to trash it and revert it back to default in the summer and start again but regarding your problem are the Macs bound to AD, OD or both? Might be worthwhile checking DNS entries Usually when we have had issues with pushing out restrictions it's always been down to an issue with the firewall blocking ports but you've said that all the necessary ports are open! Is the profile Manager certificate installed on the Macs?

How are you enrolling the Macs in Profile Manager, we had an issue with enrolment and I found that you have to install the Trust Profile and then the Enrollment Profile. As a temporary workaround you could try applying the restrictions to the device group instead of the AD group. We where using workgroup manager and it never had an issue but after a powercut the mac server restarted and updated itself, something I was putting off and even though the Workgroup Manager settings where still working fine and dandy I couldn't edit them anymore so we where pretty much forced to go with Profile Manager.

Yes the profile manager certificate and the trust profile are both installed on the client machines. Tried just doing the devices also but it fails each time as well. You're not using. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. By ben in forum Mac. The time now is PM. Reset Profile Manager and start again. Helpfully enough the instructions for this were discussed by Peter earlier last week. The first time I had this error, my only fix was to export my Open Directory contents, destroy the LDAP by demoting the server in Server Admin , then re-run the configuration tool.

Once I started getting the error again, even after following the above steps. I found this to be due to some saved certificates and keys from a now decommissioned Open Directory. If you still have the same issue, then it may well be an issue with the Apple Push certifications.

I found that if you have the Apple Push certifications on one Apple ID, then try to get another set using the same ID even after revoking the old certificates then this error will show up. Did this help you? Would you care to share your own story?

Setup And Manage Profile Manager On macOS Server 5.2

Please do! As always, please feel free to ask questions, or make suggestions for future topics in the comments below.

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macOS Mojave Server Part 3: Profile Manager Set Up

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  • Configuring & Using Profile Manager 2 in OS X Mountain Lion Server;
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